How to get rid of depression

Depressive state is, to some extent, probably familiar to everyone. But what is depression and where does it come from? Depression is nothing more than a mental disorder. Its characteristic features: motor inhibition, violation of thinking (in the negative direction), anhedonia (loss of ability to feel joy) and, of course, a complete fall in mood.

Habitual activity ceases to interest the person, his self-esteem is clearly underestimated. And meanwhile the depressive state, as a rule, creeps up to us imperceptibly. They did not add a salary, it affects permanent lack of sleep, got caught in a traffic jam, the weather was terrible, and then quarreled with relatives or friends.

How to get rid of depression

The onset of depression with such a combination of events is largely ensured. Painting the world in black colors begins with a feeling of fatigue, but if you get up again on the wrong foot in the morning, there is a considerable risk that the mire of hopelessness and the absence of a positive attitude will start to drag deeper and deeper.

The next stage may be the lack of desire to do anything and generally participate in this life. To indifference to everything around you are often added pain in the head, heart (other organs), general malaise and weakness.

“Why do I live?” – a man asks himself, but does not find at least some reasonable answer to his question. If he has the thought of ending his “meaningless” condition, then in this case it is necessary already and medical help.

In the modern world, the problem of depression is becoming more and more relevant. Many factors lead to this, among which there is a lack of personal space, unceasing information pressure, and also an intense rhythm of the life of most people. Physicians even called our age “a century of melancholy.”

It is more difficult to treat depression than to prevent this ailment. The following tips will help you avoid depression or eliminate its negative manifestations (if it still overtook you).

Provide yourself with a full sleep.

Insomnia is almost always a companion of a depressed state. And the dream itself is an excellent healer from a variety of ailments. Do not forget to ventilate the room well before going to bed.

Lead an active lifestyle.

Do not let melancholy come in the morning. Do the gymnastics! Believe me, even she can perform miracles. Spare time for sports. Bicycling and horse riding, swimming, running, walking – all this will do just fine. Any mental strain excels in physical exercises. If for you and before active rest was not a rarity, then try to practice almost to exhaustion.

Do not allow a sedentary image.

If your work is related to mental work, then still try to alternate it with physical activity. At weekends, work extra hours in the suburban area, this job will bring only pleasure, because it not only runs in the fresh air, but also delivers to you, at least, “muscle joy.” Depression of a place in your soul will not remain.

Share your experiences with someone.

It is very important – to speak out. If such a person you can not find, then cry in the pillow. Tears not only bring relief, but often bring to life.

Alcohol is not an antidepressant.

This is a fact. Alcohol can only play a negative role, and often becomes a factor that leads a person to commit suicide.

How to get rid of depression

Try to live the present.

The past should remain there, do not worry about what can not already be changed. Do not save grudges and do not be afraid of tomorrow.

A very effective method is to change the situation.

In four walls (which are also pressured by you), getting rid of depression is not easy. If there is a possibility, then break out of the city into a village or forest. Winter in the yard? How about a ski trip?

Do not burden yourself with work more than you can do.

“Work is not a wolf, it will not escape to the forest” – it’s not for nothing that the Russian proverb says so. If you can not work at all, why not give up on it and put it off on a more favorable moment in terms of your mental state? Do not sit up late at work, she really will not run away from you, but in the morning you will get out of bed in a good mood and be cheerful all day.

Take up creativity.

By creating something, you will not notice how the depressed state will leave you. Or just read good literature, or listen to your favorite music. Diversify your life, do not allow “marmot days”.

Avoid loneliness.

Remaining for a long time only alone, the person closes, and his mood tends to fall and fall. Surround yourself with good people, in a society where the topic of “depression” will not be the place.

Pay attention to your food.

Be aware that bananas and chocolate can raise your mood, because they contain endorphins. However, it is not worthwhile to abuse chocolate, just as well as eating it just to improve your mood. You can earn yourself thus “emotional hunger”, that is, every time your mood falls, you will feel the need to eat something sweet. These kinds of feasts can increase your weight. And weight gain is another reason to drive yourself depressed. But a healthy diet for the benefit will always be, including for the peace of mind is quite suitable. Refusing to eat is also by no means possible, as well as overeat.

Depression can be a side effect of taking a number of medications.

Before using the drug, be sure to check its side effects.

Your inner well-being is greatly influenced by the interior.

Create comfort in your apartment and surround yourself with beautiful things. If there are dark wallpapers in your room, is it not time to replace them with light ones?

How to get rid of depression

If you feel that you are in a depressed state, do not make serious decisions (for example, divorce or relocation). Get out of the depression and then on a fresh mind will think about all this.

Set a goal to get rid of depression and move towards this goal.

Work on yourself! You will succeed!

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