Inflatable pool

There is an idea that a rich country house must certainly have such an attribute as a swimming pool. Agree, it’s nice to take a water routine on a hot day, without spending time traveling to the nearest water body. However, technologies allow you to already acquire your own pool literally everyone and do not even get attached to the terrain.

The output of steel inflatable rubber products. True, their popularity is hampered by numerous myths about the strength and conditions of use. Nobody already remembers that such ideas have appeared either for a long time or on the basis of someone else’s experience. Let’s talk about inflatable pools and about those misconceptions that you just do not need to believe. Inflatable swimming pools are designed for children.

It seems that the volumes of such products do not allow full splashing over there by adults. And since childhood, we know something similar, which today seems not serious for adults. That’s just the main manufacturers produce models not only for kids, but also for adults. An excellent compromise is the family pools, where parents and children can rest. And for those who are embarrassed by the size of these products, there are large models and even a jacuzzi.

These pools are small.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the purposes of using this pool. It goes without saying that there is no diving here. If the pool is needed for playing preschoolers, then its height usually does not exceed 50-60 centimeters. In family versions, the walls rise 70 centimeters. If the pool is large and designed for swimming, its walls can rise to a height of 1.3 meters. And the tallest wireframes generally have a height of one and a half meters.

And such a pool will be crowded.

Not everyone knows that modern large-sized pools of round shape can reach a diameter of 7.5 meters. There are oval products and a rectangular shape with dimensions of 8 by 4 meters. In such giants, a whole company will feel comfortable and really have a swim there.

The inflatable pool can be pumped by a car pump.

You can do it, but it’s better to choose another way. In the pump, the pressure may not correspond to the maximum allowed in the pool. As a result, an attempt to speed up the inflation and check the product for strength can result in a rupture of the walls. Each model should be pumped with the pump that comes with it. If you use a third-party product, you must consider the allowable load for each model.

Inflatable pool

Inflatable pool is prone to frequent deformations.

There are complaints that the sides of the inflatable pool are bent. However, in the case of installing the product on a flat surface, where nothing prevents the bottom from breaking down, the problem does not arise. And large inflatable pools keep their shape with the help of an inflatable ring. When water enters the product, the ring pops up, and when a certain level is reached, the walls become even.

In the inflatable pool you can independently adjust the water level.

This approach is applicable to models with inflatable walls. Their filling can be carried out taking into account the safety of children. But in models with high sides and a floating ring, a lack of water will lead to the fact that the ring does not come up and the walls turn out to be twisted. So in this case the liquid level is already predetermined.

The inflatable pool is quickly blown away.

The very phrase “inflatable pool” is associated with a fully inflatable structure with soft walls. However, only children’s and family models look like that. And here it is difficult to say how often they will have to be pumped up – this is purely individual. If you constantly lean on the rails, then after a couple of hours the product will need to be pumped.

мало Inflatable swimming pool.

Each model is calculated taking into account the mass of water and its pressure on the walls.The largest models with a height of more than a meter are produced on the basis of reinforced PVC, special vinyl with two- and three-layer walls, as well as Kevlar. In this way, the products usually survive the manufacturer’s declared parameters. The main threat to swimming pools is not the volume of water, but the sharp objects and claws of animals.

It is difficult to drain water from such pools.

In the simplest models, it’s enough just to pull out the cork, but in large-sized ones, already used hoses. The width of their section will determine the discharge speed. For example, in a basin of 5 cubic meters, the process can stretch from a few hours to a whole day.

You can water the beds from the pool.

This statement is true only for small pools, in which the water due to a constant shift is generally clean. And in large pools for cleaning, filters and disinfecting chemicals are responsible. Algae interfere with algae. Needless to say, that for plants it will all be poisonous?

Inflatable pool

From the long storage pool walls will cling and become brittle.

The season is over and you need to collect the pool. To a few months later, he again looked like a worker needed his prevention. After draining the pool, it is necessary to rinse the pool well with non-abrasive soft detergents, and then dry it. If you pour walls with starch or talcum, then after wintering unfold this product will be much easier.

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