How to preserve marriage (women)

It’s no secret that women need a family as a whole more than men. Often the wife tolerates a walking and drinking husband, just to maintain the appearance of marriage. Nevertheless, divorces are not that rare. And often in the current situation, the women themselves are also to blame, who at one time did not show themselves in a critical situation or systematically allowed small, accumulated mistakes. The happy wives of the wife give advice on how to create a strong family and maintain a relationship with your loved one.

How to preserve marriage (women)

Respect your husband.

Women often claim that they would be willing to respect their spouse if he deserved it. In fact, the second part of the statement is superfluous. For any man, it is important that he is respected. And the first person from whom he expects this attitude is his wife. The view that such respect must first be earned, is a kind of trap. Any wife wants her chosen one to take exceptionally correct decisions, which will become the basis of respect. But it’s worth taking face-to-face truth, a man is an ordinary person who, like everyone else, makes mistakes. It was this man you chose at the time to be with him all your life. He entrusted you with the management of the family, for that he deserves respect. It must be understood that the manifestation of such an attitude towards a man, even if he does not yet deserve it, will already motivate him to create moral capital. Do not pretend that he always makes the right choice, if this is not really the case. It is worth discussing all the differences, concretizing their claims. But it is necessary to do this without accusing, and discussing, respecting the partner.

Keep your heart.

The expression “good there where we are not” does not always work. A slim figure, a high salary, a great car and a big house will not be a guarantee of a woman’s happiness. In the world there are many people and things that will constantly blow, that there are options for the woman and better. But this does not correspond to reality. In the life of each of us there is always an internal struggle, we want the house to be bigger and the car more expensive. But relations are not measured by squares and dollars. We must protect ourselves from people and things that claim that the husband is not the best option, and life with another person could be better. There is always someone stronger, brighter, richer. But we will never be satisfied with even greater, if we do not learn to appreciate what is already here and now.

The right order is God, husband, children.

This accent is not welcomed by women, especially against the mothers of children. But faith has always been at the forefront of many people, God plays a decisive role in their lives for them. And the husband should be placed before the children, despite all his beliefs. And keep such an emphasis until this person asks to put his interests above children’s. Before taking off the stewardess on the plane gives safety instructions. Among other things it is said that first you need to put on an oxygen mask on your mother, and then on the baby. Does this mean that children are not so important? Not really! How can a mother help a child if she can not breathe? A similar situation develops in marriage with the upbringing of children. If the relationship with her husband will crack, then successfully raise a child does not work, and do not try. At one time, grown-up children will leave their homes to fulfill their dream. And if for all this time of mutual understanding with her husband it was not possible to reach, then the woman will remain virtually alone.

Farewell to him.

Everyone commits mistakes, there are no perfect people. If you do not cultivate the habit of forgiving your husband for all his petty negligence, then inside the woman will only accumulate irritation. When it splashes out, this energy will go to destroy the relationship.

How to preserve marriage (women)

Talk more.

Many are embarrassed to talk about their feelings. It seems to the woman that a man should already understand the reasons for her fury. But it does not work.Simply men are absolutely different, they do not understand and do not feel what a woman lives by. Do not be shy about talking about it, even if words are given with difficulty. A reminder of your feelings and frankness will benefit the relationship.

Feel next to him as if on a date.

Men, like women, can not be comprehended. So why not devote yourself to this deep occupation? Do not stop studying your husband. And if you can not do it in a romantic setting, in a movie or in a restaurant by candlelight, then at least just spend time with him alone. For family relations, this is important. It is not necessary at such times to talk about spending money, about plans for tomorrow, about everyday problems or about children. The best theme is the future, why not plan your dream vacation together? The couple gets an opportunity to become emotionally close and learn about each other something new, it happens even after several years of marriage.

Do not threaten him with divorce or withdrawal.

Those who are going to use such weapons against their husbands, one should think once again. First of all, threatening the gap is extremely unfair. Those women who destroyed such a marriage by their marriage, eventually realized that they had nothing to be proud of. But it taught that the blows “below the belt” in building relationships are clearly not the best assistants.

Learn the language of his love.

Each person has his own language of love. And how love is perceived by a woman, a man can look quite different. Some like verbal confessions, while others prefer small gifts. But whatever the language of love of a man, it must certainly be learned and used.

Do not talk bad about him.

This advice only seems simple, to stick to it is not easy. A couple who is going through bad times and waiting for more effective advice, needs a visit to a psychologist. Often a woman does not lack counselors from among her relatives, but how objective are they? They will be guided by unilateral facts, wishing to side with the wife and engendering negative feelings towards her husband. And such advice will not stop until the family disintegrates. It is worth defending his image in the eyes of others, and for advice to address those who are really objective. And the most terrible thing for a woman is that in such critical situations the closest person, mother, will be the worst counselor.

How to preserve marriage (women)

Always choose love.

In family life, the moment inevitably comes when one morning you realize that you are already not in love. And still you have to choose love. Yes, the husband one day will not look as attractive as it used to be. And still you have to choose your love for him. After all, marriage is primarily a commitment. At the wedding, we promise to be next to each other in sorrow, and in joy, and in health, and in sickness. These sacred words come from the heart. And we do not say “if suddenly there is sadness,” but we say “in sorrow and joy.” Sad moments in life will certainly, from this can not escape. And love should be chosen from everything else and material, because it’s worth it.

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