General Merfolology

Supplement to the Broadcasting Corporation NBS.

You will never be able to exhaust the deposits of the bad things that can happen.

Laws of Juárez.

1. People are the only living beings able to return to the already traversed road back to still make those mistakes that they could previously avoid.
2. The more the number of people involved in an event, the less intellectual becomes each of its participants.

Campbell’s Law.

The less you do, the less you can make mistakes.

Law of Cook.

It is always difficult to notice what is simply not there.

Ford’s advice.

Failure is an opportunity to start anew, but only more sensibly.

Law of Murray.

If you did not succeed the first time, then the long skydiving is not for you.

Wolfe’s law on life plans.

It’s best to start right from where you are now.

Law of Hofstadter.

Any business always takes longer than you expect, even if you take into account Hofstadter’s law.

The Gilbertason Law.

Nothing can be considered protected from a fool if this fool is talented enough.

The Rule of Barber.

All that is worth doing is worth doing in large quantities, with abundance.

Law of Margo.

The Council refers to what we ask, when we already know the answer, but would not want to know it.

Law of Melnik.

If everything goes well with you from the very beginning, try not to look too surprised.

Law of Dates about conceit.

The rage caused by the wrong spelling of someone’s name in a newspaper article is directly proportional to the degree of obscurity of the person mentioned

The Law of Finaga according to Niven.

The resilience and insidiousness of the universe tend to strive for maximum.

Epple’s law on healing from illness.

It is impossible to be healed of a disease that you do not have.

The seventh law of product design.

No problem is so big that it can not be placed anywhere.

Einstein about solving problems.

It is impossible to solve problems by using for this Goal the same method of reasoning that we used when we created them.

Maxim Francis Bacon.

Truth is much more easily born as a result of error, if as a result of confusion.

The first rule for earthworks.

If you already sit in a deep hole, then do not dig further.

Principle of Issawi-Wilcox.

Problems grow exponentially, solutions – in arithmetic.

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