(in Hebrew for “receiving”) is a science that represents the cause-and-effect order of the descent of the Higher Forces subordinate to the permanent and absolute laws that are closely interrelated and directed towards the disclosure of the Supreme Controlling Power (the Creator) to man in this world.
Kabbalah originated approximately four thousand years ago (in the Babylonian period) on the territory of the Mesopotamia, in the ancient city of Ur Khaldei. Abraham, one of the inhabitants of this city, opened the possibility to comprehend the realm of the universe that is inaccessible to man through the perception of five natural senses. Having mastered this science, he gathered a group of devotees and gave them his way of understanding the hidden part of the world. Since then, this secret knowledge for a long time passed from generation to generation in the circle of a very limited number of followers. It was passed from mouth to mouth, from teacher to student.
For thousands of years, all sorts of misconceptions and stereotypes accompanied Kabbalah. Consider the most common myths that prevent people from studying this science.

You can not practice Kabbalah unless you are forty.

This kind of restriction existed only until the 16th century. It was established by the Kabbalists in order to protect those whose souls did not reach the level of development necessary for the study of Kabbalah. Therefore, only the people who had passed strict selection and reached a certain age were accepted as pupils. But times have changed, and in our days the level of the development of the soul is determined only by the degree of man’s striving to know the Divine truths. Because now there are no restrictions on the study of Kabbalah. Even women and children can learn this science, and only a lack of desire can become an obstacle to the study of Kabbalah.

Kabbalah is the secret mystical teaching of Judaism.

No, this knowledge is available to everyone. Once upon a time this science, indeed, was a secret, was passed from mouth to mouth only in a narrow circle of followers. But at the present time, Kabbalah is spreading more and more, as people want to study it and apply the acquired knowledge in practice.

Kabbalah is a religious teaching.

No, Kabbalah has nothing to do with beliefs of any kind, or religion. After all, its foundation is a pure experiment that helps a person to master and more deeply comprehend the surrounding reality through the use of technical devices that expand the range of possibilities of the sense organs and allow developing a “sixth sense”. It is thanks to the help of this additional sensor that a person is able to sense the hidden part of the universe and, accordingly, to study it. And to obtain the most reliable result, the Kabbalists repeatedly repeat experiments and exchange knowledge with each other, as well as representatives of other fields of science.

Kabbalah will help you succeed in business.

This is not quite true. Recipes of prosperity in everyday life of Kabbalah does not and does not promise a person any tempting prospects in his daily selfish existence (a successful device for prestigious work, an advantageous marriage, rapid enrichment and power, etc.). But to understand the meaning of life, to help find the right way out of this or that situation, to learn how to coexist harmoniously with the world, not only wanting to “snatch” more, but also giving, Kabbalah can quite help.

I will begin to study Kabbalah – I will get good health.

Unfortunately, Kabbalah activities (especially those aimed at satisfying selfish needs) do not guarantee good health.

A Kabbalist can predict the future of mankind.

This is not true. The future is determined by the free will of mankind, and the Kabbalist can only give information about several development options that depend on people chosen such as interaction with nature and the universe. But what will be the choice is unknown, therefore the Kabbalists can not make exact predictions.

The essence of Kabbalah – rituals, rituals, meditative practices.

No, neither ritual actions nor rituals nor external mechanical practices in Kabbalah are applied, as well as the worship of various kinds of images (which are only applied material) is not used. After all, Kabbalah is the personal comprehension of the Creator by every single person. It is possible to advance along this path only through the desire to correct one’s intentions, and not through any mechanical actions or rituals.

According to Kabbalists, the use of amulets, holy water, thread of red color, etc. can improve a person’s life.

Completely erroneous representation. After all, Kabbalah does not teach a person anything that happens in the material world, and therefore has no means to improve well-being and ensure external success. Kabbalah helps people in the knowledge of the spiritual world, and all methods designed to ensure a successful existence in this world are not the true Kabbalah.
Conspiracies and amulets mislead people: it seems to them that some supernatural forces are hidden in these objects, in fact the whole effect is based only on psychological influence on it. Therefore, the use of amulets, holy water, etc. it is forbidden from the beginning. It should be remembered that amulets are only one way to overcome psychological insecurity, and they act not themselves, but the person’s confidence that a certain power is enclosed in the amulet. Since the person himself does not suspect this, an incorrect idea of ​​the spiritual is created. The person perceives it in the form of secret forces, enclosed in the material objects of this world, in special connections of letters, in codes and spells. However, it should be understood that in this case it heals a sense of confidence, and not the Higher Power.
It should be remembered that the Upper World exists according to the laws of the property of bestowal, only forces and feelings are in it and act without material vestments. To comprehend it, a person can, by studying original written sources, and not by means of the application of any cult objects.

When studying Kabbalah, I will have to leave my family and work.

According to Kabbalah, a person must be closely associated with this world – to work, have a family, live the life of society. This science gives a person full freedom of internal search, without requiring him to remain isolated or refuse to perform daily duties in the family and at work.

Kabbalah prescribes limitations in obtaining pleasures.

Absolutely erroneous opinion – in the process of spiritual elevation, desire does not decrease, but increases. The only difference is that you will feel how to use this desire correctly, getting more and more pleasure (which, in general, is the goal of creation). It should be remembered that there is nothing shameful in enjoying, only intention (application of desire) needs to be corrected, and not desire itself. In addition, Kabbalah does not prescribe any restrictions. After all, correction occurs as a result of influencing a person of the Supreme Light from within the person himself, and not through the introduction of violent restrictions from outside.

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