How to avoid fatigue

It seems to us that we are all capable of great things. But only forces usually do not suffice – sooner or later we are overcome with fatigue. And like nothing special and did not do, we did not drag heavy things, and there are no opportunities to force ourselves to do something. Is it that fatigue is the barrier to our accomplishments that can not be overcome? There are several useful tips that will allow yourself to keep in good shape.

How to avoid fatigue

Actively move.

When we are tired, we just want to lie down. Here it is not up to physical exertion. And after all, they are the best medicine in this case. It turns out that those who are engaged in physical culture at least three times a week for at least 20 minutes, less feel tired. If the regular load lasts at least six weeks, then the tone rises. Such data were published by researchers of the American University of Georgia. And even a slight physical load increases the efficiency of the heart and circulatory system. So the tissues begin to be saturated with oxygen. And it is not necessary to run or lift weights – even a simple walking walk will help with fatigue.

Drink plenty of water.

Water is very important for our body, even its lack of 2 percent starts to reduce the energy balance. When we drink not enough water, the blood begins to thicken, which complicates the work of the heart. Because of this, oxygen and nutrients slowly reach our organs and muscles. Nutrition experts say that every day you need to drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid. If a person often sweats a lot during the day, then this volume needs to be increased. Every hour of active training requires additional consumption of half a liter of liquid, if it is hot weather, more water will be needed.

Do not forget to have breakfast.

Often in a hurry, we forget or do not have time to have breakfast. But after sleep our brain rested, the body needs refueling. Overnight, the body spent all the resources that he received from the food used on the eve. In the morning, the best meal for restarting the internal energy generator is porridge with berries and granular cottage cheese, berry smoothies, chicken egg, fruit yoghurt.

To drink less coffee.

Everyone knows that coffee invigorates. So it’s nice to have a cup of hot tonic drink in the morning. However, here there is a nuance. Studies have shown that coffee is harmless in a moderate amount of coffee, but in large quantities this drink has a diuretic, which leads to loss of fluid. Those who drink a lot of coffee, it is worth to be ready to disrupt the production of insulin in the body. It will turn out all the same fatigue. Yes, and constant tone is not always necessary – it can interfere with sleep. Scientists agree that the maximum allowed is three cups of coffee a day.

The body needs iron.

It turns out that iron is important for our body, in microscopic doses. The lack of this metal leads to fatigue, absent-mindedness and weakness. This is due to the fact that less oxygen enters the cells. Hemoglobin is responsible for the transportation of oxygen in the body, this function of iron is the main one. A micronut can be obtained with the help of fish and meat. Vitamin C will help iron better assimilate.

How to avoid fatigue

Stop being unnecessarily demanding.

It’s no secret that exacting with respect to yourself and others allows you to succeed. However, excessive diligence in this matter will work against ourselves. It’s worth lowering the bar, it will allow us to become more cheerful and achieve better results.

Lower the responsibility bar.

Any employer would like to see a responsible employee. That’s just a lot of psychologists say that such a feature contributes to fatigue. Those who think that it is necessary to serve the employer, family, friends, help relatives, do not forget about the distribution of their own resources.

Limit the use of sugar and carbohydrates.

It is important not just to eat, but also to watch what exactly.The chemistry of food can also affect our fatigue. Sugar in the blood becomes unstable if you consume sweet and fast carbohydrates. A high level of sugar leads to fatigue. If you eat abundantly, especially with carbohydrates, then the level of sugar in your blood will increase. The brain will start to produce serotonin, we will sleep. It is no accident after dinner and pulls to take a nap. Tired body literally requires sugar. But sweets have an excellent substitute – fruits or vegetables, in which there are not many natural carbohydrates. And you can cheer up, thanks to a small portion of nuts. Yes, and berry smoothies copes well with the desire to eat something sweet.

Keep the house and workplace clean.

Surely each of us knows such people who feel comfortable among the disorder. But what does this have to do with fatigue? It turns out that the disorder unconsciously causes us a latent irritation, which scientists from the University of Princeton in the United States found out. Because of the confusion, the processing speed of information is deteriorating, which causes the brain to work more than usual. And since we teach the children to clean up their toys, then why do not we start cleaning our work place and house at the end of the day.

It’s important to take a vacation.

Many people are so fixated at work that even on vacation or at the end of the working day they constantly call somewhere, check the mail. But such actions contribute to the formation of the syndrome of “burnout”. You have to allow yourself to turn on the neutral transmission and have a little real rest. So you can replenish your strength and bring joy to life.

Limit alcohol consumption.

It is known that thanks to a helping of alcohol, you can fall asleep more quickly. That’s just a little bit of booze will interfere with the quality of sleep. Because of alcohol, the body produces adrenaline. That is why sleep will be restless and fleeting. It will be torture, not rest. A man will wake up broken and tired.

How to avoid fatigue

Working at the computer before going to bed.

It turns out that the quality of sleep affects the use of technology. True, this question is individual. But many people are sensitive to external stimuli. Those who aspire to a good quality and good sleep should refuse to communicate with a computer or television for a couple of hours before falling into bed. We must give the brain a rest and tune in to rest.

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