The figure

is our body, which we either admire, or treat neutrally, or look at ourselves with pity and disgust. There are a lot of complexes associated with the figure, since our body is always in the public eye, and the slightest deviation from the formula 90-60-90 by many women is perceived as a catastrophe. Despite the fact that the figure is taken care of mostly by women, men also often wonder how much their body looks attractive to women. “Beer” belly is also one of the problems of a purely male figure. And, nevertheless, we decided to dedicate this article to women, since it is the female figure that is enveloped in a lot of myths and guesses.


Slender women often smile, everything goes to their hands: work, and men, and friends. Slender easier to move up the career ladder and find a fan.

Not true. All women have equal chances of success, both in finding work and promotion, and in seeking out admirers. The set here has absolutely nothing to do with it. It’s all about your personal qualities. If a woman sets a goal, and by all means tries to achieve this, then everything will work out for her. Instead of thinking about plastic surgery, try to change your lifestyle, more self-confidence and activity – all in your hands.

If I were to eat only natural products, and not those that are stuffed with nitrates and other chemicals, then the body would get rid of toxins, and I would lose weight.

Not true. All products that can be purchased in our time contain chemicals. Only in some chemistry products is very little, but in others it can be very much. Also, these substances differ in terms of toxicity. For example, meat contains hormones and medicines. In bread, cheese, sausages, there is a mass of dyes, preservatives and emulsifiers. Even, it would seem, in useful vegetables and fruits, too, are pesticides and herbicides. It turns out that with every piece of food we inevitably pollute our body with slag. In principle, there are products that help remove slag from the body, even though they themselves contain them. So, parsley, spinach, dill, salad and other greens contain chlorophyll, which detoxifies the body. The most useful vitamin, which favors the purification of the body of toxins and mutagens – vitamin E, is found in large quantities in germinated wheat seeds. Many vegetables, fruits and berries are also able to purify the body of heavy metals and other chemicals. As you can see, one can not eat only natural products, but there is still a way out.

If my financial situation allowed me, I would buy only expensive food that would be good for health, eating only fruits and fruit salads.

In fact, high-calorie foods are much more expensive than vegetable, so almost everyone can afford to eat healthy foods. Even in the winter season, we can prepare dishes from foods such as rice, buckwheat, peas, potatoes, soybeans, onions. They are very useful and contain little fat compared to expensive meat and protein dishes, containing animal fats in large quantities. To maintain a good figure, eat exactly plant products. This approach will not only save your budget, but also keep a beautiful figure.

If I had free time, I could improve my figure.

Hardly. It is convenient for women to write off everything for a while, although in reality they are just lazy to go in for sports, and in their justification this reason is indicated. If you really want to improve your figure, but you do not have 3-4 hours a week, then first of all you need to learn how to organize your time. If you succeed, then there will be time. Learn to plan the day in advance. Try to limit the number of TV shows and TV shows watched, and save time for your body.


If I had a lot of money, I would visit expensive sports centers and elite beauty salons every day.

Not necessary. It’s all about wanting to have a slender figure, and also in self-discipline, but in no way in money. The main thing is to love your body and take care of it, and this can be done without money. Most likely, every woman is able to abandon the elevator and use the stairs, do at home, including a DVD with shaping. Did you know that, having risen on the 7th floor without an elevator, you will do the same warm-up as in 10 minutes on the simulator. For example, an hour of fast walking burns 210 calories, an hour of fast running – 900 calories. Try to leave a little earlier from home and get to work fast walking. Fast walking and jogging three times a week lasting from half an hour will give you a good sports form.

My fat figure is a consequence of heredity. Both my grandmother and mother were always full.

Not exactly. Genetically people are only given a predisposition to fullness, but it can be avoided if one leads a right way of life and eat right. Itself completeness, or overweight by inheritance is not transferred. If you continue to write off everything on genetics, then definitely will continue to gain weight. You need to re-examine completely your food, get rid of childhood habits, eat sweets, eat semi-finished foods, on the move, etc. Try to move more and play sports. Even if you can not significantly lose weight, the muscles will look much more attractive than fat.

If I were free, I would not have a husband and children, then I would look slim, healthy and beautiful. I would have plenty of time to devote to his health and figure.

On the contrary, it is the marital status and the presence of children that favors the burning of fats. Every woman wants her husband to consider her the most beautiful and unique, that’s why married women take more care of themselves and find time for this. The same situation with children. Moms spend more energy to prepare children to eat, collect them in a kindergarten or school, take them to the park, for a walk, to the sandbox. Instead of sitting at home by the TV, you will actively rest with the children. In addition, couples are often chosen for walks in the forest, in the park, in the hiking, on the ski track, etc.


If I were less than I would have easily lost weight.

Hardly. It is really difficult to lose weight in real life, regardless of age. But if you are determined to work hard every day, and also very much want to lose weight, then you will succeed. Especially for adults it is very necessary, because with age, because of the fullness, many serious diseases can develop.

If I had a simulator at home, I would have lost weight for a long time.

This has already been said a lot, but still … The main thing is to properly organize your time, then you will find a free hour to go to the gym. In addition, with the same success you can do at home shaping or fitness yourself, you can attract friends, if one is bored. Most likely, one and the same simulator will quickly bother you, and in a month you will not even come up to it.

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