Female mistakes in bed

As a rule, women speak more freely about problems in the intimate sphere. Men talk much more seldom about fearful people, fearing that such complaints will be a reason for ridicule both on the part of women and on the part of brothers on the floor, more successful in the field of Eros.

Female mistakes in bed

As a result, the impression is that all men are lascivious males who do not care where, with whom and how, and women are unsatisfied victims of male egoism. Meanwhile, there is a whole list of typical female actions, because of which sex for a man turns from a wonderful moment of the fusion of masculine and feminine beginnings into physical exercises.

Declination to sex during work.

Similar things among women are very common. It looks very nice when in the middle of the working day your girlfriend (wife, mistress) calls to you and says in a capricious voice: “Darling, I want you right now!” Especially fun if you are at this moment to be somewhere in a meeting with the chef, or you take an important visitor. Then the conversation goes as if with witnesses, which, undoubtedly, adds piquancy to him. All attempts to return the beloved to reality and persuade them to wait until the evening end in about the same way: “Oh, so! Then you can not come more, since you do not need me any more!” The man is still guilty. Straight through the old man Krylov: “You are to blame for what I want …”. Similarly, if the absolutely exhausted husband crawls from work, where he worked all day with his tongue sticking out, so that the family could go to the resort in summer and not to the mother-in-law to the village, and his wife meets his house, who is hungry for passion today. At the same time, women insulted by refusal somehow forget that they also sometimes have a headache, not to mention critical days.

Sex during football.

The overwhelming majority of men in one sixth of the world are infected with a sporting disease virus. Most women in one sixth of the land have a permanent immunity to this disease. Moreover, ladies arrogantly believe that they can heal their men from this virus. Therefore, very often women during football try to distract a man by any means. For example, by offering yourself. Someone even begins to show his beloved striptease. In another situation, he would go on “cheers”, but if the fan put before the choice: sex or the European Football Championship, a woman runs the risk of losing. A scandal begins, in which the man is informed that he is nuts, degenerate, and let him now live with the players. At the same time, an attempt is made to turn off the TV, which is generally dangerous for health. Meanwhile, the exit for a woman from the situation is elementary: wait an hour and a half. If they win, the man will give the lady a magical night for joy, if lost, he will seek in her embrace of consolation, and sex in this case, too, will bring pleasure.

Conversation during sex.

A classic anecdote on this subject: two in bed, the very peak of an intimate, and she asks: “Do you love me?” He replies: “What am I doing ?!” Surprisingly, it is characteristic of women at the most inopportune moment to throw absolutely inappropriate remarks. One acquaintance told a case that happened to him. He and his girl went to rest in Cyprus. The first day, everything is just wonderful. A lot of impressions, warm sea, very cozy restaurant. The evening passed into the night of passion, and, when a friend was already ready to reach orgasm, the girl suddenly jumped up crying: “God, I did not turn off the iron at home!” I wonder if the iron really was not turned off, then everything that could happen already happened, so you can relax and have fun. Instead, they called to their neighbors at midnight, begging them to check if the apartment had burned down. The apartment was not burnt, the iron turned out to be off, but because of this story the man could not make love for two weeks, because it was worth it to start, as the iron was recalled immediately.

An attempt to hide your body.

Very often ladies, especially those who give birth to married women in any way, try to hide their body from a man.For this, they strive to engage in sex in total darkness or in deep darkness, categorically protesting the position of “a woman from above.” The explanation for this is one: he will see my body, and it is in a terrible state, I will disgust him, and he will leave me, or he will laugh at me. This opinion can not but annoy. It turns out that a man who is in bed with a woman does not want her, but her shame and humiliation. But then it is not clear why a woman is looking for encounters with such a rascal? In addition, women clearly overestimate male naivete: a man discerns the figure of a woman under any clothes. If he was with a woman in bed, then his request to open his naked body is a sign that such a spectacle excites a man to the extreme, and does not disgust him.

Questions like: “Where did you learn this?”, “Have not you done this before?”

For the sake of justice, it should be noted that such questions are typical for both men and women. It happens that couples where the relationship lasts for a long time, the sensations from each other become dull, and the intimate relationship becomes less vivid than before. And then a man (or woman) risks trying to do in bed something that they never did before. And instead of gratitude, they burst into the following reaction: “What is this? Where did you learn this?” Before, did not you allow yourself to do this? Confess, who taught you this? ” Robust attempts to explain the situation at the root are suppressed by splashes of jealousy from the partner. Jealous women in this case go further than men: the check of a notebook, calls on a mobile, the search of pockets and so on begins. In the end, the offended enthusiast, waving his hand, comes into conflict with his claims, and the sex of this couple will never move from the “missionary” position, if at all the relationship persists.

