How to hide an affiliate link

Affiliate link is a tool for making money on the Internet. For today on the Internet there are enough sites offering the goods or services. The link to such a site, placed on your portal, brings profit if you attract partners to the site-owner of the link. The partner site helps to sell the product and gets a fee for it. Most often – a percentage of the sales of goods or the cost of the service.

How to hide an affiliate link

The affiliate program includes the main partner identification tool – an affiliate link. These links are unique, because they carry the partner’s identifier, placed at the very end of the link.

On many sites, affiliate links are in the clear, but how to hide the affiliate link? After many buyers, she can scare away and go to the link he will not do. For this reason, closed partner links are used.

1. The easiest way to hide the affiliate link is the method in which the user sees only the anchor (the word behind which the link is hidden). Even when you hover the mouse, the visitor is shown the address of the site (, and not the affiliate link itself. When clicking on the anchor, the user will go to the address of the referral link.

The advantages of this method are its ease of use, and the disadvantages are in the same simple way around this way of hiding the link. After all, a more experienced Internet user pays attention to the address bar and can also shorten its end.

2. The second way to hide affiliate links involves PHP redirection, i.e. a file called link.php is created, in which the following code is written:

<! -? php
header (“Location: http: // affiliate link”);
exit ();

This file is located anywhere in the site directory, when the webmaster is determined with a specific partner program, the file contains the necessary link.

For example, the affiliate link placed in the directory of our site will have the following form: This method is also uncomplicated and is used by many webmasters.

3. You can also hide links by cloaking. The name of the method was derived from ang. “cloaking” (hide, hide). When cloaking the search engine and the visitor of the site, the content of the page is completely different. For the visitor the link is not shown, but for the search engine everything remains in the “truthful” version.

How to hide an affiliate link

Cloaking is considered an almost ideal method of hiding links. The disadvantages of the “masking” of the affiliate link by cloaking are practically not available (with the exception of the PS ban). In addition, the method of cloaking is the most elementary way of hiding an affiliate link.

4. To hide the affiliate link, you can use a method that will allow you to display one address when hovering over the status bar, and to replace it with the affiliate link when the user clicks:

The text of the affiliate link

5. The essence of the next method is that the browser string will be garbled. This method is somewhat similar to the replacement of the address, but it is not identical to the previous way of hiding the link. When you hover the cursor on a browser line, the user sees a false address. Such an address is prescribed by a webmaster or a moneymaker, and the real transition is done through the affiliate link:

The text of the affiliate link

6. Another way to hide the affiliate link is to create a pseudowook using the HTML button. When using HTML + CSS + JavaScript, a special button is created, which has the form of a link.

1 way:

2 way:

This button looks like this:

In the description of the button” # 0e7ec0 “denotes the color of the link, and # FFFFFFF is the selected color for the button.While the button is not highlighted, it is recommended to choose a color identical to the background of the site.

The disadvantage of this method is the incorrect display in some browsers.In such browsers, an underscore or even a hand may appear instead of the cursor when you hover over this button

7. You can hide the link also using a special script.This script is universal In addition, the script allows not only to hide the affiliate link, but also solves some issues that are especially important for the moneymaker:

– parallel input of an unlimited number of redirects allowing to leave comments;

– a redirection facility for several variants of the affiliate link with the aim of analysis of the effectiveness of traffic sources taken for alternative, as well as the ability to view statistics on such associations;

– daily statistics for the month (last) with the reflection of the number of clicks, as well as the sources of transition for each association and redirect;

– self-tuning of the script, as well as the lack of installation;

– the minimum requirements for technologies that are supported by the script.

The script is simple and convenient enough to use. This tool is suitable for almost any member of the affiliate program: a webmaster who works with long, fast aging links, as well as a manimeker who needs constant analysis and statistics on the efficiency of traffic usage.

8. Using flash-banners. Without using any links or graphics, namely flash-banners, you can safely participate in the affiliate program and receive your legitimate commissions from the transfer.

Find out where the affiliate link leads, hidden in the flash-banner is not easy: you need to dig into its code to sort things out.

The disadvantage of this method is the fact that not all affiliate programs provide flash-banners. To create a flash-banner yourself, you need to practice flash technologies.

9. To use the following method, you need to go to the link shortening service. The link is entered on this service, and the webmaster gets an already reduced version of it.

Among the international services of shortening links, the following service is popular – Tinyurl. There are also domestic services for shortening links, but among them there are few stable employees.

The disadvantage of this method is that when the service is not used for a long time, your partner links also disappear, so it’s better to work with services that have been stable for a long time.

How to hide an affiliate link

Hide links are also due to this reason: an interested visitor can easily remove the tail from an open link and register in the affiliate program independently, without forming a “top” over himself.

However, on some resources, an open link can serve as an indicator of trust, because the webmaster did not hide his link, but honestly published it in clear, meaning he trusts his visitors and hopes for the same decency.

In many cases, this approach works, but a certain percentage of the risk still exists, so most webmasters hide affiliate links.

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