How to behave in flight

When the crisis sets in, everyone tries to save. Airlines are trying to reduce their spending on passenger service. People are deprived of the opportunity to use the usual equipment, it is cheaper and gets worse. Even the number of stewards is reduced by some carriers.

All this leads to tension and flare in the cabin of the flying plane conflicts. It is necessary to learn the basic rules of the passenger’s behavior on board the liner, to avoid unnecessary quarrels and not to spoil your air travel.

How to behave in flight

Remember the work of airport security.

It takes a couple of steps to plan your behavior when boarding an aircraft. This will help to avoid problems with security and long-term inspection. All metal objects from the pockets must be moved in advance to the top pockets or in a special bag that will go through the X-ray. So you can save time while passing a metal detector.

To arrange things so that they do not interfere with anyone.

After leaving the bags from the conveyor belt, it is worth placing yourself so as not to disturb others. If there are many things, then the smallest bag should be carried. There you can put those accessories that are constantly present in your pockets. The luggage placed between the legs will not cause problems. But large bags and suitcases must be placed vertically next to each other, leaving room for others.

Maintain courtesy in relation to stewards.

Those rules, which are constantly mentioned on board the aircraft, are not invented by flight attendants. But they must follow their implementation. Norms are developed by different organizations that take into account long-term operation of air transport. With the help of such rules it is possible to transport passengers both more conveniently and more safely. There is no point in challenging the need to fasten the seat belts or raise the back of the chair. But the scandal on this basis may result in a delay in the flight. It is worthwhile to ask whether it is possible to use electronic gadgets during takeoff, landing and flight. Some companies have already abandoned this obsolete ban.

Warn the neighbors of their desire to throw back the chair.

Laying back the chair can not only become a source of discomfort for other people. Sharp movement can damage the technique, knock over the glass with a drink. But this situation can be avoided – you just have to look back and warn your neighbor.

Caution with drinking.

Many people are tempted by the opportunity to relax in flight with the help of alcohol. But it is important to know the measure, or you can lose control over yourself. As a result, you can make a scandal and get a fine. Yes, and teetotal passengers will be unpleasant neighbors, albeit with a calm but drunk-smelling alcohol. It is worth remembering that you have to run every half hour to the toilet.

How to behave in flight

Childcare. Flight is a hard thing, and when the children are rowing around, many start to annoy it. You can not let the kid frolic, scream, run around the salon. Although it is difficult to do this, but for several hours the children must be pacified. Responsibility for their behavior lies with the accompanying. Help to calm children’s games, including computer games, on the tablet. Adults, on the other hand, should understand that you can not abuse children who are dilapidated. We must begin to solve the problem with talking with parents. The same you should not arrange education right in the salon. All of us were once children and wanted to indulge. It is necessary to try to solve the problem peacefully, switching attention to something else.

Understanding the neighbor in the middle of the row.

If the seat is in the middle of the row, it will not be easy to stretch in it. That’s why a person in such a place should be helped, giving way to the armrests. This rule is unofficial, but many are unfamiliar with it or simply disagree. Those who sit in the middle, with the help of armrests can at least somehow compensate for the inability to recline and stretch their legs.

Do not forget the rules of hygiene.

A person with an unpleasant odor will cause dislike among others. That’s why before the flight should take a shower or at least use a deodorant. But to abuse perfumery is still not worth it – one should approach this question sensibly. And before the flight it is worth eating such food that will not soon come out in the form of gases.

Do not bother fellow travelers with a conversation.

Many people do not tolerate the flight. Despite all the comfort that is created in modern liners, the stress does not disappear anywhere. In this case, obtrusiveness from the neighbors only hinders. The conversation should be welcome for all parties. If a person is reluctant to make contact, then he should not be annoyed. Everyone has the right to rest and silence. Many simply respond from a sense of courtesy, unable to ignore molestation. If the neighbor is trying to persistently start a conversation, then he should not be rude. You can then obviously start reading a book or using headphones. So it will be possible to get rid of an unpleasant conversation. Psychologists are advised to use this method: when the conversation is delayed for 10 minutes, it is necessary to call the interlocutor to the end of the salon, so as not to interfere with others.

Get up at a convenient time for everyone.

Do not go to the bathroom when the stewardess with the food trolley is like a cabin. So you can get yourself stuck and hinder the staff. To push through in a narrow passage, not everyone can.

Try not to interfere with your sleeping neighbors.

Being in the middle of the row or at the aisle and getting ready to sleep, it is worth leaving a corridor for neighbors. So they can go unnoticed without waking you up. It will take a pillow, it will be necessary to settle on it, so as not to slip onto the neighbor’s shoulder. Tom and wake up will be awkward, and it’s difficult to move.

How to behave in flight

Quickly use the toilet.

Flats in flight are always in demand, there are always a lot of people wishing to use this room. Everyone has the same right to quickly use a clean toilet. And in public places you should not leave garbage after yourself, because there will soon be other people.

Get out quickly from the salon, without disturbing others.

Everyone wants to leave quickly. But the advantage is to give those who sit in front. During this time, you can collect your things and prepare to get out. Having already convinced that the passage is free, you can leave the liner by yourself.

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