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“VKontakte” is a Russian social network, similar to Facebook. “VKontakte” is confidently among the most visited sites of the CIS and is among the 30 most visited sites in the world. Initially, the network was positioned as a network of students and graduates, later becoming ways of communication for different groups and ages.

Being established in 2006, in early 2009 the VKontakte network outperformed its Classmates, its main competitor. Today “VKontakte” is visited monthly by more than 14 million people. As of August 2009, about 40 million people were registered in this network.

“VKontakte” has its own daughter projects, including its own video service. The rapid growth and popularity of the service has generated a lot of conjectures and questions. Also you can see some secrets of VKontakte.

“VKontakte” is an entirely charitable organization that exists for charitable contributions of some rich people.

When creating a resource, the creators did not think about earning, first of all it was a project that helps people not to lose their friends, on the contrary, to find them, regardless of years and distances. But the fact that money does not lie at the heart of the resource’s existence does not make it charitable, as the costs increase in proportion to the growth of attendance. Originally “VKontakte” existed at the expense of its creators, later its work began to be paid by investors. The site is not covered with advertising banners, as this will only scare people away. For the resource primarily – the interests of users, the creators believe that this approach will allow you to enter the payback regime.

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“VKontakte” is a good polygon for conducting various financial transactions.

So, many organizations pay users for the promotion of certain groups or events on the network. “VKontakte” seeks to introduce new technologies of Internet advertising, which will, firstly, be more effective, and, secondly, do not cause unpleasant feelings among users.

“VKontakte” is the whole project of special services for people control.

This is almost the most popular myth about any major social network, including in the US. People believe that the lack of advertising is an indication that the site is being sponsored from government sources for certain purposes. Even the site “Odnoklassniki”, plentifully decorated with advertising, became the subject of suspicion among users of conspiracy experts. How much personal information is protected by users? All personal data and correspondence are legally protected. If the owners transfer the resource of these data to the public or private structures, they violate both the law and ethical standards. Personal information can be given to law enforcement agencies only by a court order, in case it was needed to conduct an investigation. And such cases occurred in the history of VKontakte. The administration really helped in the loss of a person and in the investigation of the murder. However, the interaction was not with the FSB, but with the Interior Ministry, that is, there is no “espionage” background. It is believed that government officials can easily use information from social networks and without judicial permission, but the times of the USSR have already passed. High officials understand that the obstacle in the work of Russian projects will lead to the fact that their place will be occupied by foreign analogues and then it will be very difficult to obtain any information, even on legal grounds. Users can be pleased to think about their importance and about that. That their private information is so important and interesting to special services.

“VKontakte” – a huge corporation, spending millions of dollars on the content of the site, and hundreds of employees.

The main costly article of the company is the maintenance of equipment, money for advertising among its users is not wasted, so the budget is rather modest. The maintenance of employees also does not require astronomical expenditure. So, in “Yandex” there are more than thousand employees, and attendance is 2 times lower than in The number of people working in VKontakte is significantly less than in other large Internet services of this scale. Again, the lack of advertising sales leads to the fact that a small number of employees work with legal entities, while in other companies it is incommensurably higher. The few employees of the company, seeing their own perspectives, how their work changes the lives of many people for the better, comes to work with great enthusiasm. It seems that each of them is able to perform the work of a whole department of some IT company.

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The idea of ​​the VKontakte site is completely stolen from foreign analogues.

There are sites with similar themes in different countries. For example, in the US – it’s facebook, in the UK – and so on. The external similarity of all these resources (the column structure) is explained by the common standards for social networks. The most important thing in the work is internal code, database design, server configuration. These data are strictly classified and are unique for each of the portals. It is impossible to copy a large site, for example Yahoo, and make it analog. Practically all work is done from scratch. The use of the same standards in the design of “VKontakte” is designed to unite people, providing them with the opportunity to use foreign social networks painlessly. Even without knowing a foreign language, users can intuitively find and use the necessary functions. The change in appearance does not guarantee against litigation. So, American colleagues, seemingly the progenitors of the genre, are constantly being accused of stealing software code. Foreign social networks are well aware of the outward similarity and plagiarism possibilities, so VKontakte maintains excellent relations with them, cooperating and developing new principles and ideas.

“VKontakte” is a resource focused on students and students.

This myth arose because the first months of its existence the resource was available only to students of elite educational institutions. The choice of this particular audience is connected with the personal motives of Pavel Durov, one of the creators of the resource. He himself graduated from the university in 2006, and initially decided to unite his friends. Pavel Durov and before that had successful projects related to the student audience, so the project started in this environment. Today, the number of users has already far exceeded the number of Russian students, “VKontakte” they are not even the majority. Accordingly, the criteria for the search for people also expanded. Initially, it was possible to unite on the basis of any common interests, a hobby. Universities are only one of the criteria for finding acquaintances today. Today, the audience of the social network is growing up in front of the numerous registration of people over 25 years old. The creators say that there are users who graduated from the university before the war.

“VKontakte” is a regional project that is not intended for all regions of Russia and the CIS.

The fact is that the uniqueness of this resource is that it was created not in Moscow, but in St. Petersburg. In one of the reports on NTV, it even sounded that VKontakte was registered mostly in St. Petersburg. Of course, such a statement is absurd, the number of registrations from Moscow is 2 times more than from St. Petersburg. And this is logical, given the ratio of the population of cities. But against the backdrop of a huge number of registrations from all regions of Russia, the CIS countries, both Moscow and Peter are simply lost. “VKontakte” has long outgrown the boundaries of the city, Russia and penetrated the CIS everywhere, where there is Internet. This project, becoming the most visited in Russia, already ranks fourth in popularity in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The site takes the 5th place in Belarus. For this large-scale Russian-language project, there is no need to confine itself to cities or a single country. Physically, part of the servers are in St. Petersburg, and the other part is in Moscow.Increased traffic between them entailed the expansion of Internet channels connecting these two cities.

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“VKontakte” will soon become paid, it can be closed at all.

This question is asked to the creators practically from the very beginning of the portal activity, since 2007. People all the time it seems that the lack of advertising implies a test version of the resource, for which it will soon come to pay. The main value of “VKontakte” in the daily registration on the portal is almost 50 thousand people. A huge increase and update of the user audience is the main driving force of VKontakte. Entering payment for the use of resources will drastically reduce this flow, which in time will lead to decay of the site itself. Wishing to preserve the democratic nature of the resource, its creators refused and from the introduction of VIP-accounts. This would lead to the separation of users and the resemblance to other resources.

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