Fireproof doors

At all times a person has sought stability, tranquility and comfort, making considerable efforts to create a working environment in the office, coziness in the home, an atmosphere of harmony, detachment, merging with nature in the country. And, nevertheless, many external factors can in several minutes destroy the fruits of many years of work, and at times threaten the owner of the apartment (country house) or employees of the office.

Fireproof doors

Of all the elements tamed by man, the most often turns from friend to enemy fire. The fire can arise quite unexpectedly, the causes of the fire are extremely diverse – from the inept treatment of young children with matches to the shorted wire or an exploded gas cylinder. But the result is usually one – fire and smoke unobstructed occupy the premises, not meeting on the way of their victorious procession of worthy obstacles.

How to minimize the impact of a possible fire? In addition to the installation of fire alarms (which in the city apartment, and even more so in the country house does not always take place), you can help fire doors, capable for a long time to detain the flame, giving the owners and arriving at the scene alongside firefighters to eliminate the fire. About fire doors there are a lot of misconceptions and myths, which we will try to debunk.

There are no glasses in fire doors.

Normal, brittle and sensitive to high temperatures, glass in the door of this kind does not really apply. But multi-layer fire-resistant glass can be used. Fireproof glass, made by gluing 3-4 tempered glass, the space between which is filled with fireproof gel, has the same fire resistance as the fire door. After a fire, the glass is not heated completely, but layer by layer, sustaining the effect of fire during the declared time. In addition, glasses of this kind are extremely shockproof.

Fire doors must be made of metal.

Actually, there are fire doors made of wood, the frame of which is made of fire-resistant composite material, and the cloth itself is filled with fire-resistant basalt wool. In addition, the door frame of the spliced ​​pine massif and the glued firewall strip provide additional protection from the flame. The fire resistance of such doors is EI30 (30 minutes) or EI60 (60 minutes). It should be taken into account that fire doors made of wood have one indisputable advantage: in case of emergency (in case of a severe fire), it is easier to break them, thus opening firemen’s access to the premises.

Iron fire doors must be made of thick metal.

Doors made of thick steel are made when, in addition to fire resistance, the product requires bullet proof and resistance to burglary. In other cases, thin-sheet cold-rolled steel is used to make fire doors. After all, it is the metal structure of this kind (created by the bent-weld method) that accumulates a minimum of heat and is able to withstand the impact of fire for a long time. In addition, the low weight of the door leaf protects the structure from sagging and deformation.

The more expensive door has the highest limit of fire resistance.

Not necessary. Often, the excessively high price of fire doors does not indicate a high quality of the product, but only serves as an indicator of the imperfection of equipment and technologies. To increase prices, small companies-manufacturers, which do not have the means to purchase modern machines and are forced to pay extra, for example, to locksmiths for work, which could be produced by a co-ordinating press in a matter of seconds and with much less financial costs, etc .

For a fire door, any lock is suitable.

This is not true.On the doors of this kind, a lock must be fitted with a latch and a push handle, supplemented by a self-closing system (door closer). If the fire door is on evacuation routes, it is sometimes necessary to install a lock system “Antipanic” with a push-bar handle or with a push handle. In any case, it should be remembered that in the fire doors only locks must be inserted that have passed the appropriate tests and are equipped with the necessary conclusion of specialists.

You can make a fire door yourself.

Indeed, for quite some time, the fire resistance of some doors has been increased by upholstering them with metal sheets. This procedure could be done independently, although the quality and aesthetics of the received design left much to be desired. But, according to modern fire regulations, fire doors are classified as products subject to compulsory certification.

The manufacture of fire doors is licensed.

This type of activity does not require a license, but certification is needed. According to the specifications, a certificate for the manufacture of fire doors is issued to the manufacturer based on the results of product tests carried out by a special testing laboratory accredited in the certification system for fire safety.

It is possible to make fire doors of any size.

No, the dimensions of fire doors are strictly regulated – this design can be 10% larger or 30% smaller than the size specified in the Fire Safety Certificate. If, however, an opening requiring the establishment of a fire barrier is much larger or smaller – it is filled, respectively, with a fire gate or a fire hatch.

When installing fire doors, the slots that remain between the opening and the structure after installation can only be sealed with a fire resistant mineral wool or cement mortar.

Indeed, for quite a long time only the above materials were used to seal fire-prevention openings, which created a lot of difficulties (in fact, it takes a lot of time to cut the mineral wool of the right size and dilute the cement slurry). But progress does not stand still, and modern installers prefer to use for installation of cracks mounting polyurethane fireproof foam.

The manufacturer can make a fire door of any design (for example, according to an individual drawing).

Unfortunately, this is not the case. It is understandable the customer’s desire to get fire doors, suitable for the designer’s project or corresponding in appearance to other doors installed in the room. However, it should be remembered that fire doors are manufactured in accordance with the specifications specified in the Fire Safety Certificate. Therefore, neither the design nor the assembly of doors of this kind can be subjected to changes.

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