General Merfolology for Physicians

The law of Schnaterley.

If something bad can not happen, it will certainly happen.

Remark of Murphy.

When things go wrong, do not keep up with them.

Consequences of Murphy’s Stewart Law.

1. The effect of Murphy’s law may be postponed or suspended indefinitely, provided that such a delay or suspension results in an even greater catastrophe later.

2. The magnitude of the disaster is directly proportional to the number of observers watching it.

3. The scale of the catastrophe is exponentially proportional to the importance of this case.

4. If the chance of a certain outcome is 50 percent, then the actual probability of its occurrence is inversely proportional to its desirability.

5. If two consequences of Murphy’s law contradict each other, then the priority is given to them, which has a greater potential for damage.

The Law of Isles.

There is always an easier way to do something.


1. If you look closely at this easy way, especially for a long time, you will not see it.

2. As well as Isles.

Consequence for doctors.

When you still find this easier way, it will not be allowed by the health office.

The laws of progress on Issawi.

1. Direction of progress:

Almost everything is steadily moving towards deterioration.

2. The path of progress:

The longest distance between two points is a straight path.

3. Dialectics of progress:

Rapid action causes rapid reaction.

4. Speed ​​of progress:

Society is not a car, but a mule. If you push him too hard, it will kick and drop his rider.

Law of non-issuance.

You did not have time to mention anything like …

… if it’s anything good, it disappears;

… if it’s anything bad, it happens.

Two laws of expectations that do not have reciprocity.

Negative expectations produce negative results.

Positive expectations also produce negative results.

Young’s Law.

All inanimate objects can move sufficiently to get in your way.

Huxley’s rule.

The best is the enemy of the good.

Consequence for doctors.

Waiting for the ideal treatment should not lead to the absence of any treatment.

Good news from Murphy.

The worst is the enemy of the bad.

Chate’s lament.

If you helped a friend in need, he will surely remember you – until the next time he is in trouble again.

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