The value of the name.

Constantine in Latin means “permanent”.


Constantine is a bright and mysterious person. He listens attentively to advice, but does not give in to any influence. He is kind-hearted, loves people, not demanding anything in return. He has a good command of himself, but do not abuse his patience!

The character is quick-tempered and impulsive, complex and contradictory. Grows up a timid, anxious child. The kindergarten, especially in the early days, is a problem, the new teacher is tears, go into the dark room – no way …

Later, as a teenager, Konstantin skillfully hides his fears by choosing a playful-ironic tone of communication. Outwardly benevolent and even with almost everyone, but not everyone can call him their friend. His true friends are tested by years of companionship. This is usually a childhood friend.

Constantine is a responsible and conscientious person. At the same time cunning and stubborn. But the cause, which he does, gives all his heart. Delicate. With the subordinates is soft, he will rather ask than order. Has a predisposition to alcohol. Strongly developed imagination. Can be annoyed over trifles.

These are bright personalities whose behavior is always a mystery. Very confident in themselves, they have the nature of the commander, the boss: they are only interested in something when they keep the steering wheel in their hands.

The character of Constantine is complex and contradictory, it is an amazing mixture of permanence with impermanence. He has a subtle flair for the beautiful, which in varying degrees is almost in every man. In an unremarkable, seemingly girl, he discerns the invisible advantages to others and will with great persistence “open” these virtues to others. When he finally reaches the goal and all, including parents who do not agree to the marriage earlier, will love his chosen one, he will feel a chill to her.

Brilliant man. Rather stiff and inflexible, but pleasant man, devoid of aggressiveness and more reliable than dangerous. This is an amazing mixture of permanence and impermanence. He has a subtle sense of beauty. His nature is such that he can not share the views of the majority.

Constantine is a great amateur of the refined, although often takes for him purely external attributes, recognizing, however, then his mistake. This means that he can get carried away by a bright, effective woman, realizing that her shine is ostentatious and behind it lies a spiritual and moral emptiness.

Constantine suffers a divorce. Despite this, it happens in repeated marriages. At times gloomy. Old people love Constantine, and Constantine loves old people. To the mother-in-law is wary. He is friendly with an adult son.


Constantine does not dare to marry for a long time. Stops his choice on a woman with enough life experience and, most importantly, very neat and clean.

He is a leader in the family, does not tolerate objections, demands that everything goes as he determines, and if the spouse is his “winter” woman, this marriage is more likely to be far from cloudless.

Many Constantines marry more than once. He is wounded, touchy. In sex is moderate. In the wife wants to see her ideal, she must be sexy, well-built, smart and charming. He is a leader in the family.





Sign of the zodiac.



The sound of the name Constantine gives the impression of something majestic, coarse, masculine, strong, cold, loud, brave, mighty, large, mobile, active, bright.

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