How to become beautiful

How to become beautiful? Such a question is posed to itself (and more than once) by every woman. After all, we all want to be attractive. It seems not so difficult to create a portrait of a beauty. She must have the right face, small nose, big eyes, slim figure, long hair, she has perfect smooth skin.

Indispensable attributes of beauty can be called ease of gait and grace movements. All this in an ideal. However, in truth, we can say that every woman can be beautiful, even if her figure is not perfect.

At the present time a panacea has become all sorts of diets, including author’s. Remember, about the celebrity diets. A considerable number of women have been on the diet for years, hoping to achieve some single known and desired result. It’s unlikely that they understand that they are torturing their bodies, that such a struggle can give, as a maximum, a short-term effect.

Fighting excess weight leads to the fact that a woman begins to consider her body as an enemy. She begins to struggle with her habits and sets herself the goal in any case to win over them. Not seeing the desired result, the woman begins to dislike himself. A dislike for yourself will never become the source of neither internal nor external beauty.

Only by falling in love with ourselves, can we make ourselves admire. Falling in love with ourselves, we will learn how to eat properly, because we do not want to act to the detriment of the beloved organism.

Quite easy to implement tips, which are listed below, can eliminate the need to spend a huge amount of money on a wide variety of masks and creams. What are the basic rules of beauty?

Rule number one

– get enough sleep. What leads to a lack of sleep? No, not only to the headache and the constant feeling of fatigue. Sacks under the eyes, unhealthy complexion – all this indicates that you have not slept again, and does not decorate you at all. Conclusion: ensure a healthy full-fledged sleep. Ventilate the room before you go to bed (the best time to go to bed is before midnight).

Rule number two

– Visit the open air as often as possible. The minimum of your walk is an hour (per day). Oxygen is not only useful for breathing, but also for cells in your skin. And what will be your mood if you spend the whole day at home? If possible, try walking in squares, parks, and even better outside the city. And of course, you can always walk a little before or after work, only it is advisable to choose a path that is less “rich” with exhaust gases.

Rule number three

– move. Movement is life. And beauty, of course. Dancing, aerobics, shaping – all this gives you the opportunity to feel how physically perfectly your body is. It is not necessary to be engaged only under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Remember how fun it was in childhood when you were playing beach volleyball, bouncers, catch-up, blind man’s buffs or just running around. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of moving! Well, or at least just go for a walk with your family or friends. And can, all the same to ride a bicycle? Understand, life is very interesting! Find out where you can enroll in rafting on the river or learn equestrian sport. Think of an active activity on a day off, and you will spend it not only with a storm of positive emotions (which in itself is already good), but also with health benefits.

Rule number four

– balanced nutrition. It is balanced. You can not starve and do not overeat (equally). Eat right, excessive consumption of flour products, carbonated drinks, fatty food is more beautiful and healthier than you do. Microelements and vitamins – these are the main components of food, which are important to the body. Vitamins of group B, as well as vitamins A and E are useful for skin and hair. Eat more vegetables and fruits. Do not forget about calcium, which is contained in fermented milk products, because its deficiency necessarily affects the condition of teeth, nails and hair.Phosphorus and iodine you will find in seafood, and iron – in apples, liver and meat.

Rule number five

– cigarettes for you does not exist. If you have such a bad habit as smoking, then, as soon as possible, get rid of it. If you do not smoke, then be proud of this fact, never try to start. Cigarettes adversely affect both the figure and the skin, not to mention the health of the body as a whole. What gives us smoking? Rough voice, early wrinkles, grayish skin tone … Do you need it? No!

Rule number six

– be wary of alcohol. Do not abuse alcoholic beverages.

Rule number seven

– pay attention to cleaning the skin. You have to do this every evening. Your skin should breathe. The pores should not remain sealed with dirt that has accumulated over the day. Wash your face with soap if you do not have any other means at hand: a gel for washing or lotion.

Rule number eight

– sunscreen preparations are not just invented. Especially if you are characterized by light skin, then in summer, do not neglect them. The skin will grow old much sooner if it is constantly exposed to its sun baths.

Rule number nine

– winter skin needs special protection. Moisturizing masks are so necessary for your skin in winter. She needs special creams that do not allow the code to dry quickly. Redness, tingling is a sign of lack of hydration. Lips deserve special attention. Restoring lipstick or lip balm will be useful to you in the event that the lips appeared cracks. Do not forget about the skin of the hands. Only mittens and gloves are not able to fully protect it. Apply cream on your hands as soon as you are back from the street. Massage the brush. In the event that the hands are very dry, you can leave the cream applied to them at night.

Rule number ten

– nourishing and moisturizing products are created to preserve the beauty and health of the skin. For different ages, they are different. But do not apply the cream every day. Periodically, the skin should be given a rest. From time to time, change the cream you use to the same from another cosmetic line. So the effect of the cream on the skin will become more effective.

Rule number eleven

– do not forget about your wardrobe. Dress stylishly, believe me, this can be done not only in expensive boutiques. Do not be afraid to experiment. Dress effectively and you can not chasing the latest fashion trends. The main thing is to want to do it.

Rule number twelve

– the appearance may change somewhat with age. Emerged, for example, wrinkles – this is not a reason to fall into a depressed state.

Rule number thirteen

– optimism should always accompany you. Internal beauty is no less important than external beauty. Smile more. The charm of your smile can make you the most attractive.

Rule number fourteen

– treat yourself with love. You should feel yourself beautiful on the inner level, be sure of yourself. You can not achieve the desired result if you treat yourself negatively. You leave the house with your head lifted and your shoulders straight. True beauty comes from within, realize that you are beautiful!

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