Hair loss

When there are hair on our hairbrush or pillow, we are wrinkled, as this is an unpleasant event for everyone. But how much do we know about the reasons for this event? We spread the basic myths about hair loss.

It is perfectly normal for the body to lose a certain amount of fiber daily.

This is true, healthy hair grows continuously, respectively, they replace old hair, which fall out. In the renewal phase, 15% of the entire hair cover is constantly involved, so that a small hair loss does not mean the onset of alopecia.

Hereditary hair loss is related only to men, women are not deprived of such a problem.

80% of all causes of hair loss in women have an androgenetic basis, that is, hereditary causes. However, do not rush to introduce bald women – their hair loss mechanism looks different than men’s – hair is thinner along the line of direct selection from the forehead and to the nape of the neck. Therefore, before focal alopecia, it does not reach.

Hair loss is provoked by frequent head washing.

This is not true, in the course of washing, only those hair fall out, which sooner or later and so would fall out. Just in the bathroom or on a towel they immediately catch your eye. Trichologists believe that the head must be washed after sports, shampoo should be applied twice. It is worth using a gentle tool for daily care. Failure of such a rule is fraught with the accumulation of dirt and sweat, the secretion of the sebaceous glands will weaken the roots, this is what may lead to hair loss in the future.

If you wear constantly headgear (hats, baseball caps, hats), then it will cause hair loss.

This may cause an increase in the fragility of the hair, but will not fall out.

The tendency to hair loss is transmitted to children solely on the paternal line.

In fact, those genes that are responsible for hair loss are transmitted from both parents. It is possible and cross-transfer – from father to daughter and from mother to son.

The condition of the hair is affected by profuse menstruation.

For the growth of cells, including in the roots of the hair, the delivery of oxygen to them corresponds to hemoglobin. If this micronutrient is not enough, which is exactly what is observed in critical days due to blood loss, the hair may fall out. You can replenish iron with food sources – liver, buckwheat, kidneys, meat, pears, persimmons, spinach and, of course, apples.

Lost with any diet kilograms will inevitably cause hair loss.

Hair loss with a diet is possible only in the case of a low-protein diet, during which less than 1000 kilocalories per day are consumed. This is easy to explain. After all, hair is 90% composed of keratin, which is formed just from proteins. If it is missing in the diet, then you can forget about healthy and strong hair.

A short haircut will prevent hair loss.

Short hair only seems thick compared to long and thin. But this effect is only optical. Hair growth and their density are not related to their length.

If the hair falls out with the root, then at this point nothing will grow.

As long as the hair follicle, in which the hair root is located, is not damaged, as long as this place is supplied with blood circulation and nutrients, the hair will continue to grow.

Long parting in one place can not be done.

Specialists and stylists recommend that the parting be intermittently shifted, otherwise the hair in this place can be smeared. Also, tight pigtails and tails are harmful, their use will have a negative impact on the hair.

You can not dry your hair with a hairdryer, it can cause hair loss.

Drying hair by itself is completely safe, but hair can suffer from hot air. Everyday hair loss is fraught with the appearance of new, weaker hair, in place of the fallen.

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