(in Arabic, “obedience to God,” “obedience to the will of God”) is one of the world’s religions. Adherents of this faith are called Muslims. Communities of this religion exist in 120 countries of the world, more than 1.5 billion people believe in Islam. In 28 countries, Islam is generally recognized as the state religion. The Muslim book is the Koran. Like any other religion, Islam is trying to slander, to be attacked. In connection with the recent intensification of terrorism, the society often directly links Islam with the aggressors and bandits. Muslims appear cruel and bloodthirsty, seeking to destroy other faiths for the sake of the accession of their faith on Earth. Let’s consider the main myths about Islam.

Islam calls for wars and terrorism.

To understand the deeper absurdity of this statement, let’s plunge into the essence of faith. Since the beginning of Muhammad’s prophecy and until his death in the Qur’an, about 30 battles are mentioned, but in fact most of them were ordinary hikes, albeit with weapons. Only 8 of them ended in battle. In these wars, less than 300 people died, other data mention 1000. Muhammad himself did not kill anyone for his life, it is known about him that the prophet could wound a person to get him out of the fight. It is described the case when Muhammad forgave the pagan murderer who attempted to kill him.
In Islam, war is considered a great sin, as it carries with it grief from killing. Muhammad himself called war a deception. In the event of a conflict with Muslims, there are whole arsenals of warfare. For example, a true Mujahideen warrior has no right to harm civilians, especially women and children. Islam did not spread through wars. Jihad was declared to other countries only after the prohibitions of Islam, the executions of preachers and diplomats. For example, jihad against Byzantium was declared after the execution of the Christian ruler by a Muslim diplomat in violation of all political norms.
Looking at the world history, you can find that, for example, Europeans, mostly preaching Christianity, are much more tainted with blood. So, in the Middle Ages, the church, in fact, set fanatics against Muslims under the banner of the “Crusades.” According to contemporaries, capturing cities, the crusaders usually completely looted it, and the inhabitants were massacred. When the Islamic hero Salah-ad-Din took Jerusalem, he immediately pardoned all the inhabitants, having washed the city with pure rose water. Such actions are inherent in the true soldiers of Islam.
Beautiful and noble relations between knights in the Middle Ages manifested themselves only in relation to their own kind. The life of ordinary people was worth nothing. All the Middle Ages in Europe are flooded with the blood of innocent victims of internecine wars. With the advent of the era of colonialism, it was under the flag of the Christian church that disobedient peoples were slaughtered and enslaved. Scientists have calculated that during the colonization of America and Australia, tens of millions of people were killed. And how many unique tribes in general disappeared from the face of the planet? In Russia, kings, conquering the Caucasus, the Urals and Siberia, destroyed numerous tribes, many of whom just professed Islam. World wars, which passed through the 20th century, were not unleashed by Muslims.
Speaking of the inhumanity and vampirism of Muslims, let us recall the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The nuclear tornado that swept through the cities destroyed up to 150,000 inhabitants, although there was no military need for it. Is it worth following such bloody acts of Christian countries to declare Islam a militant religion?

Islam is extremely intolerant of other religions.

Public opinion is formed with the help of the media, which support the impression that Muslims are dreaming of destroying their opponents by faith. However, we turn again to history. The development of the Islamic caliphate and its advancement took place with the voluntary acceptance of Islam by people. Once Syria and Egypt were Christian, in Iran there was Zoroastrianism.However, local residents, after seeing the human behavior and lifestyle of Muslims, themselves converted into this belief. The Syrian Patriarch Timothy I writes that the Arabs not only do not oppose the Christians, but also help priests and monasteries. It is interesting that communities of other believers still live among Muslims. In Egypt, about 15% preach Christianity, there are similar communities in Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Iraq. Near the Muslims peacefully coexist Jews and Gentiles.
The Holy Qur’an teaches us to abide by the agreements and keep our word with any person, even other measures. Concerning the Christians, the book generally says: “You will undoubtedly find that those closest in love to Muslims are those who say:” We are Christians! “(Qur’an, Surah 5,” The Table “, verse 85/82) Prophet Muhammad said: “Whoever harms a Christian is my enemy.” It is said that the Prophet ordered the execution of a man who killed an infidel by violating a peace treaty. “The spread of Islam by fire and sword is contrary to the very essence of religion, for the Quran says:” There is no violence in faith “, it is considered that the acceptance of Islam under violence is not counted. the Sulman captured Spain, the women, having reconciled themselves to their unenviable fate, were already ready for the mass violence inherent in all the conquerors, but what was their surprise when the Mujahideen did not even look up at the beautiful ladies.This act led to the adoption of Islam by many residents that
Another historical example is that the Caliph Umar ibn Khattab entered the city of Jerusalem on the 15th year of the Hijrah.In agreement with the local patriarch, the Muslims took responsibility for the safety of the lives of Christians, their property, as well as graves and churches. For examples and walk is not necessary, during the accession of the Horde in Russia, Orthodoxy was not expelled from the lands of Russians. For this period comes the flowering of Russian culture. Although in these times the Catholics bitterly fought with the Orthodox, crossing into their bosom.
During the Crusades, Muslims kept Christian churches in order and did not interfere with the pilgrims, while their mosques were destroyed, turned into a stable and filled with impurities. Apparently, Islam is a religion of friendliness, according to Sharia law, which is so scary, there is no difference between a Muslim, an unbeliever or a devotee of another faith. The punishment for all is the same.
Intolerance is peculiar to Christianity. You can recall the horrors of the Inquisition, Bartholomew’s Night. In Christianity, there is even a prayer directed specifically against Muslims, nothing like the adherents of Islam.

