Ice cream

Who does not like ice cream? This delicious dessert is especially appreciated by children. It can be consumed even daily, in reasonable quantities. And the ice cream is perfectly absorbed. Today a wide variety of varieties and fillings has appeared, but we still miss the very “taste of childhood”.

But there are a lot of rumors about how ice cream is actually harmful. As a result, a delicious, favorite and useful product is surrounded by numerous myths. It’s time to restore the truth about the ice cream.

Ice cream

There is no use of ice cream.

You can get fat from a natural dairy product, if there are only tons of it. Ice cream is not among the prohibited products for diabetics and trying to lose weight. You just need to make this product part of a balanced diet. For those who do not think their life without ice cream, just refuse, for example, from a cup of yogurt. And there is a benefit in this product, and not a little. Ice cream contains high-grade proteins, there is calcium necessary for bones, phosphorus, necessary for the kidneys and muscles, as well as a lot of vitamins. The same vitamin A is very useful for immunity.

From ice cream only get fat.

In the composition of such species as fruit-berry, sherbet, fruit ice there is no fat at all. The basis is either sugar syrup with the addition of fresh or dried berries, fruits or fruit and berry raw materials. Also, manufacturers are required to indicate on the packaging calorie content. This allows you to control the weight gain. True, not everyone thinks about how to produce a quality product. Often in ice cream, too much sugar and vanilla is added, that is, extra carbohydrates. In this sweetness you can find even margarine, which allows sweets to keep their shape longer. That’s from such unnatural for ice-cream supplements, you can just get better. Saves only the fact that most people still have ice cream infrequently. But if you eat a substandard product several times a day, you can really get better.

The most delicious and high-quality ice cream is made not from milk, but from cream.

Technology argues that there is no way to understand on the basis of taste, what exactly is made of ice cream – from milk or cream? Cream is also a derivative of milk, just a source of fat. So it is milk that is usually the basis of ice cream. From the producers it is required simply to preserve the desired fat content in the product. For example, in a seal, it should be between 12 and 15 percent. And to recruit it, you can use different sources of fat – not only cream, but also butter, dehydrated milk fat. Quality ice cream should meet the standards. So, for example, the GOST specifies that in such a product there should not be vegetable fats.

Ice cream helps to harden the throat.

There is no connection between this product and the hardening. It is impossible to harden the throat of ice-cream, but the increased consumption of foods, and the heat can lead to loss of voice. The temperature outside and inside will be very different.

Ice cream is not allowed to diabetics.

Today, manufacturers are increasingly thinking that their products will be consumed by people with diabetes. That’s why there is an ice cream with different content of fats and sugar. On sale you can find “Diet ice cream”. In the same GOST there are requirements for such a product. It should have a special labeling and the composition should not contain components with sugar. And this product is stored only two or three months. And although there really is a special ice cream for diabetics, finding it on the shelves is not easy.

Ice cream must be sweet.

Fans of ice cream have long reached the point that give it special, not sweet tastes. There are ice cream garlic, meat and even seafood. Yes, most of us are used to consider ice cream as a sweet dessert. But you can also name other unsweetened cold dishes from whipped frozen mixtures.So if some manufacturer approves its technology in state standardization bodies and prescribes quality standards and product creation, then it will also be considered a full-fledged ice cream.

Ice cream

Ice cream should not be given to children under three years of age.

There is no problem in giving an ice cream to a child who perfectly digests the products offered to him. However, it is worth remembering that in children under 6 years of age the immune system has not yet formed, and excess cooling of the body can damage it. So it’s better to give children a slightly melted, but not less tasty ice cream. A good solution would be to add jam or something similar to ice cream. It is also important to remember that it is better for children to offer a natural product all the same. In the assortment there are several classic options – plombier, creamy, which are devoid of incomprehensible additives. You can find ice cream without any “E”. Such a product can be recommended to children.

Ice cream causes tooth decay.

This is allegedly indicated by an unpleasant sensation on the teeth when using the product. In fact, it only says that a person already has some problems with his teeth. Also ice cream can contribute to the appearance of a different problem – cracks in the enamel. But this will happen if a cold product is consumed immediately after a hot, coffee, for example. And caries will not cause ice cream, because it is swallowed immediately and it does not stay on teeth for a long time. Where it is more dangerous in this respect candy, which will long suck and generally stick to the teeth.