Imitation of orgasm.

That’s where the insidiousness of women is manifested most of all! That’s what annoys a real loving man. The most interesting thing is that this seems to be for the sake of preserving the relationship: say, I love this person, but I do not have the proper sensations with him in bed. For his sake I will depict them. It’s bad anyway. If orgasm is simulated counterfeit, then the man will understand that he is fooled, and will be offended. If the imitation is performed well, the man will long think that in bed everything is fine, but when the truth opens (and she still opens, anyway), it will be such a slap from which he can forever lose faith in himself . So it’s better to be honest and together look for a way that satisfies the woman, even if it’s sex in an airplane at an altitude of 10 thousand meters.

Attempt to recreate scenes from porn.

Women often pretend that films of the XXX category disgust them. In fact, many would not mind watching them alone. However, sometimes some women confuse cinema with reality, and require their men to increase the size of “dignity” almost doubled, and also to increase the duration of sexual intercourse almost to an hour. And since the Russian peasants are not used to giving up before the West, some really undermine their health in a mad race with porn stars, spending huge amounts of money from the family budget to purchase stimulants. In addition, some poses and techniques from these films can only be done by professionals. Just at the beginning of the tapes with such masterpieces write: “Do not try to repeat! Dangerous for life!”

The decision of a question on contraception in the heat of the sexual certificate or act.

The next phrase will infuriate doctors, but most men do not like making love in a condom. Therefore, if it is a question of the constant partner, the man will try to avoid use of a rubber product. No, if a woman insists, he will not refuse, but the fact is that most women have an annoying habit of remembering this when the process, as they say, went.Only a man will go into rage, begin to fly up in spirit and flesh, suddenly he hears: “Put on a condom!” A condom can be at the other end of the room, in the medicine cabinet, and anywhere, but not at hand. Naturally, the pleasure is spoiled. The woman believes that the man had to take care of this in advance. But the man is hoping that the silence of a woman is a sign of consent to sex without rubber. So to avoid misunderstandings, it is better to tell the man in advance what is possible and what not.

Comparing the merits of a partner with other men.

Some women after sex leave in erotic memories, which they hasten to share with a man. As a result, he has to listen to a whole list of advantages and disadvantages of her former gentlemen. As a rule, the current partner is declared the best, which seems to flatter his male ego. But if he really loves a woman, then in fact it is not very pleasant for him to delve into her sexual past. Of course, the virginity of the chosen one in our time does not play a significant role, but the information that your passion was before you was caressed, figuratively speaking, Ali Baba and forty robbers, “does not add any pleasant emotions.” Of course, to a loving man, the past of a woman does not matter, but he will rather choose to be ignorant of his predecessors than he will know the whole inside.

The demand for immediate repetition

Very often, especially if the orgasm was really bright, women, when they come to, try to immediately experience these They express resentment and discontent when a man is not able to immediately rush into a new sexual battle, while the man himself would be happy, but he can not for quite explainable physiological characteristics. it takes an hour, but this is not the reason to declare him impotent. The most impatient young ladies start all the hard to cheer their partner, and sometimes they achieve their own. Therefore, it is better for a woman not to demand from a man: “Stand in front of me like a leaf in front of the grass!”, But wait for a natural recovery, helping him in this easy erotic massage.

Crumpled final.

Another common female mistake is hurry dressing after sex. A pragmatic lady reasons like this: It’s time to cook soup, help your son with mathematics and wash clothes. And while the partner is lying relaxed on the bed, she busily pulls on her clothes and leaves the room. Negative is the strong sex and to the desire of women immediately after sex to wash off the traces of crime. No, I would lie in bed with a partner for 10-15 minutes, soak up, stroke him on the head … What should I do? First, forget about soup, math and dirty laundry. All this can wait an extra 20 minutes. Psychologists say that moments after sex are almost more valuable than sex itself. Secondly, if you leave a partner right after “this”, to “expel” the sperm spies with a stream of water, it is better to look for other methods of contraception.

The smell of perfume.

In their desire to please ladies, they often overlook differences in the characteristics of male and female physiology. For example, it seems to women that the French spirits cause the male heart to beat more often, in time to the growing desire. That’s why before the meeting in the course go and perfume, and deodorants, and fragrant gels. But these efforts are not only vain, but sometimes harmful. According to the results of scientific research, sharp smells do not increase, but lower the sexual desire of men. Especially if the smells are “chemical” like spirits or deodorants (even the most expensive ones). Take into account, the natural smells of the female body excite men much more than any chemistry.

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