An Islamic woman is an absolutely clogged and disenfranchised creature.

Any woman is frightened by the thought of the fate of the like in the Muslim countries. This topic is a favorite for many feminists, who are fiercely fighting for the fate of the enslaved women of the East. Parents are afraid to give their daughters in marriage. It is believed that Muslim women are deprived of any rights and all the more freedoms. However, very recently they publicly fought for the right to be photographed on a passport in a scarf, they create women’s organizations.
It is believed that women are forcibly given away in marriage, however, and this is not true. This is not Indian cinema and women themselves actively choose their husbands. The basic requirement of Islam is that spouses should not be disgusted with each other. For many, it will be a shock that Muslim women even look for satellites using a computer. Of course, religion does not allow them to “test their feelings while living in a civil marriage,” but the Koran, unlike the Bible, allows for divorce.
Many think that Muslim wives do not study and do not work. However, study for Muslim women is not only permitted, but education for them is one of the requirements of the Sharia. In the Islamic world, a woman who has a desire to work gets this opportunity without any problems. Even the wife of Muhammad had her own small business. Earning money is not a duty, unlike free European women, and household chores are not clearly marked.Muhammad even encouraged men to do household chores. Religion allows men to hold up to four wives, but in our time it is rare to find men with three or more spouses. Outraged by this fact, they forget that Western morality has long resigned itself to “free” love, numerous adventures, treachery. Most Muslim women are quite satisfied with their destiny, and the tyranny of their husbands is just a fiction.

Muslims are full of perverts.

The first thing that comes to mind the followers of this myth – polygamy, they say, Muslim men are mired in debauchery. However, the true meaning of polygamy is the protection of women’s rights. But you can also remember same-sex marriages in Europe and America. Polygamy in general is present in other religions. The biblical king Solomon had 700 wives, like David. In Judaism in general polygamy is often mentioned. Yes, and Jesus never opposed this phenomenon. The ban on polygamy was introduced much later by the most Christian church. St. Augustine believed that in polygamy there is nothing wrong, if it is allowed by the laws, Luther also allowed his followers to have several wives. What is so convenient in polygamy? The fact that normal men for women, alas, is not enough. And if in Russia there are 5 women per 1 man, in the Arab countries this figure is twice that. Women, in search of family warmth, are forced to marry the first one, which leads to unsuccessful marriages, broken fates. The other side is moral. A man is polygamous by himself. In a Muslim family, he does not need to look to the side, indulge in betrayal, bringing the corresponding diseases into the house. Peoples who preach Islam are the most clean, they have few changes and diseases associated with dangerous sexual relations. It happens that the wife is barren. In Western culture, this leads to a real family tragedy, in Islam, a man does not have the right to abandon such a wife, but can take the second, which will give him heirs. The family does not collapse and the woman is not abandoned. A Muslim is given duties to keep all wives and children. Personally, a man should spend money in the last place and not at the expense of the family, and full equality is observed between all wives. The law even establishes the norm of intimacy between husband and wife. Anal sex is clearly prohibited, and oral sex is in principle permitted, if they do not violate public norms. Treason, both male and female, is punishable. Speaking of the early age of brides, one can recall the biblical example, when the mother of Jesus, Mary, was given to Joseph at 12 or 14 years of age. At the same time the husband was called an elderly old man. So, apparently, the attitude towards women, although peculiar, but there is nothing dirty in it, on the contrary, Islamic laws all support ethical norms.

Islam in comparison with other religions is extremely cruel.

