Little dogs

The dog has always been a friend and protector for man. But everything is changing, today small dogs have become firmly in fashion. Unlike the big brethren in which the defenders were seen, small dogs have other functions – they themselves want to be protected and pampered, they became a luxury item, a companion of glamorous life. In fashion, many breeds of Chihuahua, Pekingese, Yorkies, Papillons, Shih Tzu. However, in the matter of keeping such small animals there are several myths, which we will consider.

You can walk around with a little dog.

In fact, there are many places where the dog is simply not allowed to enter. You can mention educational institutions, a cinema, medical facilities, and not every friends will be delighted with your visit with the animal in your arms. Situations reach absurd – some women of fashion, even being in the hospital, hide the dogs under the blanket. Other women carry dogs secretly in a bag, being in a movie or studying. But this approach is extremely cruel for dogs. After all, animals must comply with their particular regime – they need time for walks, for food, for sleep and rest. But the continuous maintenance of the dog with itself gives the usual human egoism. With a small dog, you can go to receptions, visit, agreeing with a visit to the owners. Such walks will even be useful for the animal’s nervous system. After all, if you do not take the dog out of the house at all, then in the company of other animals or people at the exhibition, it can simply fall into a shock, met with unfamiliar smells and noises. Therefore, it is worth to carry a dog with him, while reasonably limiting the places of visits, and do not forget to teach the dog a good manners in advance.

Small dogs do not need training.

Indeed, there are no training courses for dogs of small breeds, although sometimes there are occasions when a Rottweiler can also be driven by a Yorkie. Such doggie lessons are usually perceived with interest and pleasure, although one should not expect them to take forceful actions in critical situations. But as a sound alarm, small dogs can show themselves excellently. It should be noted that, like all dogs in childhood, small breeds must undergo obedience training in order to formalize the processes of socialization. A small half-year-old puppy should be explained that the world is not exhausted by him and his masters, there are other animals and people. Not all of them are well tolerated by sonorous barking, there is a street, with their dangers – by road, bicyclists and others. The puppy must understand that he needs to be patient if he wants to go to the toilet, because it can only be done on the grass, waiting then when the owner takes it away, or in a special place. The dog should not be afraid of the leash, but take it for granted. Usually, it is enough for a few trainings of experienced dog handlers to make the dog sufficiently educated to go out into the light. By the way, it was found that the lack of education processes inhibits the intelligence of the animal. So, while training a pet, you not only prepare it for social life, but also make it smarter and more sociable.

Clothing on such dogs is just a whim of their masters, without any practical sense.

Clothing successfully performs the function of weather protection in case of rain, strong wind or cold, and also the function of protecting exhibition wool. After all, it’s easier to wash a York suit in a few minutes than to wash the dog long and painstakingly, and then to dry it, making this procedure after each walk. So this measure also contributes to the health of the animal. By the way, this approach is applicable to large breeds. When the dog is young and full of strength, he walks on walks happily, returning home heated. But in the second half of life the dog can have pain in the joints, it will become cold in cold weather.So in such a period of life, do not regret for him a special vest or overalls, and for the most serious colds, even use sheepskin coat. Such a wardrobe will allow the dog to live comfortably even in spite of age and accompanying diseases, while avoiding rheumatism, sciatica and colds.

Small dogs prefer to spend time at home, and they eat mainly from the table.

Usually during the puppy quarantine period dogs do get by with a diaper, the same situation persists for several days after birth. For any dog ​​walks – the greatest pleasure. Feed the same dogs from the table was actual even when it was difficult for people to find suitable products for the pet, today there are professional feeds. Therefore, no special worries in this regard are no longer necessary. And many of our products are dangerous for dogs, because they have a completely different enzyme system. For example, sweet biscuits and chocolate can lead to liver cirrhosis in animals. Cynologists recommend even in puppy age to “negotiate” with the pet, that the owners of his bowl will not eat, and he, in turn, should not encroach on the plates of people. Such upbringing will help to protect dogs from encroaching on food from the table.

Little dogs do not tolerate travel well.

For some reason, it is believed that for them, air travel, for example, is unbearable. In fact, such breeds in the plane feel just as comfortable as in the car. Do not you want to take the dog with you, fearing for her experiences in flight? Then think about what stress she will experience, staying in the company of strangers to her, waiting for the return of the owners. And according to the laws of the airlines, dogs weighing up to 8 kg, along with the transportation coffer can travel inside the aircraft. Of course, for someone and this limit is critical – for Pugs, whose weight is about 7 kg, there have been cases of shipment to baggage due to a slight overweight. And for yorkies or tooys, which usually weigh less than 3 kg, all conditions are created for traveling with the family. On the trip, they are calm, but we must first walk them well and not overfeed. It happens that the dog can start to get nervous because of shaking – this situation can be corrected with the help of valerian, but in such situations, people are subjected to significant experiences.

Than pamper yourself with dogs, it’s better to spend money on something useful, for social needs, for example.

Such an assertion is characteristic of those who do little in charity, but teach many how to spend money. Everyone must decide for himself how to spend the money earned. Many owners of thoroughbred dogs help dog shelters, so why should they not embellish with a clean conscience of their pet? It’s just that not everyone publicly talks about their charitable activities. So, when asking such a question, think, what did you do for homeless people or animals?

A pedigreed puppy can be found for a small price.

Similar ads are full of sites and newspapers. First, the search for a puppy in the newspaper next door to real estate and cars is naive. After all, all the professional breeders and clubs are united in the appropriate federations, and the remaining individuals act at their own risk and risk, which are often tribal marriages or sick puppies. Secondly, we must take into account that the reproduction of quality offspring for any small breed is always a difficult long-term work. To reproduce high-quality offspring, you need to spend a significant amount of money, starting from the moment of participation in exhibitions, to assess the objectivity of the dog. Small moms give birth to one to three puppies, the whole process from mating through pregnancy and before birth is extremely difficult for them and for the owners. The birth itself is usually cesarean, and the feeding of puppies to mothers is given from the last strength.The federation also observes the strictest genetic control, not always even the prize-winner of exhibitions can count on the desired pair. Thus, quality healthy puppies simply can not cost cheap, and buying a pedigreed puppy for a small price almost always implies its deviations either in genetics or in terms of physical characteristics. If you do not want to spend a large amount, take the dog from the receiver better – and save the money, and commit a humane deed.

Little lads are led by lonely people who replace them with children.

Feature of small breeds, for example Yorkshire terriers, is that they fit perfectly in any family, regardless of their composition. Such dogs are friends with large dogs, and with cats. You can not take them as a substitute for any family member, these dogs are themselves full members, they have their own weekdays and holidays, their joys and illnesses. Many families have introduced a tradition to celebrate the birthday of a pet, while fetish friends with their masters come to the celebration. Girls are given a beautiful wedding ceremony, which, as you know, should be once in every girl’s life. The bride gets a veil and a dress. A child with a dog is not separated from them forever, organizing family meetings, including the New Year. So, like in every family, all members are united in joy and in sorrow.

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