Las Vegas

In the west of the USA, right in the middle of the Mojave Desert, is the city of Las Vegas. He is famous as one of the most famous centers of the gaming and entertainment industry. There are more than 80 casinos, many fashionable hotels are open. Life in the city does not subside either day or night. Presentations of the best world brands are often held in Las Vegas.

City beckons and the ability to quickly get rich, and just have fun. Las Vegas is surrounded by many myths: from the history of its appearance, to the atmosphere reigning there. Let’s find out an amazing city better, getting rid of common stereotypes. Las Vegas was immediately established as a center for gambling.

The city itself was founded in 1905, but for a long time it was considered just a major railway station. The trains that were going from west to east and back stopped there. Surprisingly, today the city has no railway communication with the rest of the country.

The city was founded by the gangster Bugsy Siegel.

Local people themselves believe that Las Vegas, as a gaming center, was founded by one of the most brutal bandits in the history of the country, Bugsy Sigel. Allegedly, it was he who built the first Flamingo casino near Highway 91. This route runs through the Mojave Desert to Los Angeles. There is a legend according to which an imperious and cruel gangster wanted to build an oasis in the desert. But as soon as the institution began to make a profit, Sigel was killed by his friends. This myth was popularized by many local institutions and companies. But founded Vegas is not Bugsi Sigel. The name of the founding father of the city of entertainment is precisely known. The beginning was put by Bill Wilkenson, the founder of the Hollywood reporter and just a gambler. He hired decorator Tom Douglas and architect George Russell to translate their wishes into reality. Casino “Flamingo” was supposed to serve rich people from California. But over time, Wilkenson realized that he did not have enough money to complete the project. Then he turned to the mafia, so that she invested money and took the development of the project under her control. So Bugsy Sigel just got what was already built before him.

“Flamingo” was the first casino in the city.

In 1931, Nevada was allowed to gamble. By 1940, there were almost 9,000 players in Las Vegas. The first real casino in Las Vegas was called “El Rancho Vegas”, it appeared in 1941, 5 years before the opening of the “Flamingo”. The establishment was made in the style of “Wild West”, which was not a novelty for those times. The uniqueness of this casino was that it was the first on the route number 91. And the institution became the prototype of modern analogues, here they tried to provide customers with a full range of services, trying to keep as long as possible.

In Las Vegas go only lovers of gambling.

This myth can be debunked if you look at the income structure of the same MGM Mirage, one of the largest casinos in the city. It turns out that only 40% of the profits of the institution bring gambling. The rest of the income is provided by the delivery of expensive and stylish hotel rooms, the sale of food and drinks, exciting rides and children’s shows. Back in 1999, the revenue directly from the games was 50%, this figure is gradually decreasing. According to this statistics, people rest in Vegas not only through gambling. Throughout the city, luxurious hotels have been built, which began to hire classy chefs. And the types of nightly entertainment have become much more diverse. People have where to spend money and in addition to casinos.

Las Vegas is the capital of gambling.

Since 2006, Macau is considered the world’s gaming capital, Singapore took the second place. In the gambling enclave in southern China gross income from gambling amounted to 33.5 billion dollars! This is 5.5 times more than in the same period earns the entire Las Vegas.

In Las Vegas, only the rich can afford to rest.

The city offers an inexpensive vacation. It is easy to find many suggestions for its organization.So, in Las Vegas there are several interesting places that are available for free visiting. For example, the habitat of lions in the MGM Grand Hotel. There you can watch the predators, walking through spacious rooms. Tourists are impressed that only a thin glass separates it from the lion. In the list you can make dancing fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel. This bunch of water, light and music works in complete synchronization with each other. Dance really fascinates. Another free attraction of Vegas is Fremont Street. The shopping street is completely pedestrian and closed from the sun. Moreover, the roof is also a screen. A computer can create an imitation of a severe thunderstorm in North Africa, with lightning and a shower. You can save money if you do not settle in a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip, and find a hotel in a couple of quarters. In most areas, there are free private taxis that will help you get to the Strip at any time.

Las Vegas is under the control of the Mafia.

