Hirudotherapy refers to the treatment of various diseases using medical leeches. It is the girud called scientifically the same leech, which has been used for hundreds of years for clinical bloodletting. About such a technique mentioned also Hippocrates, Avicenna. Even in Ancient Egypt knew about the use of leeches. The curative effect of such therapy is undoubtedly present.

However, most of us either overestimate the effect of leeches, or even deny their benefits. Do not think that hirudotherapy will always help in everything. However, doctors do not hesitate to use such a technique, which really helps to recover. Therefore, some myths about hirudotherapy and should be debunked.


Any disease can be cured with leeches.

Such reasoning is erroneous. The fact that there are many diseases or such conditions of the body, in which one hirudotherapy will simply not be enough. It’s about heart attacks, strokes or acute inflammatory processes. Leeches will not help with a number of diseases of internal organs, as well as in case of shortage of some trace elements in the blood. Also, experts do not recommend putting leeches in the case of certain painful conditions. These are allergies, fevers, acute infectious diseases, toxicosis, hemophilia and septic conditions. In such situations, an acute inflammatory process must be removed with drugs, and then, already in the stage of remission, to conduct a course of hirudotherapy.

If you often put leeches, you can generally die from losing blood.

It is rather difficult to talk about the maximum number of leeches. It is known that prior to the revolution, installation in one session in general up to fifty such bloodsucking beings was practiced. Naturally, this was not the first session, and the leeches simply were not allowed to get drunk with enough blood. In modern methods of girudoterapevticheskogo treatment of endocrine diseases it is supposed to install in one session up to 40 leeches. And in a month, only one or two such sessions are planned. In 4-5 months there will be a positive shift in the patient’s condition.

And with diseases such as prostate adenoma, mastopathy, diabetes, gangrene or obesity, one hundred leeches are allowed in one session. Once they just suck, they are immediately removed. Before such sessions, as well as at the end, patients are advised to drink plenty of fluids – up to seven liters per day. Some medical centers boast of the fact that thus restore the health of patients with a whole bunch of diseases.

Generally, there are two diametrically opposed points of view in hirudotherapy. Some experts believe that for a session it is enough to put no more than 5-7 leeches, while others believe to use up to 70 blood-sucking creatures. Of course, this approach is allowed only in specialized clinics hirudotherapy. At home, especially in the first sessions, it is really allowed to install no more than five leeches.

There is a well-known technique for treating several mental illnesses, including epilepsy. In this case, the patient is shaved head and put on it from 30 to 70 leeches. Then they are removed after 1-2 minutes after sucking. Medical leech to allocate in the patient’s blood concentrated beneficial substances, thus restoring the necessary balance of microelements in the human body.

Leeches should not be placed on bioenergy centers.

In Tibetan medicine it is customary to install leeches on such zones for more than a hundred years. Not so long ago, this practice began to be applied in our country. In this case, many claim to be authorship of this idea. Western doctors sometimes simply re-discover what has been known in the East for a long time. Yes, and ideas that literally float in the air can come to the mind at the same time to several specialists.

In clinics hirudotherapy for preventive purposes begin to put leeches on five important centers – the perineum, pubis, navel, solar plexus and the point between the eyebrows.Doctors say that in those areas where the blood is darker and more, the inflammatory process is more pronounced. Those patients who have high blood pressure, leeches put, going from the upper to the lower centers, and in patients with low blood pressure, on the contrary, rising.


Medical leeches can not be re-established.

This issue is also very controversial in modern hirudotherapy. The view that leeches should be used only once came to us from Tibet. Allegedly this creature takes away from the person its negative energy, therefore it should be done only once. So a person who has not been privy to the secrets of treatment using such a technique, should not use these natural doctors again. First of all, it is worthwhile to understand that it is simply impossible to put the same leeches to different people. And the care for such assistants requires certain knowledge.

Some specialists give their patients leeches for re-installation, explaining how to properly handle such an “instrument”. It is known that medical leeches are again able to benefit only after 3-4 months. There is an opinion that it is impossible to destroy those beings that have helped a person. In the case of the third and subsequent installation of leeches, they should be placed without complete hemorrhage.

Leeches can be “milked”.

In the literature, indeed, one can find advice on how to milk a leech after the second session. To do this, you should pour water in a saucer, add half a teaspoon of salt, and then drop the leech there. The creature will begin to spit out the blood, then it must be lowered head down and lightly pressing the body, directing the movements from the top down. There is an opinion that such a procedure of “milking” helps leeches to develop their useful secrets more quickly – in just 1.5-2 months. However, this is not confirmed in scientific terms. However, this method of “milking” is still widely used, since it does not prevent the leech from continuing to benefit the person.

Medical leeches can be planted on any part of the body.

Biologists say that the leech can itself find the right reflexogenic points, biting the skin only in places suitable for acupuncture. However, experienced girudoterapevty with experience of more than 10 years are skeptical about this opinion. Doctors believe that a leech can stick to any place. However, some requirements are still necessary – this part of the body should be warm and devoid of hair.

At home, it is generally not recommended to give the leech itself to choose the place of its bite. Usually the radius of its suction is determined by a glass bottle, with which the creature and put on the body. There are places where it is strictly forbidden to plant leeches at home. It is about the eyes, the vagina and the male sexual organ, tongue and gums, large blood vessels, arteries and veins.

Medical leeches can infect humans with infections, including AIDS.

Professional girudoterapevty claim that this has never happened and can not be, in principle. However, this does not eliminate many questions from patients. Lots are not trusted by everyone, for fear of infection. People can be understood – direct contact with blood is carried out. People in the proof of this myth even show boils that appear on the second or third day after the treatment session. It is surprising that these formations do not appear at the place of installation of leeches and not even near it. Do leeches really infect people?

