How to lose weight

How to lose weight

How to lose weight? Such a question is posed to itself (and more than once) by every woman. After all, we all want to be attractive. It seems not so difficult to create a portrait of a beauty. She must have the right face, small nose, big eyes, slim figure, long hair, she has perfect smooth skin.

Indispensable attributes of beauty can be called ease of gait and grace movements. All this in an ideal. However, in truth, we can say that every woman can be beautiful, even if her figure is not perfect.

Every year millions of people seek to lose weight. At the same time, they want to see the result as quickly as possible and save it for the rest of their lives.

Almost all women’s magazines somehow affect the problem of losing weight and offer their own recipes of harmony. Many women seek a superdiet for themselves, which will be able to instantly give the desired result.

Few realize that such a problem as combating excess weight takes time and a rational approach to oneself. The following tips will help you really lose weight without harm to your health.

If you do not eat at home, then be careful about the size of the portions offered to you in restaurants and cafes.

The menu is dominated by portions with a high content of fats and calories, the size of the portions, as a rule, exceeds the normal dimensions of the dishes. What to do if you can not eat at home after all. Stop at the restaurant offering a wide variety of dishes. Do not order too, which for whatever reason the neighbor ordered. Make your choice yourself. Look through the menu and choose that dish, which includes as little fat as possible. You can always order vegetables, fruits, as well as salads, refueling is next to them. Learn to control yourself, because some restaurant portions are five to six times the size recommended. Even if the chicken or fish served to you are very tasty, this does not mean that they should be eaten at a time. You will always have the right to ask the waiter to wrap a portion of the dish with you (if the portion is really large, then it is better to do this before eating – so you will not have the temptation to eat more than you expected before going to the restaurant).

Pay attention to the problem of fast food.

In the modern world fast food has become very popular, you can find fast food in the literal sense of the word practically at every corner. The reason for its popularity in low cost, fast service and in a large selection of dishes. If you visit restaurants that offer fast food, then choose small (and preferably smaller) portions, and even more so give up double portions. As for drinks, the preference should be given to dietary soft drinks, 100% fruit juice or plain water. Three hundred grams of ordinary soft drink contain at least ten teaspoons of sugar. Just imagine that drinking 0.8 liters of a normal soft drink, you consume twenty-five teaspoons of sugar! In sweet carbonated drinks there are no useful substances, but there is sugar, so try not to use them at all.

Pay attention to easily accessible and healthy snacks.

If you want to have a snack before the next meal, the ideal option may be, for example, fruit (take care of a fruit bowl), fruit salad or carrots. Canned vegetables are best replaced with frozen vegetables.

Buy a steamer.

Steamed food preserves all the health-related properties. Cooked for a couple of food will be much more useful than fried, even if you eat too much.

Reduce the duration of food intake.

The amount of food you eat can be directly proportional to the time you spent at the table.At the same time, do not eat too fast, otherwise by the time you feel full, you will eat much more than you planned. It is best not to allow a strong sense of hunger.

Do not do other things while eating.

Do not eat in front of the TV and do not read the book during the meal. Otherwise you just will not notice how much you ate.

During the day, eat several times.

Do not skip breakfast, lunch, dinner.

How to lose weight

Let your Healthy Lifestyle become more active.

Is the pass to the sports club too expensive for you? It’s not a problem. You can train yourself or meet with friends at least two or three times a week.

Forget seeds, nuts, crackers and chips – they are very caloric, and the benefits from them are minimal.

Snack more preferably with yoghurt or dried fruit.

Do not confuse physical hunger with emotional.

In other words, do not eat up your emotions. Thus, you develop a dependence on food. Feeling of joy or, conversely, anger can cause in you a strong desire to eat something. Understand yourself. Before you start eating, determine if you really want it. You can start your diary diary, in which you will celebrate the time of eating, the degree of hunger and the mood that you ate and in what quantities.

Tune not so much to maintaining a diet for a certain time (for example, a month), how many to change your lifestyle altogether.

Very often, having sustained some kind of a diet and having grown thin on how many kilograms, the person again gaining weight after its termination. Go to a rational diet and maintain an active Healthy lifestyle, and then you will forget about the problem of excess weight for a long time. Change your habits.

Do not constantly weigh yourself.

Stand on the scale once a week and monitor your weight this way. Otherwise, you may be faced with the fact that the desired result will not coincide with the real one, and this can lead to a drop in your self-esteem and reduce the incentives to continue fighting against excess weight. The best time for weighing is in the morning, during the day, the weight can fluctuate significantly.

And do not believe the following myths:

You can quickly lose weight by significantly reducing calories.

This is not the case, since the stomach reacts to a similar situation as a summary that the organism is simply dying, and therefore it will begin to accumulate weight.

It is best for weight loss to adhere to a strict diet.

It is necessary to choose the less rigid diets, so you will lose weight without harm to health. Adhere to the above rules.

From products that are not useful, but are loved by you, you must completely give up.

There is no need to do this. In small quantities, this will not hurt you in any way, so eating a cake or ice cream is not prohibited from time to time.

How to lose weight

It is very effective not to eat after six in the evening.

This is another myth. The time you eat is not as important as whether you are an active lifestyle and how much you eat during the day. If you go to bed late (for example, at twelve), and after six supper (for example, at seven, especially if the dinner is easy), then there is nothing terrible in this absolutely.

Fat is harmful.

In general, this is the case. But it is impossible to completely exclude it from the diet, and the fats contained in some foods (for example, in seafood) are very useful for our body. Basically the whole fish is a dietary product.

By skipping meals, you are ensuring faster weight loss.

This is not true. The metabolism is broken, but this is not enough good. It is better to eat more often, but in smaller quantities. Between meals it is advantageous to have a snack, so you will not constantly think about food (and the apple you eat will not do you any harm, only benefit).

Harmful products are oil.

But you can choose the low-fat varieties.Low-calorie dairy products also do not damage, moreover, the necessary human body is the calcium contained in them.

You can lose weight by consuming large amounts of water.

Water is good for health. But to lose weight at the expense of it, most likely, it is impossible. But replacing high-calorie drinks with ordinary water, you can get the desired effect.

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