How to fall in love with a guy

Any girl and woman wants to have a close person next to her, a man. Just what to do if he does not pay attention to you? And what kind of a choice should this be?

I must say that the needs of women change with age. In my youth I want to see more romance, and in adulthood I need stability and reliability.

All grow up at different times, usually at 26-27 years people change their worldview and values. And for the conquest of a man at this age, it will take quite a bit of other techniques. There is no universal recipe in this respect, just there are some simple tips that will help charm the guy you like.

How to fall in love with a guy

Give up the templates.

Did you read the book with a bunch of specific tips or wrote them down to the dictation of your girlfriends? So it will not work. What worked for you with the previous guy, can in the current situation and not work. The current object of adoration will be completely different. That’s why you should give up some standard developments. Even twins can have different tastes and characters, not to mention those who grew up initially in different families and have different educational conditions. It is necessary to observe the guy, to study his habits and character, hobbies, then it becomes clearer how and how to win it. It is worth paying attention to his friends, to communicate with them. Does the guy want to be the central figure in his circle or trying to be in the background, does he have his own clearly expressed opinion or is he influenced by others? Realizing that this person, you can then find out what you can interest him and fall in love with yourself.

Be yourself.

Those who know a guy for a long time, probably want to copy the manner of behavior and style of his ex-girlfriends. If he was with them, then it seemed to him something interesting. This behavior is obviously losing. Perhaps at some point and will attract attention to the guy and fall in love with himself. But after all, his previous relationship was over, which meant that something young man was not happy with. Perhaps now he is looking for a completely different girl, real. And you just decided to imitate someone else. And an attempt to copy other people’s behavior can only talk about hidden psychological complexes and uncertainty. If there is confidence in the possibility of winning a guy by imitating another person, then it is worthwhile to postpone such grandiose plans and first to start building personal life.

Be an interesting person. Answer honestly, would you fall in love with yourself? What do you have that distinguishes you from other girls? You should not win points by studying abstruse subjects, in order to become an interesting interlocutor, it is enough just openness to communication and versatile views. A beautiful and mysterious smile will work only on the first date, but how long will it last for a relationship? A guy will want to talk to you sooner or later. If the girl is only interested in jewelry and cosmetics, then how strong will her relationship be?

Give the guy the opportunity to take care of you.

It is known that guys like to feel like heroes, do not deny them the pleasure of being so. Girls should periodically ask for help, emphasizing that only a guy can solve a difficult situation. And thanks should be sincere. It is important to feel the line, behind which a fragile and defenseless girl becomes boring and demanding.

Learn to take care of it.

It is necessary to catch special moments when giving a guy the opportunity to take care of himself and when it is necessary to take care of him. Let it be just a cup of tea or coffee in the cold season or a glass of cool water in the heat. We’re talking about simple trivia, but they’ll let the guy know that he needs someone and they take care of him. Do not be afraid that he will manipulate you, suddenly feeling an interest in yourself. Those who seek to behave in such a way, do not need special reasons.Normal guys will appreciate that there is such a girl who herself is ready to take care of him, and does not expect only gifts.

Comfort his vanity.

Each guy in the depths of his soul considers himself the most beautiful, the best and the smartest, successful and attractive. To fall in love with him, we must play on this and amuse his vanity? Why not ask about training recipes to create a muscular body? But do not praise it directly, it is worth emphasizing that you respect people with perseverance and willpower that achieve such results. So it will be possible to make a compliment of his appearance and character and not flatter openly and demeaning. If the guy is a born leader, then it’s worth noting his convincing speeches, agree with his argument given. Again, it should be noted that it is important to feel the line and not to cross that border that separates sincere approval from flattery. Excessive activity in this regard can entail a loss of respect from the guy.

How to fall in love with a guy

Show interest in his hobby.

People try to communicate with those to whom they are interested. Even if the guy is fixated on football or hockey, which the girl is absolutely incomprehensible, it’s worth trying to show interest in this matter. For example, why not just ask which team plays in what form, what are the chances for success in this match, and what is its position in the championship.

