In our country, the most famous fast food network is McDonald’s. But in America the glory of the most famous fast food is shared with the company KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). Its main emphasis is on fried chicken. At the same time, emphasis is placed on the fact that only natural products are used here, in contrast to some competitors. And let the fried food is clearly not the most useful, yet there is an occasion for the reproaches of the same McDonald’s.

By the way, there is a lot in common between the companies themselves. For example, success came to the founders after they reached the half-century boundary. The creator of KFC, Garlan Sanders, most of his life did not stand out. And he ended his existence as an honorary Colonel of the State of Kentucky, being in fact an honorary citizen. As in the case of the main competitor, the network also developed according to the franchising scheme. The company was also often criticized if McDonald’s for unhealthy food, then KFC for the mass killing of chickens.


And Garlan Sanders appeared on September 9, 1890 in the town of Henryville. His childhood turned out to be quite heavy. The family was not rich, and Garlan himself was not the only child in the family. The father was forced to work part-time, helping the small farmers. Mother did not work at all, raising children. However, for those times it was the norm – the maintenance of the family was entirely on the man’s shoulders.

When Garnal was six years old, his father died. Immediately problems began, and the life of a teenager changed. Mother went to work to feed the children somehow. And Garlan himself began to play the role of nurse, caring for his younger brother and sister. This turn of events played an important role in the fate of Sanders – he just had to prove himself a cook. Soon all the friends noted that the boy has a talent in this area.

However, the new abilities did not contribute to learning. As a result, Garlan managed to finish only 6 classes. At the age of six, he had already begun to work on a farm in Greenwood. Sanders’s mother got married a second time, the family had money, but there was not enough time for the eldest son. But he was not upset, because he realized that it was time to take his fate in their own hands. In addition, beatings of his stepfathers were forced to leave home.

Garlan did not want to communicate with farms and agriculture, so at the age of 15 he began to work as a conductor of a tram, and at the age of 16, forging documents, a young American went to the US Army. There he served his time by visiting Cuba. Garland’s next job was already relatively constant – he became a stoker in the railway company.

Stability of income gave self-confidence, and Sanders made a proposal to the girl he liked, Claudia. It was with her that he lived to the end of his life. The first marriage of a man broke up, including because of financial turmoil. Family life immediately became complicated – Garlan was fired from the position of stoker. Over the next few years, Sanders changed many professions, but never found one that he liked and on which he could hold out for a long time. It’s good that his marriage was strong and his wife supported Garland in everything, believing in his star.

To his 40 years, Sanders changed a bunch of different professions – he traded tires, visited the military, conductor, farmers, a waiter. It seemed that a person with 6 classes of education has nothing better to count on. Sanders even tried to get a legal education, but he did not succeed in that. It’s good that the man put off every penny, having accumulated a small capital by the age of 40. Garlan himself was disappointed by the time – a large part of it was lived, and he did not achieve anything, and can not afford to live in his own pleasure.

Then the man decided to start stopping constantly changing work. In 1930, he opened his own auto repair shop in Kentucky. At the same time, a place for it was chosen quite successfully: the roadside of the 25th federal highway. It was on this road that people traveled to Florida from the northern states. From customers there was no release.And this despite the fact that Garlan did only the simplest operations – the replacement of tires, engine oil.


Sanders’ next idea was to create a small dining room for visitors who would have a snack here while the renovation work is in progress. But even there was no room for a dining room, Garlana had to allocate one of the workshop rooms for her. In others, by the way, his family lived. In the dining room there was a place for only one table and six chairs. A meal Sanders cooked in the home kitchen. Soon his car repair shop became famous for the whole staff, drivers loved the local fried chicken. The dish was called the Kentucky fried chicken Garlana Sanders. Customers valued the unusual seasoning, which the cook cooked from 11 different spices. Life began to change for the better.

To improve the quality of food Garlan bought a pressure cooker. Then such pots only just appeared. It Sanders and became one of the first grateful users, because if before the chicken cooked for 30 minutes, then with a new device in just 15. This allowed us to serve customers faster, increase the number of orders. The residents of the nearest settlements began to come to the dining room. In 1935, for his services to the state, the Governor of Kentucky conferred on Garlon the title of “Kentucky Colonel”. After all, the glory of the national dish came out of the state.

Soon Sanders realized that his business needs to be expanded. And automobile subjects are not the most important thing. In 1937, he opened the hotel “Sanders Court & Cafe”, which also had his own fast food restaurant for 142 seats. But it was hard to call it a full-fledged fast food – Garland still spent 10-15 minutes to prepare his dish, unlike McDonald’s. Becoming a venerable citizen, Garlan Sanders began and dressed accordingly – his white suit and black butterfly became classics, in them the brand creator and is depicted on the company’s logo. In this image, Sanders fell in love with the Americans, who paid tribute to his small institution.

This image remained unchanged for 20 years – in winter the restaurateur wore a warm suit, and in the summer – cotton. These were years of success, the secret recipe for chicken was constantly improving, orders and money flowed the river. In 1950 Sanders was awarded the honorary colonel for the second time. It was not without small problems either suppliers were failing, then the technician refused, and once the whole hotel was burned down. But there was enough money and a few months later the popular institution again accepted customers. Yes, and the authorities helped the culinary business, because the Sanders chicken has already become a symbol of the state.

But life continued to experience Sanders. In the 1950s a new, 75th federal highway was built. And the famous restaurant in Kentucky was without visitors. Successful business began to derail. But Sanders was already over 60 – were there forces to fight for financial well-being? Although he already earned a comfortable old age, Garlan did not want to retire. The restaurateur, having thought over, decided that he could sell his famous chickens to other establishments.

Sanders began to travel a lot around the country, telling and showing his other chicken production system and his own branded seasoning to other restaurants. Nescro Garlan found his first customer. The first contract provided only 5 cents of deductions for each chicken. However, orders were growing, and several hundred restaurants across the country soon became Garland’s customers.

In 1964, the company Kentucky Fried Chicken reached its peak of fame, the colonel decided to sell his offspring to private investors from Kentucky. Sanders received $ 2 million and a brand name for which he received another 250,000 annually. Garlon had to meet with employees, the press, the client – to demonstrate the image of the good old boss, whom he had already ceased to be.

In recent years, Sanders lived already in his pleasure – he traveled a lot, played a goal, managed his wife’s own restaurant.And in his brainchild Garlan was disappointed, because in his opinion the pursuit of low price and speed of cooking reduced the requirements for the quality of chickens. Garlan Sanders died at the age of 90 in 1980, but the story of the brand did not end there. The founder of the brand was buried in his famous white suit with a black tie.


The KFC brand was once owned by Pepsi Co. And today it owns the company Yum! Brands. A network of restaurants offering branded chickens, operates in 50 countries around the world. The company is not afraid to use co-branding. For example, in Russia the American network is represented by the Rostex brand. Today KFC employs about 24 thousand people, the annual income is about half a billion dollars.

However, the company itself has problems with Greenpeace. And people even more often come to the idea that fried food is harmful. Modern man is watching both his appearance and his health, so that KFC gradually loses visitors. Yes, and Colonel Sanders, at one time was the symbol of the generation, today very few people are already known. But in fact his image was used in mass in books, television series, games.

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