Gambling came into the city even before the criminality laid hands on the casino. Nevertheless, it’s no secret that big money poured into Las Vegas, thanks to such people as Bugsy Siegel, Lucky Lucino and Meyer Lansky. These mafiosi became famous not only due to criminal activities. After the Second World War, criminals realized the full potential of Las Vegas as a gambling capital. And in the 1940s the city really was closely connected with the mafia. But this could not go on forever. In the 1980s for the Las Vegas tightly took the FBI. The Mafia quickly sold its controlled establishments. Now the owners of the casino are clean before the law.

про Prostitution is legalized in Las Vegas.

This myth is not so unambiguous. The existing laws of the State of Nevada allow any city with a population of up to 400 thousand people to open licensed brothels. But the number of Las Vegas in 2010 has already exceeded 580 thousand, and it is constantly growing. By 2008, there were 28 legal brothels in the city, but since 2009 prostitution has ceased to be legal under local laws. Public houses are open in Nevada since the XIX century, they have been licensed since 1971. The famous Mustang Ranch premium brothel has worked since 1971 and until 1999, when the federal authorities refused to place the license in the license because of frequent violation of tax laws. Nevada passed a law prohibiting prostitution outside legal brothels. Even officially working brothels were banned from advertising their services in those states where prostitution is prohibited. So brothels are located in the surrounding small towns.

Children in Las Vegas have nothing to do.

This is absolutely wrong! The owners of the casinos themselves understood that they also needed family clients. In 1976, when gambling was legalized in Atlantic City, casino owners decided to fight for their leadership. Vegas had to offer people something new, the race for the creation of a family resort began here. So the city has become truly universal for tourists, and remains so now. For children there is a lot of interesting things. You can visit the hotel “Mirage”, where in the Pirate Bay stands a full-sized sailboat of corsairs. He exchanges gunshots with the English frigate. There is a park of water attractions Grand Slam Canyon in the casino Circus Circus. There was created a parody of the Grand Canyon with a 30-meter copy of the Havasu waterfall. Recreated 40-meter high mountains and raging mountain streams. Guests are experiencing an unforgettable experience, overcoming this stream and falling from the height of the waterfall. There are also quieter entertainments – in M ​​@ M’s World you can taste sweet products on four floors. In the interactive Zoo Las Vegas Zoo you can feed birds and animals directly from your hands. And in the Palace of Caesar the real Atlantis is recreated. You can also relax in nature, and it’s completely free. So, in the Clark district on 40 hectares Westland’s Park is broken, where you can safely walk, watch the birds. And he works around the clock.Summer holidays in schools usually coincide with off-season in Las Vegas. So you can cheap there just to rest.

In the show of Las Vegas participate only released “in circulation” star.

Once there really was such a situation, but not now. In addition to the already classic Britney Spears and Selion Dion, you can meet and rising stars of the world of show business. Producers do not hesitate to bring to Vegas promising talent. For them, this is an opportunity to reach a new level.

Las Vegas

It’s impossible to win at the Las Vegas casino.

Many believe that the city’s institutions, even in principle, do not allow their visitors to win. In fact, it’s realy to break the jackpot in Vegas. It must be understood that casinos always received more money than they gave. And almost all the games have unflattering reviews of the losers. To adjust the same results, casinos simply do not have the right, at the risk of reputation and license. There are many services that check institutions for honesty. In a year the casino gives in the form of winnings up to 10 billion dollars.

In Las Vegas, it’s easy to find a job, because there’s practically nobody living there.

For some reason, many people think that local people spend all their time in casinos and strip clubs. And although Las Vegas annually visits 40 million guests, it is home to almost 600 thousand people. But do not look for them in the casino or in the places loved by tourists. Residents of Las Vegas are rather conservative and prefer to stay away from fires and bustle.

Las Vegas has more churches per capita than anywhere else in America.

Surprisingly, many sites consider the “Sin City” to be the most spiritual. In the vicinity of Vegas there are about 600 churches, temples and synagogues. They represent more than 60 confessions, wedding chapels are not included in this list. For the population of the district of 1.8 million the ratio is one prayer house for 3 thousand people. Nevertheless, there are places in America with an even higher rate: Wheaton, Illinois, Key West, Florida, Nashville, Tennessee. It is difficult to say which city is worthy of the most spiritual title. And the figure of 3000 people per church for America is not uncommon.

