How to find it

Finding the ideal.

If you are looking for a man who is attractive, witty, smart, confident, sensitive, sexy, gentle, romantic – go to the movies.


When you finally find the perfect man, you will find out that:

1. He still continues to look for the perfect woman.

2. Or he just married an ideal woman and is now looking for an ideal lover.

Wherever the movie is, there’s a wedge all around.

The guy who is glued to you:

1. Looks for a platonic relationship.

2. Does not believe in marriage.

3. Studying for a Catholic priest.

4. All of a “blue”.

That’s the number.

When you meet at a party with a wonderful guy, and then try to find his phone number, it turns out that this name does not appear in the list of subscribers.

Double opening.

If two cute men show interest to you at the same time, they will necessarily be best friends.

The truth about gentlemen.

A gentleman is a patient wolf.

Confusion in the male issue.

1. Boys remain boys.

2. Men also remain boys.

Unexpected simplicity.

Women like simple things in life. For example, men.

Problems with men:

1. Oh, these men … With them you are not able to live, without them you are especially unable to live.

2. So many men, so little time.

3. If the government could throw a man on the moon, why can not he throw them all on the moon?

Myths about macho.

Macho does not cost much.

This is a half-Spanish text (in the United States Spanish is very common, as there are more Hispanic-Americans than African-Americans) means: “A real man does not cost so much.”

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