Honey, extracted by bees, is a sweet substance, like a syrup. It turns out from flower nectar, which the honey bee processes in its craw. This food contains: water (13-20%); carbohydrates in the form of glucose (75-80%), fructose and sucrose; various vitamins; folic acid.


Honey is used both as a food product and as a folk remedy for various ailments. In this regard, in connection with this delicacy there are many statements that contain information that does not always have a true meaning.

To check whether there is flour or starch in honey, you can drop it with iodine – honey then turns blue.

So it is finite, of course, so only starch in honey can still be present, as bees sometimes bring it there themselves. There is a more correct way of checking the quality of honey – ask the seller to show a quality certificate issued by a special laboratory. This certificate contains information on the diastase number (the enzyme released by the bees for the cleavage of starch). For example, for spring honey, the diastatic number should be at least 13, for acacia honey – at least 7, for buckwheat honey – at least 24-39. In addition, the main indicators of the quality of this product is humidity. In quality honey, as a rule, humidity does not exceed 21%. You can see the moisture content of honey in the above-mentioned quality certificate.


It is best to buy May honey.

In most cases, old honey can be given for May honey, which is preheated to make it transparent and look fresh. In this case, such honey already loses all its useful properties and it forms such a harmful substance as a carcinogen methylfurfural. To be sure of the quality of honey, you can look at the quality certificate of the seller of this product – if it shows a diastatic number, less than it is considered, then you want to sell the heated old honey. Also, for May honey is sometimes given out freshly picked honey bees, but not with spring flowers, but with specially prepared sugar syrup for these purposes. And, of course, it’s not worth talking about the benefits of such honey.

Honey, unlike sugar, contains quite a few calories.

100 grams of honey contains 330 calories, while in one hundred grams of sugar – 390. Among other things, honey is an excellent source of energy for the human body.

Honey of factory production is not natural.

Honey produced in factories is usually very liquid and transparent, but this does not mean that it is not natural. It’s all about special filters, whose task is to delay the germinal crystals – the causes of the crystallization of honey. Honey is passed through these filters and, as a consequence, it can be stored for a long time in liquid form.


Drinking tea with honey is very useful.

Undoubtedly! However, at 50-60 degrees of water, honey loses all its medicinal properties, so it is better not to let it into tea, but eat it in a bite. And besides, honey, divorced in tea, is poorly digested, so it is recommended to put it immediately on the tongue and wash down with boiled water.

Sugared honey looks like it is old and no longer has medicinal properties.

Not a true statement. In fact, honey is not limited to the shelf life, and therefore it never spoils. By the way, in the graves of Egyptian pharaohs was found honey, which has preserved to this day its valuable properties and was quite edible. With regard to the quality of candied honey, it remains unchanged, only the appearance of the product changes – from liquid and light yellow it forms into a solid and acquires a dark brown color. Also, natural (quality) honey is candied, as a rule, in a few months.

Honey is especially useful if it is harvested from a single plant.

Controversial statement.Today, very rarely beekeepers manage to get honey from one plant. If before all sorts of weeds were destroyed, now there are bees where to go for a walk. For example, collecting honey from a linden, bees in passing sit down on cornflowers, rape, etc. As a result, it turns out honey-platter, which is called, for example, linden with motley grass. In addition, each bee family issues “its” honey, so even if honey is harvested from one plant, but different bee colonies, it will be different. Therefore, even if honey is collected from different plants – it will not lose its useful qualities.


Honey is necessary only so that during illness it is possible to sweat.

This is a deep delusion. Since ancient times, honey is considered a means to which it is possible: preserving youth, strengthening health, well, and, among other things, delivering pleasure in the form of delicious treats.

Honey is the strongest allergen.

In some cases, honey can really be tolerated by some people. But if you use it in moderation, then there will be no signs of an allergy.

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