How to choose a mattress

Sleep is an important time when the human body and brain rest. This watch should be surrounded by comfort. Everything is important here – the situation, silence, clean linen, and not least a comfortable mattress.

There are many orthopedic products of this kind on the market. These mattresses are distinguished by their price, technical characteristics and user capabilities.

It is important to understand that the choice of this product depends not only on sleep, but also on health. Make the right choice based on their requirements and financial capabilities will help the following tips.

How to choose a mattress

Age of the person.

Of great importance in choosing a mattress is the age of the one who will sleep on it. If they are children under 12 years old and elderly people, then they will come up with springless mattresses. The filler for them is better to choose hypoallergenic. The reason for this approach is that even high-quality non-expensive items with a spring block vibrate small. This will have a bad effect on the growing body or on the musculoskeletal system of an elderly person. For those who do not fall within this age range, it is worth choosing among the spring products with an independent spring block. This is the best thing in this class. Independent springs seem to be packed in separate glasses, unlike the traditional spring weave. The quality of this mattress is considered to be the higher the more springs will be in its block.

Weight of a person.

For those who weigh more than 90 kilograms, it is worth choosing special products. Their filler should be sisal, horse hair or coconut coir. Such natural materials are quite elastic and do not allow the mattress block to sag from a significant weight.

Mattress for two.

There may be a situation where two persons with a significant difference in weight, more than 30 kilograms, plan to rest on the mattress. For such a pair it is worth buying spring mattresses with the maximum number of springs per square meter. This indicator should exceed 500 units. The best option for such people is the “spring in spring” system. It is known for its increased rigidity, and will last for a long time. With such a mattress, turning a heavy man from side to side will not deform the horizontal base and cause discomfort to the partner.


The Bonnel system is based on a woven spring block. It is chosen by buyers who want to save money. In a dependent system, biconical springs are intertwined, but in terms of comfort level they can not compete with an independent spring unit. It distributes the load more sporadically and evenly. In a mattress with Bonnel, the whole system tenses at the same time, which allows the body to fail. Saving when choosing a mattress will turn into unpleasant sensations when you rest.

How to choose a mattress

Artificial fillers.

Natural materials remain popular, but modern fillers are constantly improving their characteristics. They already have little in common with natural analogues. Today, combinations of artificial latex or stratto with coconut fiber or flax are often used. The functional of such a filler will be excellent. Plus, the artificial basis is still and its hypoallergenicity. A porous or fibrous structure will help remove excess moisture from the mattress.

Orthopedic mattresses.

Often a mattress is considered orthopedic only because it has a rigid block. In fact, the term itself is more marketing than it determines some specific consumer properties. The main thing in the product – its maximum convenience for the owner, the ability to evenly distribute the load, without creating dips and bumps. Orthopedic same effect will have any good mattress, which will be able to maintain the correct position of the human musculoskeletal system.

MEMORY filler.

Choosing a mattress with this innovative filler, do not forget about common sense. It will help to resist the arguments of marketers. It is true that cellular material is able to remember the shape of the body, but much more importantly its durability and hypoallergenicity.Such parameters are worth appreciating. And many consumers are not at all delighted that the mattress beneath them does not respond with reciprocal pressure, preferring an elastic base. So the technology MEMORY – not the best option, but just one of the interesting. Choose the same, based on personal preferences.

Degrees of stiffness.

An interesting option is bilateral mattresses with different degrees of rigidity. Thanks to this product, you can manually change the orthopedic features of your mattress. In winter, it is pleasant to relax on the soft side. But in the summer the mattress should be turned over. The hard base will be well ventilated, allowing the body to feel cool.

Covers for mattresses.

Fans of all natural even mattress covers prefer to search from natural tissues. Here only products created on the basis of combined or synthetic fabrics, are much more practical or durable. Picking the upholstery, it is better to pay attention to mattresses with a single or double cotton jacquard, quilted to the same sintepon. The fabric is known for its durability and durability, awarding the cover with a long service life. But the flock padding is not the best option. Material, although super-strong, will breathe through its micropores. It is believed that for a better combination of strength and hygiene, the ratio of natural and synthetic components of the cover should be 70% to 30%. The approach to choice.

When choosing a mattress, many people try to lie on it directly in the store, or by pressing hands try to evaluate the quality of the packing and filler. In any case, the first night spent on the product will not be comfortable – the body takes time to get used to the new base. It is believed that it is necessary to spend a couple of nights on the new mattress before the dream becomes truly calm. During this time, the body can adapt to such a basis. In fact, going to the store is no better in terms of choice than visiting an online store of sleeping attributes. You just need to choose a product that really will meet the stated parameters, and which will be covered by the warranty. Any mattress, like all its components, must have a certificate confirming compliance with the standards. If the product does not have a similar document, then it should not be purchased.

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