Female alcoholism

If a woman does not agree with relatives who tell her that she drinks too much or often, this is a sure sign that she develops alcohol dependence. Few have an idea of ​​how many women’s tears are invisible to the world, dripping into glasses with alcohol. Female alcoholism is a phenomenon that little is known to the general public, and therefore a lot of myths are born around it …

Female alcoholism

Female alcoholism is incurable.

Alcoholism is one of chronic diseases, just like diabetes or bronchial asthma, so doctors never talk about cure. Their goal – to achieve remission of the disease, in the case of alcoholism – a sober lifestyle. Alcoholics can not be returned to the state in which she was before she started drinking, but it is realistic to help her become a teetotaler who does not drink alcohol and does not need a state of intoxication. Women, like men, most are prevented from curing lack of desire. Patients often come to doctors not to really get treatment, but to normalize their psychosomatic status (to remove unpleasant feelings) and solve problems in the family (“I’m going to be treated”). The peculiarity of female alcoholism is that in patients the affect predominates, which quickly displaces all unpleasant things from consciousness. For example, a psychotherapist works with her to make her aware of her illness, and after half an hour of talking, she will force everything out, affect her emotions and say that all this is nonsense. Narcologists complain that women almost always get to them in neglect. Out of fear of shame, they can hide their drunkenness so long that it comes to treatment before the treatment, only when it is impossible to hide and the diagnosis of “alcoholism” is written on the face. And the effectiveness of treatment, as in other diseases, is directly related to how timely it was started.

The bottle is mostly ladies of Balzac age.

Alcoholics have recently grown considerably younger. To narcologists even 13-year-old patients get. American actress Drew Barrymore managed to be treated at a rehab clinic before she reached adulthood. Alcoholism can be affected by anyone with a systematic use of alcohol – twice a week and more often when drinking becomes a system: weekends – you have to drink, after work or study – look into the bar. If a person starts drinking systematically, he will get sick with alcoholism. When this is already a question of genetics and the age of a woman. The dose of a psychotropic substance (and alcohol can also be attributed to them) is calculated not by body weight, like the rest of the drugs, but by age. So the young one gets drunk faster than a pensioner. In addition, a woman’s organization of the nervous system is such that she will get drunk faster than a man. Although the timing is very, very conditional, it is believed that the man’s way to alcoholism takes ten years, women – six months or two.

Female alcoholism

Women are drunk on the soil of mental trauma.

The nature of a woman is such that everyone has a trauma. And even if there are no reasons for experiencing (the husband abandoned or the child died), she will still come up with a tragedy. Women tend to dramatize the situation, but the cause of alcoholism is not that. In the end, after the war, many women did not wait for husbands, sons, brothers, they were left alone, but did not sleep, but, on the contrary, tried to do something good. The preconditions for female alcoholism are in the absence of real problems. Narcology shamefully conceals the role of intoxication in a person’s life, and it tears the rigid connection between the inner state and reality, gives the person what intention he entered into a state of intoxication. Someone drinks with the intention of calming down and calming down, and someone – to start, and inflated. This attitude occurs both consciously and subconsciously. A woman drinks to get a certain state of mind. Without alcohol, life seems to her to be lean, and when she drinks – it becomes interesting to her that she does not interest in a sober state.The state of intoxication gives rise to a sense of life. When she transfers significant vital activity into a state of intoxication, she begins to drink systematically and becomes an alcoholic. And further on, biology, physiology and alcoholism are already developing.

There is a “safe” dose of alcohol from which you do not get drunk.

A conditionally safe dose for a woman does exist: two units of alcohol per day. One unit is 125 ml of wine with a strength of 9% or 0.5 liters of beer. However, when the wine is 12% wine in the glass, double fill it – and this is three units. Our ladies do not try to delve into the mathematical subtleties and pour what is put on the table, so, according to statistics, 25% of young women regularly drink twice the norm. Many fall into the misconception that it is enough not to exceed 14 units per week, so they walk absolutely sober all week, and at the weekend catch up. In fact, a single use of large doses of alcohol is much more dangerous for the body and quickly causes a habit than the infrequent use of small doses.

Female alcoholism

Alcoholics are sleeping under a fence and homeless.

