(from the Greek haimorrhoi’s – bleeding, from haima – blood and rheo – flow), pochechuy, nodular enlargement of the veins of the rectum, mainly in the area of ​​the anus. Distinguish nodes external (subcutaneous) and internal (submucosal). Hemorrhoids are usually sick people of middle and old age, men are 3 times more likely than women.

The development of hemorrhoids is facilitated by factors that cause increased blood pressure and stagnation in the pelvic veins and venous plexuses of the rectum (chronic constipation, prolonged stays during standing, pelvic and abdominal cancers, liver cirrhosis, in women – abnormal position of the uterus , pregnancy); hereditary, congenital insufficiency of the structure of veins has a definite value.


When the disease develops in the anus, there is itching, burning, pain. During the defecation or with sharp stresses, the nodes fall out; later they drop out and when walking. Dropped nodes are often thrombosed and inflamed; due to the reduction of the asshole of the anus, they can become trapped and dead. One of the most revealing signs of hemorrhoids are bleeding from the nodes, which can lead to anemia.

Treatment: elimination of predisposing moments, ascending cold shower, with constipation – laxatives, enemas, diet, in severe cases – surgery. Prevention: elimination of constipation, refusal to drink alcohol, rough and spicy food, therapeutic exercise. Let’s try to expose the main misconceptions about this disease.

Hemorrhoids appear because of a sedentary lifestyle.

Long sitting is not necessary for the appearance of hemorrhoids. Neither constipation nor frequent birth in themselves cause hemorrhoids in a healthy person. Hemorrhoids appear then, as the blood flow in the veins of the rectum is disturbed. Then any of the above reasons can provoke the disease.

Hemorrhoids always bleed.

Hemorrhoids can, but should not bleed. Bleeding is one of its complications. Then the red blood arterial blood flows with drops or even a stream. Sometimes bleeding can be very profuse and cause anemia.

If the anal hole hurts, it’s hemorrhoids.

Not true, if it hurts, it does not mean that it’s hemorrhoids. In the large intestine there are no nerves, so the hemorrhoids are insensitive. It hurts only in some cases, for example, when complications of hemorrhoids appear: loss, anal fissure, inflammation.

люди Older people are suffering from hemorrhoids.

Often, hemorrhoids appear young age, and then intensifies with the appearance of other diseases or as a result of intense stress.

The only disease of the anus is hemorrhoids.

Many who turn to the proctologist often complain: “I have hemorrhoids.” But only half of them are diagnosed with hemorrhoids. Worst of all, that the absolute majority does not consult a doctor at all, but are treated themselves. Therefore, it is often too late to determine the dangerous diseases of the colon.

Hemorrhoids – a shameful disease of sluts, libertines.

Neither body hygiene nor sexual life affects the appearance of hemorrhoids. Therefore, the sense of guilt should be discarded. But while hemorrhoids have already manifested, caring hygiene can help in eliminating such symptoms as itching and burning.

Medical examination for hemorrhoids is very painful.

With hemorrhoids, a specialist’s examination is completely painless. Inspection can be associated with pain in the event that in addition to hemorrhoids there are other diseases: anus fractures, tears, prolapsus of nodes.

Painful, but not bleeding nodules near the anus – nothing more than hemorrhoids.

Having established such a diagnosis, people can be very mistaken. In fact, hemorrhoids deep in the rectum and “get” to them by themselves is sometimes impossible. External manifestations can be something else that you do not even suspect.

The best way to fight hemorrhoids is to get rid of constipation.

Very often, as a “prevention” of the disease, a person begins to drink a laxative.From diarrhea, hemorrhoids develop even faster than from constipation: high acidity of the liquid stool irritates the sphincter and causes its spasm.

The only way to treat hemorrhoids is a painful operation.

Conversely, if you get to a good specialist, then you will manage without an operation.

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