How to develop self-confidence

Self-confidence – the key to success in all endeavors, confidence gives man strength to achieve the goal. It is impossible to receive satisfaction from life by being insecure in yourself. What happens if the person’s confidence in himself is very low?


A person begins to avoid all that can be difficult, he does not trust himself and surrenders easily. “I can not do anything!” – Unfortunately, it is this motto that acts on the unconscious level of a person.


A person believes that he does not deserve admiration. As a result, over time, its truth is beginning to be underestimated.


A person seeks to enlist the support of friends and relatives and in this sense becomes obsessive. The reason is again that the person constantly doubts himself.


A person practically closes his way to success. He becomes unable to feel satisfaction from his activities.

As a result, against the background of self-doubt, a person can earn serious psychological problems. The lack of recognition makes a person suffer, so we are arranged that recognition is one of the most important “vitamins” of the soul. Our mental health is very strongly associated with a sense of dignity.

What is meant by the notion that a person is self-confident?
1. he is confident in his talents;
2. he is confident in his relationship;
3. he is confident in his professional growth;
4. he is confident that he looks good.

A confident person knows how to start and how to end a conversation, he is able to refuse, openly talks about his demands and feelings, to express his opinion for him is not a problem, he sets new goals and achieves them. So, if you want to become more self-confident, the following tips will help you in this difficult issue.


Do not compare yourself with others. All people have their shortcomings and dignities. You must realize the fact that you are moving for the better. The feeling of inferiority should not disturb your consciousness, let alone become an obsession. Why blame yourself for the weaknesses in you, is it not better to think about how to correct them?


If you are faced with a failure in a particular issue, then you need to keep a clear position. Failure is not an indication that you are incapable of anything. Failure is something natural, with which every person often encounters. Get rid of feelings of guilt. Bad luck and the real problem – things are different, so it’s better to decide on ways out of a difficult situation than to blame everything for banal bad luck.


The question “Who is to blame?” replace the question “How do I solve the problem?”.


Do not make an elephant out of a fly. Usually bloated problems cause desperation and frustration, which are not justified.


Do not forget about the unpredictability of life. The desired can be easily achieved, if not lose control over the situation. Have you ever worn out all the nerves, thinking that you are late for the train, but in the end had time on it during? Have you ever realized what you did not expect? I think yes. When you feel that you are desperate about something, just remember one of these situations, this will give you confidence in your abilities.


Not all things in life a person has the ability to control. Remember, no one can control everything and everything. In general, the unpredictability of life and makes it interesting.


Find out what people around you think about you. Have you finished your speech? Do not be shy to ask if they liked your listeners, what they can highlight strengths and weaknesses. If something is wrong, this is no excuse to justify something and mumble. Analyze what you hear. Many well-known speakers became them after hard work on themselves.Criticism is useful, you should ask the opinion of others not only in cases when you are sure that you will hear only good reviews about yourself.


Everyone has confidence, but not everyone sees it in themselves. Why feel unhappy and inspire yourself that there is no confidence in you at all? Self-esteem is what needs to be educated in yourself day by day. Think about what you are doing during the day. Many of our actions require self-confidence. And since you do such deeds, then confidence in you, of course, is available.


Make periodic checks of your self-confidence. What could it be. For example, you went to a store where you liked a certain thing. But it is very expensive. Do not hesitate, ask for a discount. Even if the store does not provide it, you will get satisfaction from what you asked. Or another example. You came to a restaurant, but you do not like a table. Why spoil your mood? Ask to transplant you to the waiter. Such simple checks will help you to know yourself, to discover everything that is new.


Forget about guilt. Imagine if your best friend began to doubt something or made some mistake. Do not you show mercy to him. So, charity needs to be shown to oneself. Believe in your own power – the task is not easy, but do not doubt that you will succeed.


Live the present. Do not worry again the long-past events. The real life is in every single moment. In this moment there is no place for regret, anxiety or fear.


Try to create a feeling of external self-confidence. By voice, by appearance showing confidence to other people, you will gain and self-confidence in yourself.


To the best of your abilities, expand the boundaries of the comfort zone. A zone of comfort is a circle of persons, in communication with which a person does not feel insecure. Native, close, friends enter this zone. Expanding its boundaries, a person becomes more and more confident in himself, because he at the same time overcomes the psychological barrier.


Do not be afraid to express your own opinion.


Set goals before yourself, because in their attainment the meaning of life lies.

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