– fruit and berry and vegetable, drinks obtained from fresh fruits, berries and vegetables. Distinctive juices are transparent, obtained by pressing the prepared (usually crushed) fruits and berries, and juices with pulp – from the pre-wiped pulp of fruits and vegetables, rich in carotene and other valuable, water-insoluble components.

According to the composition and method of production, the juices are divided into natural (from one kind of fruit or vegetable and without the addition of other substances), blended (a mixture of several types of cocoa), sweetened (with the addition of sugar or sugar syrup), carbonated (saturated with carbon dioxide) concentrated (condensed). Depending on the method of preserving the juices, pasteurized (or sterilized), frozen, preserved with antiseptics, etc. chemical substances (most often – sulphurous, benzoic, sorbic acids and their salts), fermented and spirits (semi-finished products for winemaking) are available.

Juices are one of the main sources of vitamins, in particular vitamin C (blackcurrant juice contains 250-300 mg%, tangerine 80-100 mg% of vitamin C). Using juices regularly, we stimulate metabolic processes, our body becomes stronger: it increases resistance to infections, provides resistance to stressful situations.

Juices contain mineral substances, including microelements. Juices are a panacea for many diseases, for example, cardiovascular or kidney disease. Juices are also beneficial for infectious diseases with increased fever and decreased appetite.

Many believe that juice is a natural product, so you can drink it as much as you like.

This is not quite true. In juice and juice-containing drinks there is a lot of sugar. Therefore, they are quite high in calories. And by the way, most juices increase appetite. And it, undoubtedly, promotes accumulation of superfluous folds of fat on a waist. In addition, excessive consumption of sugar can lead to the onset of diabetes. The juice also destroys the enamel of the teeth, since it contains a large amount of acid. Strangely enough, a large amount of drunk juice can lead to one of the most annoying diseases – chronic diarrhea. And of course, do not forget that with gastritis, stomach ulcers, the use of juices is contraindicated.

Juices from packs have a long shelf life, because they contain a lot of “chemistry”.

In fact, the production of juice begins with the collection and harvesting of fruits and vegetables. Then the mash is prepared at the factories, which is stored and used throughout the year. To preserve vitamins, the juices are sterilized, cooled and bottled in a sterile package. Thanks to modern technology, all valuable aromatic substances and fiber are collected and added to the finished concentrated juice. To reduce the loss of vitamins and nutrients, the finished concentrated juice is stored only in a frozen form. Already in factories, concentrated juices are reconstructed with exactly the amount of water that has been removed from the fruit. No chemical additives or preservatives are used.

The best juices are preserved in the home.

Mistresses think that the juices in the packages are not useful enough, and therefore they trust only the quality of the juices they have prepared themselves, from the fruits grown in their own garden. But it is worth remembering that this is not always an indicator of the excellent quality of juice. Sediment, dark color, heterogeneity of consistency – all this we can see in the juice made at home. This is due to non-compliance with cooking technology. In addition, this juice can cause poisoning of varying degrees. Also, prolonged boiling and contact with air negate the efforts to conserve vitamins. And one more minus of house juices – the assortment is limited.


Juices from packets are much worse than freshly squeezed juices.

In fact, fresh – squeezed juices, because they do not pass heat treatment, contain more vitamins. However, the mineral substances in the juice of fresh fruit and juice from the package are approximately the same amount. Therefore, there is no significant difference, besides, not everyone has the opportunity to drink fresh – squeezed juices.

Tomato juice is used for diseases of the cardiovascular system.

In fact, in tomato juice there is a lot of potassium needed to maintain the heart muscle. Not so long ago, tomato juice was accused that it contributes to the deposition of salts, however, the study of the composition of tomatoes did not confirm this myth. Therefore, be sure to drink this juice with amazing taste!

They say that orange juice is rich in vitamin C.

Sure, it is. But this is not the only plus of orange juice. Since it also contains many different minerals and antioxidants. With daily consumption of orange juice, we can reduce the likelihood of cancer of the stomach, mouth and larynx by 50%. Before you go to the solarium or before going to the beach – doctors recommend to spread orange juice on the skin. Then the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays do not threaten you.

Pineapple juice burns fat.

Pineapple juice is actually an excellent fat burner, it contains a substance – bromelain, which helps us burn unwanted fat. And by the way, this microelement will help to rejuvenate our body. Doctors are also advised to use pineapple juice for kidney disease and angina.

Grapefruit juice is actually useless.

But it’s worth underestimating grapefruit juice. As well as pineapple, this juice will help burn excess fat. And the fact is that it improves digestion and activates the liver, resulting in an obstacle to fat deposition. The level of cholesterol with regular use of grapefruit juice is reduced to 18%.

Apple juice is good for the mind.

Apple juice is extremely useful for people of intellectual work. Scientists also proved that it is apples and apple juice that can help keep the mind clear in old age. Experiments have shown that substances contained in apple juice are able to protect brain cells from stress, which leads to memory loss and decreased intelligence. Apple juice is also useful for people prone to infectious diseases and colds, as well as those who suffer from constipation, migraine and obesity.

Lemon juice is used in the treatment of AIDS.

Lemon juice can kill a lot of viruses, while treating AIDS it is used in combination with garlic. Lemon juice also maintains normal blood pressure and is a preventive against infarctions, strokes and other heart diseases.

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