The goal of Islam is to establish happiness and peace for all living things, faith itself is full of kindness, mercy and love. Relations between people are prescribed only on the basis of respect. Muhammad said: “You can neither harm nor compensate for harm.” Truly believers should not harm others. In relation to children, Muslims are supposed to show love, to inculcate a decent upbringing.
As aforesaid, a woman is also shown reverence. The prophet provides 2 penalties for a woman who has committed a bad deed. Firstly, do not sleep with it for a while, having punished morally, and, secondly, it can be lightly struck, but without causing pain. Islam condemns all manifestations of violence and cruelty, promising evil people Hell. Charity is manifested even in animals.
Sacrifices on certain holidays should be as merciful as possible. This is what the scriptures say: “A certain woman was punished because of a cat, she kept her locked up until she died.” So she entered because of her into Hell.She did not feed or drink it, and did not give her the opportunity to eat earth creatures. “(Bukhari and Muslim)” If one of the Muslims plant a tree and then a man or an animal eat it (his fruit), it will necessarily be read. “( Bukhari)

Only the Tatars, Chechens and Arabs believe in Islam

Initially, the Almighty sent Muhammad to all the nations, while Faith alone, and Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, are God’s prophets, people distorted pure faith, turning it into a set of religions and speculating on this topic.It can not be said that this faith is only of the Eastern peoples.For example, Imam Muslim b The Prophet Muhammad said: “Verily, Allah does not look at your flesh and face, but He looks to your hearts and deeds. “The manifestations of nationalism can prevent you from entering Paradise, as Abu Dawoud says bluntly:” One who proclaims blind devotion to the tribe is not one of us. “

Muslims are mostly uneducated people.

For some reason it seems to many that Muslims live, almost in the Middle Ages, and do not know anything except their faith. However, history itself refutes this myth. Many outstanding scientists, ahead of their time, were just Muslims, for example, Avicenna. When Europe lived in a cultural and scientific darkness, in the East, with full might, medicine, mathematics, and astronomy were studied. Islam encourages and praises clever, educated people. Although jealousy is sin, but envious of the sage who conveys knowledge to others, it is not forbidden.
Muhammad said that the search for knowledge is the duty of every Muslim and Muslim woman. At the same time, there is no difference in gender. Thus, in percentage terms, the number of women graduates of higher education in Turkey is higher than that of the United States and Japan. In Tunisia, where 98% of the total population is Muslim, women are 5% more educated than men. Muslim said: “For one who follows the path of knowledge, Allah will make the journey to Paradise easier.”

Islam is the refuge of Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and drug dealers.

People are constantly being told that the Islamic world declared jihad to the rest of the world and with the help of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden plunged the world into fear. However, it is no secret that the events of September 11 are the US special services. The Cold War was over, and very opportunely a new enemy appeared. To fight with which huge money is allocated, and under the flag of justice, the elite realizes its economic and political plans. China, for example, increased the pressure on Muslim Uighurs, declaring those accomplices of terrorism. Bin Laden’s record itself is mostly false, and it has long been known that back in the 1980s, Osama collaborated with American intelligence. As stated above, Islam is generally against the destruction of civilians.
As for the flow of drugs, the following facts will tell the truth. In 2001, after the introduction of the death penalty for the cultivation of opium poppy in accordance with Islamic demands, the production of opium significantly decreased. In the spring of the same year, Colin Powell, the US Secretary of State, welcomed the Taliban’s fight against drugs. The whole country, including the pro-American territories, produced up to 850 tons of narcotic substances. In the first year of the occupation of the country by Americans, this figure has tripled! If in 2001 the poppy was grown only in several places, today it is practically in all provinces controlled by the United States. This led to a drop in drug prices and an increase in the number of drug addicts in Europe. In poor Somalia, there was an increase in drug production. Muslims, united, began to fight against drug traffickers and bandits, to establish order gradually. However, right there, under the pretext of Al Qaeda found in the country, Ethiopia attacked the country together with the United States.
Civilians are intimidated by Islamic martyrs, little knowing about their true nature. They are some kind of suicide bombers. However, Islam prohibits suicide, considering it a grave sin. And the killing of civilians, as was said, is a serious misdemeanor.Shahid is a martyr who died in the name of his faith, fighting against enemies. However, this need not necessarily be a warrior. Shahidka is a woman who died during childbirth, believers who died of disease. Similarly, scare mujahideen, who are represented as bandits and religious fanatics. The Mujahid considers the one who went to jihad in order to protect his faith. At the same time they are forbidden to obtain any trophies. Therefore, true Mujahideen are God-fearing and decent people.

“Jihad” – the struggle against the infidels.

In fact, the concept of “jihad” does not carry in itself something terrible. This is a struggle against unbelief. Pay attention, not against people, but against disbelief. Jihad in many ways involves fighting with your “I”, with temptations. A believer must perform charitable deeds, read sermons, work for the benefit of others. Jihad – the fight against injustice, is considered an honor to die for upholding the truth, good. At the same time, the armed form of the struggle is by no means the main one, although here the Koran establishes certain rules prohibiting, for example, the killing of women, children and the elderly.

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