You can eat deformed ice cream.

In fact, the loss of the original ice cream indicates that it has already been thawed. It also changes its taste, consistency, dangerous germs can appear in the product. Unevenness of the same color suggests that the production turned out to be poorly mixed ingredients.

Ice cream can be stored for years.

We believe that the maximum shelf life of such a product is about a year. But this does not mean that it is easy to take a product that has been lying for many months. After all, ice cream is often stored at the wrong temperature, which speeds up its spoilage. This is often the case with supermarkets. In the Soviet Union, a natural product was not stored for more than two days at all. But in Europe now there are goodies, which are allowed to store 2-3 years, of course, in closed refrigerators, which is still a rarity for us.

Ice cream harms the stomach.

But scientists have proved otherwise. It turns out that this cold and tasty product helps with bleeding in the stomach and abdominal cavity. Ice cream is excellent for nosebleeds, which often happen in the hot summer. To stop the bleeding, just swallow a few cold slices of dessert. Yes, and on blood pressure, ice cream acts favorably.

Easy ice cream, helps to stay slim.

Most likely, this myth was replicated by producers of low-quality ice cream with numerous artificial additives. Light ice cream is called the one in which animal fats are combined with vegetable fats. But such a product slows down the metabolism. In addition, this combination increases the level of cholesterol in the blood and triglycerides. And these substances contribute to the appearance of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. That is why the consumption of light ice cream is not only a way to weight gain, but also a sure way to harm your health.

It is better to choose sherbet than cream ice cream.

When the consumer faces a choice, the answer is obvious. From creamy ice cream refuse, because it has fats. But the situation is not so unambiguous. Although there is really no fat in the sorbet, there may be more sugar in it than in a normal cream ice cream, and besides this option is also more caloric. In addition to the lack of fat in the sorbet, there are also few vitamins and calcium than in cream ice cream.

Ice cream is not recommended to eat pregnant.

This statement is not true.Ice cream is even beneficial to women in the situation. After all, this product is made on the basis of milk, which is a source of calcium. Of course, one portion of ice cream daily intake of calcium can not be replenished, but you can still use this dessert.

Because of ice cream, immunity is weakened.

It is worth considering immunity, as a whole system in the body. In ice cream, there are no substances that would suppress general immunity. What is the essence of this dessert? This milk, a little sugar, juice, water and fruit. But in fact in normal life we ​​already consume all this. It would be foolish to think that they are capable of weakening immunity in such a combination.

It is better to try milk from yogurt, not plombir.

And this myth emerged thanks only to the production race of producers. After all, they need to popularize new products, thus supporting the interest of consumers. In such conditions, and emphasis is placed on the properties of yogurt, highlighting it from all the composite ice cream. They say that a cold dessert based on yogurt is better and more useful than regular milk. In fact, both milk and yogurt are dairy products, with approximately the same content of nutrients. And to talk about the benefits of ice cream or yogurt in general, it is not necessary.

Headaches can occur from ice cream.

As much as we do not like this sweetness, the ice cream can really hurt your head. The human body acts wisely, although it can be deceived. For example, after a glass of hot tea we begin to sweat. This is because the walls of the stomach are heated. The organism thinks that it is hot, and begins to dilate the blood vessels and release sweat. Similarly, if something cold enters the stomach, the body feels that it is cooling. Immediately the blood vessels begin to narrow. This process just can cause headaches in those people who have a predisposition to it. With a healthy person this, most likely, will not happen. However, one should remember about this unexpected influence of temperature factors.

Ice cream

Ice cream relieves stress.

And this statement is true. Classic fillings and cream ice cream contain amino acid L-tryptophan. It is a natural tranquilizer, which can calm the nervous system, improve immunity. Also, ice cream improves sleep and removes insomnia. Only here to keep such acid in the finished product is not easy, but the frost allows you to do this. Thus, in ice cream, L-tryptophan is conserved. Delicious balls also contribute to the production of serotonin, and this is a known hormone of joy. As a result, ice cream gives a sense of joy and positive emotions, what kind of stress is there?

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