Both the queen and the beggar drink. Aristocrats of the last century drank in barbershops, at tailors and hid alcohol in a hairdress. The bottom of each has its own. But we see drunken bums on the street, and the drunk business lady or the wife of a new Russian sleeps at home. On the diagnosis it is not reflected. The reason for the alcoholism of many successful women is that they always want to feel their importance, to receive recognition again and again. For an actress, who was given an award, this fact of success does not mean anything in a week. A person seeking recognition does not know this limits. The problem is that alcoholism invariably leads to degradation, and talent is drowning in a glass, and the glory remains in the past. Then already intoxication is the only opportunity to feel at the height.

Alcoholics are a rarity.

Alas! Women drink, and more like. But in their minds the image of a green horror with a bottle from a school textbook on biology and male phrases about how disgusting a drunk woman sit is stronger. Female alcoholism is hidden. A man will drink a hundred grams and wants everyone to see it. The woman, on the contrary, will try to hide her drunkenness: she sprays with perfume, will carefully work around the husband who has returned from work. There was even a case when the husband filed a complaint against a doctor who put his wife’s diagnosis of “alcoholism”, because he himself did not even think of it. It is not so difficult to notice that a wife, sister or daughter has been put to the bottle. And it’s not a smell, it can be interrupted. Drinking woman coarsens, her character changes, brutality, bitchiness, dishonesty appear. She becomes more irritable, selfish, disregards relationships with relatives for the sake of a feast, the opportunity to socialize and drink. When a woman feels guilty for her drunkenness, she, on the contrary, is too zealous with her solicitude, fussiness, sentimentality. If you suspect a loved one of alcoholism, do not try to blame her, to expose her, especially since she will deny everything. The tactics of indirect hints are needed: here she was drunk, how terrible it is, and this, on the contrary, stopped drinking and looks much better. It is important to develop in her the desire to be treated, without which all your tricks will still be useless.

Female alcoholism

Dear and quality alcohol is harmless.

Taste, color, price – this is the tenth question. Some “wind up” in the gateway with cheap beer and grape vodka, others – French cognac and liqueurs in the country cottage. Marilyn Monroe drank champagne, Elizabeth Taylor – Scotch whiskey, Edith Piaf – cognac. The main thing is the dose, systematics and the need for intoxication. The state of intoxication deprives the woman of self-criticism, changes her attitude. She thinks that she is just spending a good time with a glass of expensive drink, but in fact already drinking.

Alcohol gives sexuality.

By acting on certain brain receptors, alcohol in small (!) Doses strengthens a woman’s sexual desire, liberates her, makes her cheerful and witty. However, in many men the drunken lady causes far less interest than sober people. This happens on a physiological level: a woman to him with all his passion, he seems to want, too, but it’s disgusting. In addition, intoxication, which freed the lady from complexes and modesty, leads to a complete loss of criticism and illegibility in sexual contacts. Having lost control over her behavior, she can easily wake up in the bed of an unfamiliar man.

Alcohol helps to cope with stress.

This is half-truth, because from the very beginning the correct statement was raised in dogma and forgot about the main thing – moderate consumption, which in no case should become a regularity: stress is time to drink. In small doses, alcohol acts as a stimulant, it helps to relieve tension and relax. In large doses, the action of “medicine” changes to the exact opposite, and alcohol “works” as a depressant, suppressing interest in life and the brightness of colors. The habit of applying to the bottle to relieve stress, the surest way to get addicted to alcohol, because at first alcoholism is formed as a psychic addiction and only then as a physiological and biochemical.

Female alcoholism

Alcohol is good for health.

One of the most dangerous delusions in our country, because alcohol is useful in a dose, exactly half the dose of safe, that is, one glass of wine per day or quarter of a liter of beer per day. In this framework, units are kept, and even more so few people pay attention to what exactly drinks. For medicinal purposes (for lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood) only red wine and high-quality (!) Vodka are suitable. All other beverages to consume under the slogan “we drink, so as not to hurt” is meaningless and dangerous. The harm of alcohol is much more obvious than its usefulness. The central nervous system reacts to alcohol abuse (neurons are rapidly destroyed, the woman degrades faster, falls), the liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis), the heart (cardiopathy, cardiosclerosis), the gastrointestinal tract, the menstrual cycle is broken, often there are miscarriages, there is an early menopause . Quickly fading skin, the lady is aging and loses her femininity. The effect of alcohol on the fetus of a pregnant or nursing alcoholic does not need to be said. Children who drink women are born with the so-called alcoholic fetus syndrome, which every second child is accompanied by heart defects, abnormalities in the development of organs, mental disorders, visual, hearing, and speech defects. Absorbing alcohol with the mother’s milk, the children are lagging behind in growth, weight and, in fact, become alcoholics in the cradle, later repeating the fate of the mother.

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