In old age, joint diseases are among the most common, depriving a person of the opportunity to move. But many have only heard about these dangerous diseases without knowing the reasons for their occurrence, symptoms, or treatment options.

It is interesting that according to the number of issued patients the diseases of this group are firmly held third after cardiovascular and respiratory. So you can not treat neglecting these diseases, believing rumors and speculation. Doctors-rheumatologists debunk the main myths, sometimes ridiculous, about joint diseases.

Painful joints are most common in the elderly.

First of all, it is worth considering what kind of a group of diseases the musculoskeletal system is talking about. If we talk about degenerative-dystrophic diseases, which include well-known arthrosis, they are directly related to the deterioration of the cartilage between the joints, which is natural for middle-aged and older people. If we talk about inflammatory diseases, which include reactive arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or Bechterew’s disease, such diseases can happen at any age, including children. Recently there has been a grinning of arthritis, it is no wonder that twenty-year-olds also meet him.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system are overtaken predominantly by men.

In fact, everything is exactly the opposite. Rheumatic diseases occur more often in women. This is due to the protective mechanisms that evolved over time in women and which can provoke acute immune responses in response to various inflammatory processes in the body. Particularly critical is the situation after the onset of menopause. During this period, the natural hormonal barrier is weakened. But men also have their weakness, they are more likely to suffer from reactive arthritis and Bekhterev’s disease affecting the ligament of the spine.

Injuries cause later joint diseases.

Of course, one can not deny that injuries have a negative effect on the joints, provoking arthrosis. This pattern is observed in athletes, they are constantly experiencing loads, while the cartilage, which is on the surface of the joints, wears out, crackles, becomes thinner. In humans and overweight the situation is similar. But reactive arthritis occurs as a result of infection with an infection. The main pathogen is chlamydia, an intracellular parasite that affects the genitourinary system and tissues, including articular ones. Chlamydia is easy to pick up, but the treatment is complicated. Most often the virus penetrates into a person during sexual intercourse, but other ways are possible, for example, through the use of common hygiene items – a towel, a washcloth. Other common diseases are post-enterocolitis arthritis, which is directly related to some intestinal infectious diseases. It is possible that the pain in the knee may be associated with a recent intestinal disorder. So for a rheumatologist, any such information is important, as it will correctly diagnose the cause of the disease and select appropriate treatment methods.

Sore joints will certainly hurt.

Also affected joints can still click and crackle, which indicates that bone processes have formed. They, like thorns, overgrow joint surfaces, which are devoid of natural depreciation. When these growths are clinging to each other, an unpleasant creak is heard. But often people do not pay attention to these first signals, and arthrosis continues its destructive activity. But the pain for the time being may not occur. But arthritis reports of itself with sharp and severe pain, swelling, redness of the skin around the inflamed joint, and fever in a person. If you run arthritis, which is of infectious origin, then it can go into a chronic form, then it is already more difficult to treat and diagnose.In this case, a person may not realize that he is seriously ill. In this case, a small push is enough – fatigue, hypothermia or even stress, and a person gets to the doctors. Rheumatologists recommend to bring the treatment to the end, even if at some intermediate stage and there has come an improvement.

To anticipate and prevent the development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system is impossible.

If a person listens to your body, you can avoid such problems. If you suffer pain, then you need to study their nature. When arthrosis occurs, the joints of the legs – ankle, knee and hip, which are constantly under maximum load, are under attack. Another call for arthrosis may be a mechanical rhythm of pain, which is felt during movement. If rheumatoid arthritis begins, there may be pain in the joints of the hands and feet, and the pain is usually symmetrical. If reactive arthritis begins with an infectious origin, the pain is already asymmetric-only one joint aching. In this case, the pain can be mixed consecutively from foot to foot, as if on the stairs. To confirm arthritis should be a full examination using an X-ray. With Bechterew’s disease and with reactive arthritis, examine the pelvis. And with arthrosis – hands and knees, if there is a suspicion of rheumatoid arthritis, then under the supervision are the feet and hands.

Diseases of joints are, in fact, a verdict, they can not be combated.

If you have arthrosis or arthritis, you can not cure them completely. But competent and constant treatment can significantly slow down their further development. To do this, anti-inflammatory drugs are used, drugs that enhance the regeneration of cartilage, which affect immunity. If arthritis is of an infectious origin, then you can completely heal completely. Of course, the main condition is the beginning of treatment as early as possible, then with the help of antibiotics and drugs acting on immunity, it will be possible to defeat the disease.

ди Diet will help to overcome this illness.

Doctors do not know any special diet for joint disease. An exception may be, perhaps, gout, when it is necessary to limit the consumption of alcohol and a number of food products. But what is really useful will be consumed daily, so these are chondoprotector-rich meat and chicken cartilages. These substances improve the structure of the affected cartilage in the joints. A lot of useful for the joints of substances contains fish, it is not surprising that in countries where the national cuisine is based on seafood, the level of diseases with arthrosis is much lower.

After the detection of joint diseases, sports can no longer be dealt with.

For patients with joints, simple is harmful as well as for healthy joints. Doctors recommend cycling, skiing, swimming – these activities will strengthen the muscular skeleton of the body, improve the metabolism in it. Of course. There are a number of classes that should be avoided – squats, weight lifting, jumping, running.

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