After the entertainment related to the adoption of alcohol comes a cruel reckoning – a hangover. This state by the number of its faces almost exceeds the number of alcoholic drinks of its defenders. The list of products that save the body from the effects of alcohol is very extensive.

The first salvage medications appeared immediately after the invention of alcohol. There are a lot of myths about the hangover, which tell about the nature of this phenomenon, and about its overcoming. Let’s look at what really can help the body, and what can only do harm.


Do not pay attention to the hangover.

Hangovers are the reaction of the human body to poisoning with an unreasonable amount of alcohol. The nervous system is destroyed. Brain chemicals react with alcohol, which leads to dizziness, nausea, headache. A person in this state runs to the kitchen for water, since alcohol abuse causes dehydration. All this unpleasant set, besides it is accompanied by weakening of the immune system. So, do not pay attention to the hangover, it will not work.

Women have the same hangover as men.

During a rattling fun, women usually get drunk faster than men. The fact is that men have more fluid in the body, which also dilutes alcohol. With an equally drunk amount of alcohol in a woman in the blood of alcohol is much more than a man. Accordingly, the hangover will be much more severe. Although the symptoms will be the same, regardless of sex.

Hangover accompanies only a large number of drunk.

There is no doubt that a lot of alcohol will lead to an inevitable hangover. But depending on the characteristics of the body and a small dose of alcohol can result in symptoms of a hangover – headache, nausea. Therefore, it is recommended to drink water or non-alcoholic drinks in the intervals between alcoholic drinks in order to avoid dehydration and reduce the absorption by the body of the alcohol taken.

There will not be a hangover from wine.

Science knows that red wine has a tannin substance. It is this component that is the main culprit of the headache in many people. Therefore, wine can lead to unpleasant consequences. The most severe hangover for beverages based on malt, for example, whiskey. It is easier for an organism to transfer light liqueurs, beer.

There is no hangover from dietary cocktails.

Such cocktails will help control the amount of calories consumed. However, the fruit juices contained in them, sugar-containing liquids, according to scientists, only increase the hangover. So, such drinks should not be abused.


Start drinking best with beer, raising the degree.

This myth is almost a law for a drinker. In fact, the main thing is the amount of alcohol, and not the sequence of its intake. The order of alcohol can only affect the total amount of alcohol consumption. Having drunk a strong cocktail first, and then, sipping beer, you can get a much lower dose of alcohol than starting with beer, then alternating it with vodka. The general unimportant condition can aggravate and liquor, even if the evening began with a low-alcohol drink.

Macaroni before bedtime helps with a hangover.

This is not true and there are two reasons for this. First of all, in general, food before bedtime is wrong, especially after alcohol is already inside the body. If there is, then before drinking. Secondly, if food and slows down the absorption of alcohol, then fatty foods, along with booze, are perfectly absorbed by the body. Therefore, eat before a glass of alcoholic pizza or a piece of meat and, probably, a hangover will not be at all. Still it is possible to advise, before a dream all the same to drink more that will reduce dehydration of an organism.

In order not to have a hangover, you should take painkillers before going to bed.

Conventional tablets that can be bought without a prescription in a pharmacy bring effect in four hours, so by the morning of its action, nothing remains.Therefore, it is better to take them in the morning, as soon as they wake up. Caution! Paracetamol from a hangover should not be taken. Alcohol prevents the liver from digesting this medicine, which can lead to inflammation or even destruction of this important organ.

From alcohol you sleep well.

In fact, only a small dose of alcohol taken at night improves sleep. A large amount of drunk disturbs the process of sleep. In a phase with a rapid eye movement you will not be able to stay very long, so you will quickly wake up. A hangover can come in the last stage of a night’s sleep and prevent you from falling asleep again.

Alcoholic morning cocktail is the best remedy for a hangover.

This is not true, moreover, a large amount of alcohol not only does not lead out of a hangover, but also worsen the overall condition. Reception of such a cocktail at breakfast will soon make itself felt unpleasant condition. In the case when you can not do without such a tool, it is worth talking to your doctor – there are obvious initial signs of alcoholism.

A powerful remedy for a hangover – morning coffee.

The reception of coffee is accompanied by more dehydration, so the condition is likely to worsen. Just caffeine after drinking should be avoided. The best means is ordinary water. Energy drinks can also be useful, which will help restore the shortage of electrolytes. This is especially important with morning vomiting and nausea. Medicines on a herbal basis help with a hangover.

British experts conducted the necessary studies and refuted this myth. Having studied the extract of artichoke and yeast, it was revealed that this tool does not help in any way against the disaster. Another group of funds studied the extract from prickly pears and concluded that the remedy reduces only dry mouth and nausea, but with a headache, these funds can not fight. Thus, there is no universal tool that can remove all the consequences of violent binge drinking. The best and most universal means is time.

Alcohol is poisoning the body.

But this is not a myth, but the truth. With severe alcohol poisoning, even medical care is required, as this is life-threatening. If you see how someone got drunk from drinking, there is constant vomiting, a person loses consciousness, better call a doctor right away. This condition is fraught with shock or severe dehydration of the body. Drink moderately and watch your health!

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