This is excluded, although boils actually appear. Educational literature explains this by the fact that the leech secret reveals the foci of latent infection. Experts in such cases recommend putting the leech directly on the boil itself, only if it appeared not because of combing the wound.

Once upon a time scientists conducted experiments and proved that inside the leeches there is a bacterium.She not only kills an infection that falls into the body of a small doctor with blood, but also treats her big patient.


Leeches help with cancer.

There is a theory according to which trichomoniasis is the most common disease at the moment. Prolonged its course leads to the fact that the microbes are collected in plaques, and then into capsules. They gather in a certain part of the body, the most vulnerable to infection. This accumulation of capsules in the human body provokes further oncological diseases. But the leech gives such useful substances, which, penetrating into the tissue, cleanse the body.

As a result, the capsules dissolve, and the risk of cancer decreases. It is no accident that in some clinics leeches are used to treat cancer. In other places, it is believed that this terrible diagnosis, on the contrary, is a contraindication. Therefore, putting leeches categorically impossible. But both those and other experts agree in one – at home, treat with leeches should not be benign or malignant tumors.

At home, it does not matter where to start treatment.

Since it is difficult to harm leeches, there is often a fairly simple opinion. People believe that wherever leeches are put, they will certainly help. There is no sense in any rigid schemes and recommendations, they are conditional. And you can treat or start prevention from any area that you just like.

However, most modern girudoterapevtov recommend still at home, first put leeches on the projection of the liver. This is explained by two points. First of all, it immediately becomes clear how the leech behaves and how much blood flows out of the wound, and it is much easier to take care of it. It should also be noted that biliary dyskinesia is a very common disease. Even in 85% of healthy people at first glance, there is such a deviation. However, the fact of the matter is that this is only at first glance.

If you look closely into the eyes of these people, you can see that the proteins there are slightly greyish or yellowish in color. Stagnant phenomena in the liver lead to cardiovascular diseases, varicose veins, urological and gynecological diseases. That’s why you can be boldly confident that liver prevention is necessary. It can be done at home. This will help the body to prevent a number of complications, possible due to dyskinesia of the bile ducts.

Leeches are slippery and nasty creatures, it is simply unpleasant to be treated with their help.

Of course, externally leech is not as beautiful as a butterfly. On the aesthetic pleasure speak and the truth is not necessary. But do not think that before the bite, this creature will crawl over the body, pondering where it is best to suck. Doctors put leeches on certain points, not allowing them to move at all. Usually, after the case is done, the living “doctors” are sent for recycling. Therefore, it is worth concentrating on the treatment and on obtaining a positive result, rather than eagerly looking at unpleasant creatures.

Treatment with leeches is quite painful.

In fact, the process of hirudotherapy is accompanied by a pain comparable to a mosquito bite. For most people this is quite tolerable. The fact is that in the saliva of leeches, among other things, there are also anesthetic substances. Thanks to this, the sucking leeches can stay on the body of the animal for as long as necessary, without causing discomfort to the wearer. A painless bite makes it possible to avoid resistance and become fully saturated. The only inconvenience, worth mentioning, is the wound that can bleed for several hours.


Hirudotherapy is an expensive procedure.

In fact, it is worth to clarify the prices for the procedures to understand that this is not so expensive as it seems. It also matters which kind of ailment will be treated.Usually, the doctor can appoint several sessions, each of which is accompanied by the installation of 2-3 to dozens of leeches. This and determine the cost of the entire course. One leech in various institutions costs from 40 to 500 rubles, it is worth remembering that some clinics give the opportunity to purchase such bloodsucking creatures for treatment at home. Of course, hirudotherapy is not a panacea. However, it is much better with rehabilitation after trauma and illness, and the preventive effect can not be denied.

Can be treated with any leech.

In fact, only one species of this creature is used to treat humans – the medicinal leech (Hirudina medicinalis). For medicinal purposes, a medicinal leech (Hirudina officinalis) can also be used, but this practice has not been widely used. But even among representatives of the “necessary” species, finding the right specimen will not be so easy. The leech should be smooth, with the most flat shape of the body and a pointed head. It is desirable, that it was greenish color and necessarily with orange stripes and black dots on the back. But furry leeches, like individuals with a cylindrical body shape and a rounded head for use in hirudotherapy are not suitable.

Leeches stick tight and suck up all the blood.

In fact, the leech satisfies its appetite quite quickly. She only needs 45-60 minutes for this. In this case, the creature drains an average of 5 to 15 mg of blood. This indicator depends on various factors – the time of year, age, odors from the patient or in the office, the strength and health of the leech itself. After saturation, it usually falls off by itself. If this does not happen, then the doctor will always come to the rescue.

It is sufficient for a specialist to bring a tampon moistened with alcohol to the front sucker of a leech. This will make it quickly fall off. After removing leeches on the body, there are wounds that continue to bleed for 3-24 hours. But during this time of blood will flow about the same as the total leech sucked out. So there is no risk of blood loss with hirudotherapy. On average, each leech results in a blood loss of 10-30 mg. For a session, usually put from 5 to 7 leeches. As a result, the patient will lose not more than 50-210 mg of blood.


If the hematopoietic organs work normally, then such losses do not pose a threat to the body. It should also be borne in mind that leeches suck out mostly stagnant blood, which is already saturated with harmful decomposition products. Removal of such a liquid only helps the body to establish a normal blood supply in the affected tissues and organs. As a result, hirudotherapy remains the only method of hemorrhage working at the capillary level for today.

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