In the underground depositories of the casino there are millions of dollars.

It is easy to believe in such a myth by watching the film “11 Ocean’s Friends”. Casino really should have cash in several million dollars, so that at any time to pay the most insane winnings. The amount of money is calculated by a complex formula. But this is clearly not the 150 million that the film tells about. Where money is stored, in the underground storages, casino management, of course, does not tell.

The original hotel MGM Grand was blown up and restored.

November 21, 1980, 87 hotel guests were killed because of a fire caused by faulty wiring. Most of the victims were poisoned by carbon monoxide on the upper floors. In eight months the reconstructed hotel was opened again. This time all rooms were equipped with a fire-fighting system. The unfortunate rooms were rented too. The myth about the explosion MGM Grand was so popular that it is often told to tourists.

The Imperial Palace on top looks like a swastika.

The hotel was opened in 1979 by Ralph Engelstad. He became famous after he celebrated Hitler’s birthday twice. It happened in 1986 and 1988. Celebrations took place in the secret hall of the palace among the jewels of the Nazis. In 1989, Engelstad even agreed to pay the state $ 1.5 million for insulting the image of Nevada. Aerial photography of the hotel debunks this myth, there is nothing in common with the shape of the palace with a swastika.

In the Las Vegas casino, people are poured drugs to continue playing.

Many people play for a short time, calmly leaving the casino. Only a few people stay there for a day, descending all their means. But these are sick people, and not befuddled by any means.It’s no secret that in most casinos there are no clocks or windows, but this is a common and acceptable method of preserving the interest of customers.

Las Vegas is just a building in the desert.

There are a lot of interesting things around the city, something a short drive from the hotel. Here there is Lake Mead, Red Canyon Canyon, Mount Charleston, parks. Nearby are the Valley of Fire and the Valley of Death, the Hoover Dam. If not frightened by driving, then four hours’ drive is already a beach.

There is no small business in Las Vegas.

In the center of small businesses really do not break through, but in recent years, they began to massively appear on the outskirts. It’s about restaurants and small shops, including niche. By the level of small business development, Vegas lags behind most other American cities, but the situation is gradually changing.

You can drink alcohol anywhere in Las Vegas.

In America, strictly with alcohol in public places. But in the state of Nevada there is no law prohibiting this. Each city is given the right to establish norms. Given the reputation of Las Vegas, it is not surprising that you can entertain yourself, including with alcohol even on the street. But at a certain time, the ban still works. It happens several times a year and not on the Las Vegas Strip.

In Las Vegas, you can only work as a servant or a prostitute.

There is a decent work in the city. Clarks County is the fifth largest school district in the country. In Las Vegas, many teachers, whose wards live right there. Based in the city and many businesses that have nothing to do with the entertainment industry. This is the legal and technological companies, the giant of online trading Zappos.

In Las Vegas all year round summer.

It seems that here, in the middle of the desert, constant heat. And the locals do not climb out of the bikini at all. In summer the city is really hot, but the climate of the desert is such that it is very cold in winter. In Las Vegas at this time of year, snow may fall, the average temperature in winter is only 3-4 degrees.

In Las Vegas, you can get married in a state of intoxication or unconsciousness.

This myth is often replicated in movies. Strolling in Las Vegas heroes suddenly find that they married at night. But this is a cinematic stamp. The ceremony is held only in sound mind and sober memory. It is necessary to swear before the clerk of the truth of intent.

Las Vegas

Marriages in Las Vegas are not valid in Russia.

After the ceremony, the certificate of marriage can be made valid for Russia. To do this, you need to get a document, apostille, send it to our country. It will also require a notarized translation of documents. They should come to the FMS and get stamps in their passports. The marriage concluded in Las Vegas will be considered lawful on the basis of the Family Code of Russia.

In Las Vegas, you can quickly and fictitiously marry.

In a city you can really fast, but it’s quite formal to get married. At the same time, the documents will be valid. This is what attracts many young people to the city, who get the opportunity to commit an impulsive act. You have to pay a fee of several dozen dollars, be of age and have an identification card with a photo on hand. There is also the opportunity to go through the ceremony of repeating the oaths of loyalty. It looks like a wedding, but no documents are drawn up. Usually used by her spouses.

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