How to strengthen immunity

Before tackling the strengthening of immunity, it is necessary to determine what is covered by this term. The simplest explanation of this concept can be given so “bodyguard”. Well, briefly and clearly.

How to strengthen immunity

At the genetic level, the immunity system does not allow antigens to penetrate our body (antigens can be toxins, viruses, bacteria). Find and destroy – this is the task that is assigned to the system of our immunity in relation to the “aliens” that have penetrated the body.

Performing this task is a direct responsibility of antibodies (immunoglobulins). In addition, protective function is assigned to interferon and other similar substances, which are produced by the body itself. These substances can resist such diseases as chicken pox, measles, rubella, influenza and others.

Take, for example, interferon. This protein begins to develop immediately, as soon as the temperature of the human body rises, if the immune system is strong, then the amount of interferon will be produced in the required amount, and in a couple of days all the signs of the flu will be eliminated.

The immune system should function as a clock. If it is weakened, then a person often worsens chronic diseases, he is irritable, quickly tired and often sick. The reason for all this is that harmful substances can not be quickly found and rendered harmless.

However, it is erroneous to believe that a strong immune response is very good. After all, in this case a person suffers from a variety of allergies – his immune system practically attacks his own organism.

Since our childhood, our immune system is in the process of training. In principle, a small amount of pathogenic microbes penetrates into the body for the benefit of the person, because in this case his organism is practically vaccinated.

In dealing with frequent sterilization of baby toys, washing the floors several times a day in a children’s room, etc., parents, without knowing it, weaken their child’s immune system. But let’s understand the reasons for the decrease in immunity.

1. Wrong way of life.

Constant stress, lack of proper sleep and poor nutrition are reflected in the state of our immune system, not to mention such harmful habits as smoking and drinking alcohol.

2. The influence of the environment.

We can not know for sure whether we breathe clean air, whether we drink clean water, whether there are chemicals in the food we use. Infringements in immune system can be caused also by noise pollution, including. And if the environment can not be affected by every single person, the first reason for the decrease in immunity is in ourselves. Balanced nutrition is extremely important for the functioning of the immune system. The body should regularly receive mineral substances, vitamins, and of course, proteins (especially proteins of legumes, fish and meat). Lentils, peas and beans are recommended to be consumed once or twice a week, and fish or meat should be eaten daily. Vitamin A, also necessary for the normal operation of the human immune system, can be found in butter, eggs and liver, but almost all food of plant origin is beta-carotene. The latter in the human body, in fact, is converted to vitamin A. Particular attention should be paid to pumpkin, red pepper and carrots (vegetables that have a red and yellow color). Vitamin C you will find in citrus, sour cabbage, parsley, sea-buckthorn, dogrose and black currant. Antibodies are produced much more slowly, if vitamin C enters the body in insufficient quantities. Vitamins B and E are rich in nuts and seeds (they are also rich in minerals). By the way, mineral substances are also contained in dark chocolate and cocoa, but most of all they are rich in offal. Cholesterol is also important for the synthesis of immune bodies. In vain it is considered the most important enemy and completely avoid the use of products containing it.In a certain amount of cholesterol, the human body is simply necessary. Bio-dieters and other dairy products are also useful for the proper functioning of the immune system.

Below we list the additional tips that make it possible to strengthen immunity.


Maintain an active Healthy lifestyle. Your immunity will become much stronger if you regularly visit the pool, skating rink, skiing or biking (depending on the time of year). Gymnastics and walking tours are also very good for the immune system.


Provide your body with a healthy sleep. An adult should sleep for at least eight hours. The preferred option for sleep for a working day: from eleven pm and until seven in the morning. Do not break this rhythm on weekends. After sleeping before lunch, you, when you wake up, you can feel not cheerful, but, on the contrary, drowsy. Darkness, silence and coolness – these are the three main components that allow to ensure a healthy full-fledged sleep.


Learn to relax. Learn to relieve tension after a hard day. Lie down on the couch. Breathe smoothly and deeply. Pull out your hands. Close your eyes and think about something that will give you pleasure. Relieve stress fatigue with relaxation.


One of the methods of training the immune system is the alternation of temperatures. Attend the sauna or steam in the sauna. Who regularly goes to a Russian bath, hardly suffers, say, from a chronic cold. Alternating high and low temperatures can be provided with a contrast shower. Vigorously rub your body after taking such a shower. Hardening is a very good helper in developing excellent immunity. The main rule of tempering is gradualness. You will receive both moral and physical satisfaction after you begin to properly perform such procedures as taking a contrast shower or dousing with cold water.


Discard bad habits. For example, it’s not a secret for anyone that smoking poisons the body with harmful substances.


Take care of the purity of the body. Do not forget to wash the vegetables and fruits after they were brought home from the market (and it is best to buy them on the market) or from the store.


Swallowing the mass of tablets is not the best option to fight the disease. Allow to the best of the ability of the body to overcome the catarrhal disease itself, because together with this you will increase your immunity. The body must be able to resist disease. And various people’s means can help him.


Strengthen immunity with natural remedies. For the immune system, garlic, elecampane, celandine, St. John’s wort, ginseng, dandelion, etc. are especially good.


Immunity will be strengthened by vaccination. Illness is easier to prevent.


Be optimistic. Optimists, and in this all psychologists agree, are sick much less often and easier than pessimists. A good mood is a companion of good immunity. Avoid stress.

The most important thing is to want to strengthen your immunity and start acting. Remember that you will not be able to earn all the money, but to pay for them with your health is the last thing. Enjoy your life and lead a healthy lifestyle. Our life and our health are the most priceless things in the world.

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