Healthy lifestyle

Scientists have proved: the mass of well-known ideas about a healthy lifestyle is in fact only a set of common claims, from a medical point of view, not at all relevant to reality.

Healthy lifestyle

The slower the metabolism, the faster the person gets fat.

The widespread opinion that the thin people are “right” and faster metabolism, is mistaken. Studies of skinny and full in different countries show that people who have weight problems often metabolize faster than lean ones. The reasons for completeness and even obesity lie in a different plane – changing the lifestyle (lack of mobility) and the structure of nutrition (eating a lot, drinking a lot), individual gene characteristics of the organism, and “… a whole complex of reasons not fully explored by scientists.”

Sweet lovers always get fat.

When eating large amounts of flour and sweet, a person does not gain excess weight, provided that his diet restricts the consumption of fat.

Any amount of alcohol is dangerous.

Adherents of a healthy lifestyle call for a complete abandonment of alcohol use. However, scientists around the world have long concluded about the benefits, for example, of red wine – it contains components that have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. In moderate quantities, wine and beer, on the contrary, are beneficial to the body. According to doctors, do not exclude alcohol from the diet – you do not have to abuse it.

Nothing is as old as the sun.

It is generally believed that the sun is the main culprit in the appearance of early wrinkles. However, studies show that the main cause of aging is stress. It is he that promotes aging of arteries, heart diseases, strokes, loss of memory, weakening of immunity and cancer. Although not all stress damages the body. The most dangerous stress is caused by unresolved, “hanging” problems, which people constantly postpone. Stress from a particular event, for example, reprimand at work or even dismissal, is not as dangerous as stress from similar, but long-harassing problems. Although one-stage stress is the loss of a loved one, the same work, if a person does not have her substitutes (family, hobby) will have a significant aging effect.

Athletic means healthy.

The thesis that the more people exercise, the healthier they become, also a myth. Doing sports more than three to four hours a day can cause a lot of health problems: chronic fatigue, poor sleep, headaches, depression. Recommendations of the World Health Organization: “The minimum required is at least 30 minutes walking a day, half an hour of aerobic exercise three times a week and working with weights for 30 minutes once a day.”

Running in the morning is always useful to everyone.

A popular and ingenious way to improve the health of the body, many people consider running in the morning. While this is a physical exercise that needs to be properly distributed. When going to run, you need to consult an expert, otherwise you can overdo it and “run to a heart attack,” experts say. What is good for one person, for others it can be poison.

Muscles turn into fat without exercise.

Those who sweat on gyms in gyms three to four times a week are afraid that after stopping the intensified training their muscles will begin to degenerate into fatty deposits. Fortunately, this does not happen: the muscles – this is one fabric, more dense and compact in structure, and fat – quite different. But the fact that after the termination of training muscles become flabby and lethargic is a fact. By the way, the reverse process, too, alas, is impossible. That is, fat does not turn into muscle tissue, even under heavy loads. According to instructors, such enhanced training only contributes to muscle pumping and more active fat burning.

Reading in poor light deteriorates vision.

We remember from childhood how parents taught us what to read under twilight, and even more so under a blanket with a flashlight, is very harmful to the eyes. It turns out that such a statement is an absolute lie: it’s like saying that whispering is bad for the ears! According to ophthalmologists from the New York University, even reading from a computer screen or watching TV from a close distance does not affect the functioning of our eyes in any way. The eye muscles tense, so we feel tired. But nothing more.

Male fertility is reduced due to narrow underwear, laptops and hot tubs.

None of these statements has been scientifically confirmed. Perhaps from the above, the scientists are most suspicious about hot baths, which can raise the temperature in the groin area. Anatomically male genitalia are located outside, so that their temperature is slightly lower than that of the whole body. If they heat up, there is a decrease in sperm production (about two months). And to restore its normal amount it takes from four to six months. Although no indisputable evidence of harmful effects is found, all the same, men should take care of themselves and once again refrain from taking hot baths and using laptops (which are known to heat up) on their knees for a long time.

Bags under the eyes – a sign of sick kidney.

This concept has become firmly established and unshakable. Actually, the bags under the eyes have nothing to do with the diseased kidneys. This is a common misconception. This is most often an orbital hernia, when fat accumulates under the skin of the lower eyelids. The defect is eliminated by the beautician. Dark circles under the eyes are a manifestation of excessive secretion of the hormone responsible for skin pigmentation. As a rule, circles appear in people who like to often visit the sun.

The more we consume liquids, the better for our skin.

Lack of moisture immediately appears on our face and body. To prevent negative consequences it is desirable to consume about 1.5 liters of water per day, it is natural that in summer or during physical exertion its quantity should be increased. But not all of the fluid has a positive effect on appearance. The most acceptable option is drinking water without gas, fruit, vegetable freshly squeezed juices, fruit or green tea. But in reality, we are used to consuming sweet fizzy drinks, coffee, black tea, which do not have the best effect on the condition of our skin. In order to find out whether your skin needs additional fluid, we will conduct a simple test. The bottom line is this: pinch yourself outside the palm of your hand, if the skin has quickly returned to its former state, then everything is normal, but if the skin is smoothed out slowly you need extra liquid.

Acne on the adult skin is not associated with adolescent acne.

The pimples that have appeared on the skin of adulthood are not the same as those that were in your teens, but this is adolescent acne. The cause of the appearance of acne can be age-related hormonal changes, stresses, constant experiences, bad ecology. To avoid the appearance of age-related acne, it is recommended to undergo a comprehensive treatment, which includes the use of effective cosmetics such as salicylic acid or sulfur.

The ability to speak out openly or take revenge can relieve stress.

We all read books or watch films (from the classics to “Kill Bill”), where heroes make a lot of effort and commit incredible actions for the sake of one single goal – revenge at all costs! But, nevertheless, scientists argue that revenge is certainly sweet, but forgiveness is even sweeter. The desire to respond to the offender makes us nervous, depressed, experiencing a lot of negative emotions. And this all immediately reflects on the state of our health: the risk of getting a heart attack increases significantly.Alas, there are situations (for example, betrayal of a friend or murder of a loved one), which can not be erased from memory. And in order to survive with such a load of memories without much loss, to avoid despondency and despair, it is still worth trying to forgive: revenge can make you happy only for a moment, while forgiveness will cure and give a long life.

Regular washing, shower, bathroom give only benefit.

Again, everything is good in moderation. When we take a bath or wash under a shower, we definitely use detergents (gel, foam, soap), which, despite the manufacturers’ beliefs, still dehydrate the skin with regular use. But if you are a fan of cleanliness and can not refuse regular water procedures, do not forget to use a moisturizing cream after each wash.

The current technology allows one hundred percent to remove a tattoo.

This is not true, modern technology is in force only to lighten the tattoo. In order to finally get rid of tattoos you need to go through several stages, and it will not be worth it. The result of the removal will depend on what kind of tattoo you have and its size, but, most likely, that its scars will remain. Much depends on the color of the ink, some colors are more difficult to output.

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