(English fitness, from the verb “to fit” – to match, be in good shape), the system of health-improving physical training and competitive discipline, the essence of which is to demonstrate the physical and mental health of a person through his readiness for physical work.

In the narrow sense of fitness – this is a healing technique that allows you to change the shape of the body and its weight and permanently consolidate the result. It includes physical training combined with a properly selected diet.

Unlike aerobics, exercises and diet in fitness are selected individually – depending on the structure and features of the figure. Everyone can participate in this system without exception, regardless of age and health status, even pregnant women.


There are a lot of stereotypes and myths about fitness classes. Of course, every day more and more people regularly visit the gym, and many of them are quite fit for diet and exercise issues – however, some misconceptions still stand on our way to health.

Fitness and should be engaged either for an hour a day, or not engage at all.

Wrong approach. After all, even with short sessions, you can achieve success, improve your physical condition, cheer up. It is proved that even half an hour walks (at a pace acceptable to you) three or more times a week help to strengthen immunity, normalize blood pressure, significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, help to get rid of stress.

It is not necessary to warm up the muscles before training.

It should be remembered that by performing warm-up and stretching exercises before (and after) exercising, you protect your body from many painful injuries (such as stretching and inflammation of the tendons).

If after fitness, nothing hurts – the loads were too small and the occupation itself is ineffective.

This is not entirely true. Indeed, with the growth of muscles and the development of endurance, there may be a slight discomfort. And the pain in the body, which appears during exercise, signals some kind of disorder. Ignore it is impossible: you should either slow down the pace of the exercises, or finish the workout.

Increasing the duration of physical exercises, and not their intensity, you can lose weight faster.

Wrong opinion. If the goal of your training is to reduce body weight, you need to increase the amount of energy expended by the body, the rate of burning calories, and, consequently – increase the intensity of training. We should not, however, forget that increasing the load is necessary gradually, especially after a long break in the class.

Long and stubborn fitness classes will help to find the ideal forms.

Not exactly, especially if you are doing it yourself. For best results, you should seek the help of a specialist who will help you develop an individual exercise program.


Yoga can replace fitness. In addition, such exercises require much less physical effort.

Of course, yoga is a great way to keep yourself in shape. But the performance of some asanas will require a lot of physical and sometimes mental stress. Therefore, it should be remembered that to achieve the best result, and for your own safety, to do yoga better under the guidance of an experienced instructor.

The positive impact of the complexes of taijiquan exercises and yoga on health has not been scientifically proven.

This is not true. In our time, many scientists are engaged in research on the effects of Tai Chi and Yoga on the human body. It has been scientifically proven that regular Tai Chi exercises help the treatment of lumbar pain and fibromyalgia. And yoga classes, according to European doctors, improve flexibility, balance, coordination, posture, increase physical strength, increase the stress resistance of the practitioner.

Only by doing physical exercises, you can lose those extra pounds.

Of course, fitness is the most important component of a set of measures to regulate weight. But in addition to physical exercises, it is necessary to take into account other factors, such as diet and metabolic rate.

Swimming does not help to lose weight.

Absolutely mistaken opinion. After all, swimming is the most natural and extremely effective way to develop muscle and helps burn excess calories.

If you get hurt during fitness, a warm compress will help.

As with sports, and with injuries of the knee, shoulder, elbow, heat can not be used in any case, as this will only increase internal bleeding and swelling, respectively, increasing pain. To reduce pain and swelling, it is better to use cold.

The ideal food before classes is meat.

Both meat and other foods rich in proteins are by no means the best source of energy. Before exercise it is better to eat foods rich in carbohydrates (potatoes, bread). It is carbohydrates that are most easily transformed into energy.

During the exercise, you can not drink water – there may be spasms.

This is not true – you can drink water before, during, and immediately after exercise. You should only make sure that the liquid you are using is not too cold.


Do it best in the early morning.

This statement is not acceptable for everyone. Someone really gets a charge of vivacity for the whole day from morning exercises, and for someone, physical exercises after work are a great opportunity to get rid of accumulated stress and stress.

Fitness at home is not as effective as exercising in the gym.

Of course, when developing the training program, you will need specialist advice, but you choose the place and time of the training. The only thing to remember about – training should be regular and give you pleasure.

Physical exercises on the state of mind are not affected.

Scientists have proved that regular (at least 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes) physical exercises (especially if you are already over 40) not only help to maintain a healthy and beautiful body, but also significantly reduce the risk of dementia and disease Alzheimer’s in old age.

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