Body hardening

– a system of procedures that increase the body’s resistance to adverse environmental effects, the development of conditioned reflex reactions of thermoregulation, with the aim of improving it.
If you want your child to be less sick, grow up healthy and strong baby, then immediately after birth, start by taking air baths. For the baby, this will be the first quenching procedure. Breast children need fresh air, because they have much more oxygen consumption than adults. Equally important for hardening and water procedures. It has long been believed that water has healing and health-improving properties.
Another method of hardening, which is most effective in the application of the previous two (air baths and water procedures) is the sunbathing. After all, hardening is a complex system, from which no link should be excluded.

Hardening is a dousing with cold water.

Perhaps this is the most common myth. Many parents believe that their baby is still very small to bathe in cold water. But hardening is not limited to cold dousing. A small crumb can be started to temper with taking a five-minute air bath in the room at room temperature. At the same time, it should be left naked.

If you start to temper – then the maximum.

Such an approach can not lead to something good, and a child can get sick. A sense of proportion is always necessary, especially when it comes to the smallest. It is necessary to see the difference in wiping the baby with a mitten moistened in water, which actually stimulates the immunity of crumbs, and bathing in icy water.

Solar baths can be taken without restrictions.

Not only is it not recommended, but it is strictly forbidden. In young children, there is no specific pigment in the skin – melanin, which protects the skin of the crumbs from burning, so if you take sun baths in the open sun during the hottest hours of the day, the skin of children can burn in a matter of minutes. In addition, at the present time, there is a particular danger that there is an increased level of radiation in some areas, which is of little use to small children. Allow the kids to sunbathe in the shade of the trees before dinner and after 17 hours.

In the winter, you should not walk with a child on the street for more than an hour.

In fact, winter air is much more useful than summer air, it has the greatest oxygen content. And also winter walks – this is a great way to temper children. If the child feels well, the warmth is dressed, then the walk time can reach up to 2 hours, and if the child is more than a year, then longer.

If I begin to temper the child, then he will fall ill.

It’s not true. If you install a gradual load, ensure that the child does not freeze during the hardening procedures, postpone the procedure, if the child is slightly cold or frozen in the street, etc., then hardening on the contrary will help to defeat many diseases.

The air conditioner is not dangerous for the child.

In order to temper mothers very often include air conditioning, so that the room was cool air. This should not be done in the presence of a child in the room. Very often the air conditioner develops otitis even in adults, not to mention children. Danger of air conditioning and in the car, if it keeps the temperature lower than on the street.

The hardening procedures should be carried out when you are comfortable or have free time.

This is far from the case. Firstly, hardening is a systematic activity, and if you take a long break, you will have to start everything from the beginning. Secondly, if you are going to begin hardening, pay attention to what the mood of the child. If he is upset, wants to sleep or eat, then it’s better to postpone the classes. And, thirdly, the child is also a little man with his desires. Do not impose a hardening procedure on him, if he wants to do something else.

The child needs to begin to temper when he gets sick.

Many parents believe that tempering will help to cope with a cold. In fact, the child should begin to temper only when he is absolutely healthy. Then there will be less likelihood that he will fall ill.

The child can not walk barefoot: in the summer he needs to wear cotton socks, and in winter – knitted or woolen.

There is no special need for socks either in winter or in summer. Walking barefoot is a great way to harden. And do not worry that the child will catch a cold. The main thing – start with a few minutes, and gradually increase the time, especially in summer. In the winter there will be enough leggy little socks. And do not think that if you are cold, then the child is cold. Most likely, you sit, and the child does 100 movements per minute. It is equally useful to walk barefoot in the summer on sand or grass.

It is best to temper the child at home, under his supervision.

This is not the best way, but if there are no other options, then it’s not bad either. At home you need to begin to temper the child from birth. But already from the age of 2-3 years hardening specialists should be engaged in hardening. For example, you can record a child in the pool and walk with him, but under the guidance of a coach. A wide range of hardening procedures are now offered in kindergartens: from hardening with the help of cryomassage to wiping with snow. At the same time, educators with medical education are engaged with children.

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