How to overcome fear

In order to answer the question: “But how to overcome fear?”, Let’s first answer the question: “And what is fear?”. So fear is the natural reaction that is caused by the environment. When a person comes into the world, he has almost no sense of fear. What can babies fear? Only loud sound and height.

All other fears are the reaction of a person to any events, they interfere with achieving a dream and achieve success; they bind the actions of a person and suppress his resolve. In connection with all this important in our life ability is the ability to overcome the arising fear. How to develop this skill?

Do what you intended, despite your fear.

Ask yourself the question: “What is fear?”, Answer it: “This is a natural reaction.” You’re trying to do something new, that’s what scares you. There is nothing supernatural about this problem. To cause fear can any action that does not fit into your worldview. If you want, for example, in something to change (and accordingly, and change your outlook), then you have to step over the feeling of fear.

Remember that no one is born successful. Success is what we achieve in life. Without the ability to fight with fear, it’s unlikely to succeed, so you need to learn this. Do what you are planning, so you will also educate your willpower. Fear can be both weak and strong. The greater the fear, the more difficult it is to cross it. Fear has one more feature – to triumph over you in the event that you under his influence delay with the decision or the beginning of a case. You delay, and your fear all grows and grows. And one more characteristic moment for fear: it will disappear as soon as you start to act. You will not make mistakes if you admit to yourself that you are afraid. In this there is nothing special, because you are a man, and fear is a natural reaction of a person. Start acting, and your fear will pass away.

The logic can help to overcome fear.

How? Analyze that the worst can happen if you are “at your own peril and risk” to act. Fear will pass, as it is usually caused by the fact that a person begins to “wind himself.” Fear comes from uncertainty and uncertainty. If you eliminate them, then fear will not remain in your mind. However, if your worst option was actually what you should be afraid of, then analyze whether you are not exaggerating the situation. If you appreciated the high probability of the worst event is justified, then think again, and if you have a need to take action that can cause the worst event. In general, look into yourself. Let us give an example. You really want to learn to ski. You decided that it would be best if you immediately overcome your fear and descend from a high hill. Naturally, the fear of your decision will not be lost. You have weighed everything that can happen. The first option (the best) – you will successfully eat and get a lot of impressions. The second option (the worst) is that something will go wrong, you will fall and break your arm. Both the first and second options are possible. But is it worth it to take risks? Or maybe be more attentive to your fear and begin to ride on an even ski track. In this case, your fear can save you from rash actions. So, experiencing a sense of fear, first of all you must understand for yourself how justified this feeling is.

Make the final decision.

As soon as you irrevocably decide something for yourself, fear will immediately begin to weaken. Set yourself up to perform any tasks as seriously as possible. You have already decided everything! Then why be afraid? Fear will lose all interest to you. Let me repeat once more that it is precisely from uncertainty that fear draws its strength. So, forget about all sorts of doubts.It is possible to do this only by taking a decision. What, in fact, governs our lives? The answer is simple: emotions. Thoughts about a possible collapse of the work that has not yet started affect our emotions far from the best way: the pictures of failures start to scroll in our minds, the mood spoils. Evoked negative emotions lead to the emergence of more and more strong doubts, your self-confidence evaporates, self-esteem inevitably begins to fall … stop! Do not bring it to this! Your determination is the guarantee that you will overcome any fear. What is the fundamental difference between fear and determination? Fear activates your negative emotions and guides you to thoughts of failure. Decisiveness, on the contrary, causes your positive emotions and targets you and a favorable combination of circumstances. Negative thought, caused by fear, begins to “multiply” with great speed. But it’s not for nothing that people say: “The eyes are afraid, but the hands are acting.”

One of the important stages in the fight against fear is the preparation for this very struggle.

At this point, you have already determined what you are afraid of, and this is a huge plus. Now you have to prepare yourself to step over the feeling of fear. The two main points in the preparation process are analysis and presentation. In the process of analysis, you have to answer to yourself the following questions: “What exactly am I afraid of and why do I fear?”, “Is my fear justified, is it worth being afraid?”, “What more strongly does my fear: the action itself or fear of failure? ” etc. The list of questions depends on you. Ask yourself, without avoiding any questions, and answer as honestly as possible (as they say, you can not deceive yourself). It is very important to analyze your fear from all sides, to thoroughly study it. However, even after weighing everything and realizing that your fear is unfounded, you can still continue to be afraid. Why? Strangely enough, the answer is simple. When analyzing your logic, fear is an emotional phenomenon, and logic is often much weaker than emotion. Arms of representation (simply visualization) against fear are just emotions. Try to calm down a little. Imagine that you are doing what you are so afraid of, that is, overcome fear in your imagination (do it more than once). When you act in reality, you will not experience such great fear. The application of the method of auto-suggestion is always very effective, this method can become the basis of your work on yourself, as its effectiveness is scientifically proven. Visualization is the best way to combat fear, try it and you will see it.

Another way to overcome fear is by training.

You will agree that often the problem is not the object of fear, but the very fear itself. Without taking any action, you will not achieve what you want, so do not avoid those cases that for psychological reasons can cause you fear of their fulfillment. Train your courage. At first, “protect” yourself from small fear. Next, “increase the load” (this is a training session). Begin to train yourself against intense fear. For example: you are very afraid to speak publicly. Overcome a small fear: speak to a small group of people – you can gather around you eight or ten people from your friends. Happened? Proceed further. Train yourself to perform in public in thirty people, then in fifty …. Over time, it will be easier and easier.

Or another situation. You are a shy person, as a result of which it is difficult for you to communicate with people, you are always “lost”. The way out of this situation is in practice, you can find it right on the street. Smile to passers-by and get smiles in return. Of course, you will not get them from everyone, because some will consider that your smile can mean a mockery of them. But do not pay attention to this turn of events. The next step in overcoming yourself should be that you begin to talk with passers-by.You can just say “Good day or hello.” Passersby will think that they used to see you (once you say hello) and greet you in return. You can ask what time it is or find out how to get to such and such a street. Or you can have an easy conversation. Are you standing in line? Excellent! Say something like “How awful it is to be in lines!”. You will see, not one of you has such an opinion, most likely, your neighbor will also express his opinion on this issue.

The following tips can help in overcoming fears:

Boost self-esteem.

The higher the self-esteem, the less fear of something.

Turn to God.

Belief in a higher power will help you become more self-confident.

Do this or that for love.

Love is able to work miracles, it often closes the eyes of a person, even on strong fears. For example, for the sake of her child, the mother, as a rule, is ready for anything, fear for her recedes to second place.

Be an optimist.

Positive emotions are not created for a sense of fear.

Remember that fear is a natural phenomenon, that all people are subject to fear. Do not be afraid to admit it; this in no way will mean that you are weak. Success is achieved not by those who do not fear (such do not happen), but those who act despite fear. Try to ignore your sense of fear, otherwise you will give him too much energy. Distract from the fear of doing something, for example, starting this “something” to do (no matter how paradoxical it may sound).

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