Recently, people again began to refer to such proven means as garlic. And do not assume that this is our people so dense. Even in a prosperous and advanced America, food additives based on garlic took the leading position among health-care products. Such attention to the folk remedy is easy to explain – drugs are constantly becoming more expensive, and health itself does not hurry to improve.

What is garlic? They say that it helps not only with colds, but also with heart disease, blood vessels, oncology. The properties of garlic are constantly being investigated by various scientists who have written many works. But some myths about this unique product have taken root in the masses. In the end, sometimes skeptical skeptics and ardent supporters are mistaken. Let’s try to separate the truth from the lie. Garlic does not give man energy.

Scientific studies have shown that 100 grams of garlic contains 138 kilocalories. In addition, the product has many different vitamins: it is ascorbic acid, and riboflavin, vitamin E, pantothenic acid and thiamine.

Although garlic also kills germs, this remedy for modern man is not suitable.

Modern medicine reliably knows that garlic is an excellent natural antibiotic. This medicine can affect up to hundreds of different types of harmful microorganisms. Studies have confirmed that in an hour, an extract of garlic kills 93% of staphylococci and the same percentage of salmonella in three hours. And the prevention of influenza with garlic is known to everyone and everyone, this medicine is recommended by doctors in different countries. It turns out that even the very presence of garlic in the room reduces the concentration of viruses. Naturally, we are talking about fresh garlic, with time its useful properties are reduced.

Garlic is not recommended for certain kidney and liver diseases.

I must say that all the rumors about the dangers of garlic are exaggerated. A lot of vegetable growers keep vivacity and health until old age. Simply in the presence of serious chronic diseases it is better to limit the consumption of raw garlic – eat not a lump, but simply grate it with a crust of fresh bread. Such food will turn out to be tasty and useful.

Garlic can not fight age-related diseases and prolong life.

It seems that this myth is invented by elderly people who are looking for a wonderful panacea, and preachers of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, fresh garlic really lowers the level of cholesterol in the blood and prevents the formation of blood clots and plaques in the vessels. This indicates the anti-sclerotic effect of garlic. But its thermal treatment completely destroys such components in it. Scientists look at the possibilities of garlic as a remedy against accumulation of lipids, that is, a fighter with obesity. It is known that the main organosulfur compound of garlic is cysteine, it can reduce the level of sugar in the blood.

Garlic does not know how to deal with cancer.

Recently, scientists began to consider vegetable diets as a serious preventive measure against oncology. The composition of such a diet includes necessarily onions and garlic. After all, these products have a high content of organic selenium. This micronutrient helps well in the prevention of cancer cells. Not only that selenium in garlic is much by nature, so this content can also be increased with the help of special fertilizers. In France, 350 patients with breast cancer at the initial stage regularly consumed onions, garlic and other fiber-rich foods. The disease has ceased to progress.

Garlic is a Russian national dish.

It turns out that the medicinal properties of garlic were described by Hippocrates. He recommended eating this vegetable food for a variety of diseases, including heart disease and uterine cancer. And the participants of the first Olympic Games in general ate garlic to improve their endurance.


There is no difference – there is fresh garlic or food additives based on it.

Specialists still recommend stopping the choice on fresh garlic. After all, it is in its natural form and contains the most complete composition of biologically active substances. It is best to eat at least six denticles per week. Everyone can be divided in half and eat a piece in the morning and evening. If a person has a high sensitivity to this product, then such unpleasant effects as unpleasant taste in the mouth, bitterness, heartburn, intestinal gas formation can appear. Then from a natural product it is better to refuse in favor of food additives on its basis. Usually it is a tablet in a shell or capsules, which are made from dried garlic powder. Not only will the shell relieve the odor that is unpleasant to many, it also protects the mucous membrane of the stomach from irritation. This method is suitable for those who have gastritis or an ulcer.

Only here is a general standard for garlic tablets does not exist, besides they are made from different lots of garlic.

Therefore, it is difficult to assess the effectiveness of a particular batch. It is best to evaluate the dosage of those drugs in which the content of biologically active substances is indicated. If you specify the amount of allicin in the pill, but you need to calculate the daily dose at the rate of 5 mg of this element. Oncologists highly appreciate the protective properties of even an aged extract. Moreover, this technology increases the antioxidant effect, which leads to anti-cancer activity.

Garlic is a strong allergen.

Not so long ago in Italy the real gastronomic war unfolded. Some restaurants even fundamentally abandoned the garlic, which they informed their visitors with the help of tablets. But garlic in this country is traditionally popular! Such a ban appeared due to this myth – the refusal of garlic was explained by concern for allergies. But most Italians believe that garlic will not disappear from the traditional cuisine of the Apennines. In addition, there are much stronger allergens from the usual products, such as coffee or chocolate. Concerning garlic, we can talk about individual intolerance, and not about a general allergic reaction.

Garlic is an enemy of romance.

Europeans believe that before the meeting there is no categorically garlic. However, in Arab medicine it is believed that garlic is not just an extremely important product. It is recommended to use it in fresh form for lovers. After all, this will not only strengthen the general immunity, but also can increase sexual activity. So garlic recommend couples at any age. The explanation is simple – garlic increases blood circulation and thus increases potency. It is also believed that garlic contains substances that stimulate the production of female and male hormones.

Garlic in cooking can only be a seasoning.

Indeed, garlic – a famous seasoning for meat dishes, seafood, a component of sauces. But there is the city of Gilroy, which is considered the American capital of garlic. There from an acute vegetable product prepare the most various dishes – even a sweet and ice cream with garlic. And every year in the summer there is also the Garlic Festival.

Nursing mothers should not eat garlic, because the baby will give up breast.

Scientists have verified this statement. It turned out that no strong-smelling seasonings and products can not repel the baby’s appetite. Moreover, after the use of the mother of garlic, the child sucks with great desire and is applied to the chest more often. Garlic is an excellent weapon against worms.

This folk belief is based on the fact that garlic is perfectly fighting against intestinal bacteria. Here are just worms, which can start in the intestines, can not destroy garlic. As a result, this product is not only not a weapon against helminths, but it can not even be attributed to preventive means. Some, trying to get rid of worms, eat garlic almost a kilogram.But it as a result gives only unless a gastritis. Some even use garlic as a remedy for anal itching by simply inserting denticles into the anus. But this is not a solution either. In fact then with a helminthiasis it is necessary to treat also an inflammation of a rectum.

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