How to get rid of insomnia

The question “How to get rid of insomnia?” now excites a huge number of people. Unfortunately, the answer to it depends on the extent to which you have expressed insomnia. If it has acquired a chronic form, then folk medicine will be hard to help you, it is better to seek help from traditional medicine. In the same case, if your insomnia is of a periodic nature, then it is much easier to fight it. The basis of the fight against insomnia is the awareness of its causes. What are they?

A person who does not suffer from insomnia, usually falls asleep after seven to fifteen minutes after he goes to bed. Most likely, you also occasionally come across the fact that you can not fall asleep in any way. At the same time, you, of course, try all the methods known to you: think lambs, roll over on the other side, but to no avail.

Indeed, the situation when it is not easy to fall asleep, is not uncommon in the modern world. And especially, if you lie and worry about what can not go to the kingdom of Morpheus. But tomorrow is such an important day full of significant events! Common situation? I think yes. And this is the first reason for your insomnia.

You program it with your experiences about losing valuable time sleeping, that tomorrow is an important day, that you will not get enough sleep, etc. The consequence of such thoughts is increased brain activity. This is not surprising, because your brain is working hard on issues that concern you. The consequence of increased brain activity is your insomnia. Do not get hung up on your insomnia, give yourself an attitude not to think about it.

Tell yourself “Morning is wiser than evening” and throw out all thoughts that disturb you from your mind. This is all that is needed in order to fall asleep. The opposite thoughts can help in this. You fell asleep earlier with any other thoughts? It can be your memories of summer vacation or anticipation of something good in the future. You will not notice how your brain will switch to a quieter regime. You will not notice even when you fall asleep, because the tormenting insomnia will leave you unnoticed.

The reason for insomnia can also be, for example, in a cup of coffee or tea you drank when you went to bed. Toning drinks increase the activity of the brain, which, as already mentioned above, leads to insomnia. An ideal substitute for tea after dinner can be, for example, a glass of mineral water or natural juice.

The third cause of insomnia may become the stomach, if expressed more accurately, then what matters is that you ate before eating. Before going to bed eating is not recommended at all, at the same time, go to bed with a hungry stomach also should not. You can not fall asleep immediately if you have eaten something fat, because the stomach will need time to digest the fatty food that came into it, and this is not so fast. Fans of diets can be advised to stop scoffing at their body and before going to bed eat, for example, an apple: it will not be displayed in your waistline at all. The best option is if you have dinner two or four hours before bedtime.

Another reason for insomnia is in the perception of the situation in the bedroom. If you do not like it, you feel uncomfortable, then falling asleep is not always a simple task. Factors that prevent sleep can be extraneous sounds, light, temperature in the bedroom, or maybe an old mattress that has already served its own. In general, the bed should be comfortable. If you do not like the pillow, then you need to change it. What other advice can be given to those who struggle with their insomnia?


Nipple is a universal remedy. But it has a number of negative effects. Among them: a heavy awakening and addiction to the medicine. There are a lot of side effects, so do not abuse sleeping pills. As an alternative to sleeping pills, you can use the infusion of valerian. Infusion is prepared as follows: a glass of boiling water is taken one teaspoon of valerian roots. insist twenty minutes, and then strain.


Traditional medicine. Prescriptions of alternative medicine, promising relief from insomnia, very much. We will not dwell on them in detail, since many of them are based on a considerable number of components, and they are not always at hand.


The monotonous sedentary occupation is a variant suitable for the case when one simply does not sleep. What is the occupation? Knitting or reading any light book. Typing text on the computer does not fit, it, on the contrary, will not let you fall asleep.


Drink a glass of warm unboiled milk with honey before you go to bed. Honey itself is a wonderful hypnotic. Alternative to milk can be either ordinary warm water, or green tea. Relax can help a glass of red wine, but this method is suitable for rare use.


Watching television before going to bed is generally undesirable, and in a particularly negative way, negative messages affect the sleep. The latter very much excite the nervous system of man. The preferred option is listening to quiet music.


Do not smoke, because smoking stimulates the development of adrenaline, which, of course, will prevent you from falling asleep.


A few hours before going to bed, take a warm (but not hot) bath. This simple procedure will also help to avoid insomnia, as the tension accumulated during the day will be removed.


An easy relaxing massage will relieve an unpleasant aching and interfering with falling asleep pains in the neck, waist or legs.


Muscle relaxation, deep breathing and other soothing exercises can also help in the fight against insomnia.


After feeling drowsy, go to sleep, do not overload your body with work at night.

In general, the problem with sleep is often a consequence of the strain that occurs during the day; very often the problem of insomnia is office workers. When it’s time to go to bed, the person is not able to relax.

Why insomnia often complicates the lives of office workers. First, they do not move much during the working day. Secondly, they are constantly engaged in mental activity. What should they recommend?

To the best of the ability to increase motor activity. For example, during a lunch break, do not stay an workplace, but go to a nearby shop or cafe. Do not disturb the walk after the end of the day. The ideal option is to swim in the pool.

Thus, insomnia can be caused by a variety of causes, and sleeping pills are not a universal remedy for sleeping problems. Moreover, such a tool does not exist at all. Sometimes, in order to regain a healthy sleep, a person should even seek help from a psychologist (in the event that he experiences strong feelings or stress). A qualified doctor will help if the cause of insomnia has become any health problems.

Summing up, we can say that the pledge of a full sleep is a healthy way of life. The latter includes many components: exercise, proper nutrition, etc. You can get rid of any problems, including sleep, by learning to understand yourself and feel your body.

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