In psychology, the categorization of personality traits is accepted. Carl Jung and Hans Eysenck brought out two polar concepts – extraversion and introversion. For the first time such terms appeared in 1921. It is believed that extraversion manifests itself in the direction of the person’s libido in the external world.

The introvert prefers reflection and imagination to communicating with real people and aspects of life. Today the word “introvert” is almost a stigma, meaning a closed and insecure person. Meanwhile, around this concept there are quite a few myths that should be debunked.


Introverts do not like to talk.

In fact, such people prefer to just shut up when they have nothing to say. For them it seems better than just splashing out the flow of words, supporting the conversation. But introverts gladly seize the opportunity to talk on a really interesting topic for them. Then, perhaps, it will not be silenced. And do not confuse introverts with autistics.

Introverts are humble people.

In fact, modesty has nothing to do with introversion. Such a character trait does not imply fear of people. Simply introvert will search for the reason for his communication with the person. Communicate for the sake of communication, he will not. Therefore, to talk with the introvert, we need to start a conversation, eventually finding the points of contact. And do not think about politeness, afraid of offending a “humble” person.

Introverts are rude people.

Indeed, introverts do not seek to follow the generally accepted rules of society, which imply courtesy and scraping. These people just want to be honest with them. But in most situations, society does not give such an opportunity. Usually, behavior requires some effort to adapt oneself to other people. Introverts find such an occupation tedious. At the same time, their behavior may seem rude, but in fact it is just a manifestation of oneself.

Introverts do not like people.

Actually, the situation is just the opposite. For introverts, friends are very important, because these people can be counted on the fingers. But if someone was lucky, and the introvert took him to the circle of his close people, then we should expect that he will become a loyal ally. It is just to win his trust, and he will reward a friend for his services.


Introverts do not like to be in public.

Actually, introverts like to be in public, they just do not like to do it for too long. They are embarrassed by the difficulties that accompany public activity. But introverts quickly absorb information and experience, they do not have to think long over what is happening around. That’s why in society they just have not enough time to get all the necessary information. Now it is necessary to “recharge” the house, in silence. It is so important for the introvert.

Introverts constantly strive to remain alone.

It is worth saying that introverts perfectly feel themselves alone with their own thoughts. These people reflect a lot and are able to literally see dreams in reality. Introverts like to see challenging challenges, problems or puzzles that need to be solved. But what’s the point of unraveling, if not with whom to share the opening or success? Introverts will then feel very lonely. Therefore, they crave full and sincere communication, but only with one person at a time.

Introverts are strange people.

In fact, these people are individualists. They will never follow the crowd, seeking to be “like everyone else.” Introverts want to be appreciated for their own style or way of life. These people think about themselves, so they often challenge tradition, habitual and normal things. After all, they make their decisions in no way looking at currents or popular things. That is why society sometimes calls them strange.

Introverts are actually ordinary fools.

Introverts are those who mostly look deeper into themselves and attach importance to their own emotions and thoughts.However, this does not indicate their stupidity and that they can not consider all that is going on around. Simply introverts pay much more attention to what is going on inside them. Sometimes from the outside because of this they look stupid.

Introverts do not know how to relax and have fun.

In fact, these people are just as relaxed as everyone else. Just they do not fit for this noisy clubs or crowded places. Introverts will choose their home or nature. They do not want to seek adventure and experience the adrenaline. If there are noisy or there are many events, the introvert will prefer to close in themselves. Scientists have proved that these people are too sensitive to the neurohormone dopamine. Simply extroverts and introverts have different dominant neural connections, you just have to put up with it.

Any introvert can, if desired, become an extrovert.

Actually, it’s not easy to change yourself. In this case, the psychotype can not be changed at all. It is worth appreciating the temperament and the contribution to the humanity of introverts. Silverman studies from 1986 showed that with the increase in the level of IQ in society, the number of introverts increases.

Introverts – people are deeply complexed.

Such an opinion constantly accompanies introverts. However, there is no connection between such a psychotype and the presence of some deep complexes. The world is full of complexed extroverts. Similarly, it would be ridiculous to say, for example, that the sanguine person is completely devoid of complexes, but the phlegmatic is full of them. So these concepts should not be confused. And in general, are they, people without complexes?

The introverts have a boring life.

It seems to many that introverts simply need entertainment, before they have a boring life. But do not judge by yourself. Meanwhile, this myth often leads to quarrels between introverts and their relatives. Do not forcefully try to entertain such people, they themselves are able to come up with an occupation for themselves. And let someone think it’s boring and strange. But in the head can solve some problems. Introverts are able to entertain themselves within themselves.

Introverts are generally misanthropes.

This myth is otherwise the first in our list. Of course, this is not true. And there can be no talk about any purposeful dislike for humanity. Just introverts do not like being in the crowd. But with individual individuals they feel quite comfortable, adoring and humanity as a whole.


Introverts can not become friends.

Those who permanently forcibly impose their opinions and their ideas about the surrounding reality will not be able to be friends with these people. Failure in the relationship will end and an attempt to forcefully entertain and force to some common actions. If a person in the company sits on the sidelines and is silent, with a normal expression on his face, then do not pester him with questions about life and well-being and call for frank conversation. After all, such a state for the introvert is quite natural. But such people have a rich inner world, are capable of creativity. This is not at all gloomy silent, as they are considered. A true friend of his introvert will certainly open up and show his entire inner world.

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