Show your interest in it.

Those who want to interest a guy, do not sit and wait for him to come up. We should at least occasionally smile at him and express signs of attention on a verbal and non-verbal level. It is known that men are by nature “hunters”, nevertheless they are still not ready to waste their energy in vain on the one that does not show its interest in them.

You can not be intrusive.

Constantly being in front of the eyes of a guy is also a weapon, but how effective is it? It is a mistake to think that such behavior will cause interest in yourself. From the side it will seem pathetic and stupid. Laughing laughter and inappropriate pesterings if they attract attention, then obviously with negative consequences. The guy immediately tries to get rid of the Velcro. The girl must become elusive for him. The guy should feel that he does not have enough of this friend’s company.

Be feminine and take care of your appearance.

The truth is that men love eyes. To change radically your appearance is not worth it, otherwise with a new hair color, accrued eyelashes and unnatural thinness you simply will not be recognized. But forget about your appearance is also not worth it. Usually, guys do not understand modern fashion trends, but what they will definitely determine is awful or beautiful. It is not necessary to customize yourself to someone’s standards and follow thoughtless advice of designers. They and greasy hair, and ragged stockings can declare a new trend of fashion. If the girl still does not know exactly what her own image should be, but she is sure that romance in clothes is not hers, then she should pay attention to the French style. Its main leitmotifs are beauty, elegance and femininity, without compromising on comfort. If the girl herself in a trendy outfit feels uncomfortable and insecure because of badly picked up shoes and clothes, then what kind of guy’s conquest can we talk about?

Boost his self-esteem and self-confidence.

Everyone in life sometimes has situations that can shake our self-confidence. To attract a guy, at such times you need to support him, do not let him lose faith in his forces because of an unfortunate situation. You can not shift his guilt to someone else, you just need to let him know that you believe in him and that in his power to fix it. And when everything really gets better, he will remember who was next to him at a difficult moment.

Be positive.

No one likes boring, but the constant smile on his face will start to cause doubts in sincerity. You just have to try not to show people their bad mood.No one is to blame for the fact that you did not get enough sleep, but trampled feet in public transport. If you feel that irritation is overwhelming, and there is no more strength to restrain, it is better to immediately admit to a bad mood and an unsuccessful day. It will not hurt to apologize and for possible tediousness. It is worth learning to recognize your non-ideality, but at the same time to keep the behavior within the bounds of decency, without loading friends with your problems. Such qualities will distinguish a girl from among others and attract a guy to her.

Like his friends.

Any war can not do without allies. In the conquest of a guy, those can become his friends. They should be on your side, not against. If you manage to win their sympathy, this will be the first step on the way to the heart of the guy. After all, his friends can turn his attention to you, and give a positive recommendation. This will make the task much easier. Therefore, it is necessary to be nice to friends of the vending guy. But if these guys do not inspire trust and affection, then it’s worth thinking about. Are you ready to communicate with them continuously in the future? And who is the elect himself, rotating in such a company? Perhaps, it is worth studying it better. No wonder they say that you can learn about a person from his friends.

How to fall in love with a guy

Be his “mirror”.

There is a well-known psychological device that allows you to locate strangers to yourself. In “mirroring” there is nothing from the mockery and mockery. We are talking about the repetition of gestures, facial expressions, movement, the position of the interlocutor’s body during communication. As a result, he subconsciously feels the community of interests with the person, the closeness to him, the features of mutual understanding. Any girl surely repeats the movements and gestures of her friends. So physically and works mutual sympathy and respect. And on guys this technique also works. By themselves, the methods of “mirroring” will not be able to win the heart, but together with other female tricks, they may well lead to the desired result.

Read the horoscope.

Not all believe in horoscopes. But even skeptics who do not trust the stars, yet sometimes their advice should be listened to. It is proved that people born at certain times have similar features. Why not take into account the features of the zodiac sign on your way to winning the heart of a guy?

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