Fathers and daughters

Fathers who have daughters grow up often hear that they are unlucky. Not only that from these children to men of the help in an economy it is not necessary to wait, so sooner or later it will be necessary to face problems of transition age.

Actually, daughters for a real man are wealth! Their upbringing brings joy, they are not a burden at all. And how many caresses you can get and confessions of love! Large fathers, growing daughters, share their advice on their upbringing. Their essence is simple – building a warm relationship with the child is based on his understanding and friendship. And our advice will help to do this.

Fathers and daughters

Necessity of love.

Men are harsh people. It is all the more important to learn how to show your love to your daughter. She needs it much more than gifts or money. They can not compensate for the lack of communication. Only a loving father can give a real sense of protection and confidence. The daughter will grow and sometimes make mistakes, parents will be upset, face sharpness and rudeness. Nevertheless, you should not give even the slightest reason to doubt the love of his father. The daughter must understand that he loves her for who she is and will always be understood and forgiven in her parents’ home. And do not be afraid to talk about it often. Why not look into her eyes and say: “I love you.”

Choosing a future partner.

It depends on the father which partner in his life will choose his daughter. And the point here is not in the final statement of the groom, but in relation to her in the period of education. If the father is a good mentor and friend, then his daughter will subconsciously look for a man who looks like him. Otherwise, she will hardly understand what her choice should be. This will entail problems with the choice of partner and marriage. In happy families, small girls often say that they will grow up and marry their father. This is a good sign, which means that the father behaves correctly.

Play the same music as your daughter.

When a girl enters adolescence, she has a love for modern music. But only it is not always to the taste of parents. We must still try to understand what exactly the child finds in it. Why not listen to the discs with her, do not go to the concert of a fashion group? So you will have something to discuss. When you are traveling with your daughter in the car, do not switch the music she chooses. After all, sooner or later there will come a time when she will already move independently, and resentment can remain.

Relationship to the mother.

This advice is the most important. Girls are sensitive to how men treat their mother. It is worth to be a loving and affectionate spouse, and this will greatly affect the relationship with the daughter. And let the children see that their father loves their mother and values ​​his family and marriage. Participating in the life of your daughter, do not forget about your personal. Let there be time to visit the theater with his wife, for a romantic evening in a restaurant. Let there be a small trip without children. If children see that a wife for a man is not less important than they are, it will benefit both marriage and the attitude of children towards him.

Do not retire in adolescence.

From 11 to 15 years old the girl has a difficult age. It will change outwardly and maybe even become less beautiful for the time being. She will have new traits of character, she will become rude and disobedient. But in this difficult period you can not stay away from your daughter, you need to keep with her emotional connection. It is necessary to know what problems she lives, what she does, with whom she is friends and meets. And in general, it is worth to be ready to help her on any issue. Do not laugh at your daughter if she took your razor to shave her legs. The child should be treated with love and understanding, even if he is not 5, but 15 years old.

Fathers and daughters

Joint sports activities.

To make a strong and confident woman grow out of a timid girl, she will have to love sports. And who, if not her father, will help in this? Do with it gymnastics, take on morning jogs or on bicycle walks.Let the daughter learn how to wring out, and how interesting are outdoor sports games! Who said that girls should be weak and defenseless? Thanks to sports the fortress will be formed both physical, and sincere, firm character. It is worthwhile to understand that in the modern world, femininity is manifested not only in a beautiful outfit, but also in the strength of body and spirit.

Small holidays.

In the life of any woman, childhood must remain happy at times. And the memories are formed by those holidays and bright events that took place in these glorious years. Let the birthdays of the daughter will not be family gatherings, but a short trip for a couple of days. Let the daughter herself make a list of those places or even countries where she would like to visit. It remains to discuss it together and choose the best option. And it is necessary to entrust the daughter with the planning of such a journey, compiling a list of things necessary for him. And of course do not forget about the camera to capture these wonderful moments. At the end of each week, it is worthwhile to watch interesting films together, and then to exchange impressions. Or why not organize a festive breakfast on Sunday? And what is the bad tradition of sharing tea in some cozy cafe? And in general on weekends it is best to walk through the most interesting places in the city. You can not be lazy to invent such adventures and you must take pictures of them. Let the daughter’s emotional memory be filled with time spent with her father.

It is more important to give than to take.

When children suddenly realize that all life is not just about them, they are very surprised. After all, now it turns out that the last piece of food should be left to someone else. The task of the father is to explain to the daughter that life will be better from the fact that each of us will help someone else. Sometimes it’s better to stand in line than to be the first, pushing the elbows of others. And when you’re wrong, you have to honestly admit it.

Be close at the most important points.

It’s no secret that most men are busy building their own careers. They just do not have free time to communicate with children. Nevertheless, the most important moments in a daughter’s life can not be missed. It can be a concert in a music school, sports competitions or an exhibition of her works in a creative workshop. And praise, praise your daughter, regardless of the results – after all, efforts were made. And even if this day there are other plans – football or social gatherings with friends, it is worth setting priorities. Plans can often be moved, but the daughter’s childhood is no longer there. It is irretrievably gone.

Turn off your mobile phone at home.

The main mistake of the fathers is that they continue to be absent at home, even physically being there. And the blame for everything – a mobile phone. Men are busy with their smartphone or tablet, are engaged in correspondence, communicate in social networks and leave tweets. And at this time, the little daughter is waiting for her to pay attention. Crossing the threshold of the house, it is best to immediately turn off the phone. I need to pay a little attention to my daughter, who was waiting for her father all day. Why not instead of Facebook read the book or just sit, embracing? Yes, and she podruchitsya with his father with pleasure. Very soon, the girl will have other interests, is she going to want to stay at home, where no one cares about her?

To be able to braid braids.

It is believed that braiding of hair – a purely feminine occupation. This mothers comb their daughters and tie funny tails to them. But just in case it would be nice and father to learn this. Suddenly he and his daughter will go somewhere on vacation? Experienced psychologists advise fathers to learn not only to make a hairdress for a daughter, but also to paint her nails. This will prove to the child that the father can be not only strong, but also tender.

To go with my daughter somewhere together.

At least several times a year, it is worth inviting a daughter on a date without a mother or other family members. It can be a theater, a movie or a restaurant.During such meetings the daughter will understand how another man should treat her. The father will open the door of the car, help remove or put on his coat. The daughter will hear compliments and jokes, will have the opportunity to choose a dish for herself, for which the attentive gentleman will pay. Let her at least sometimes feel “beautiful in a million.” Father certainly will not ruin it. In addition, you can come up with your own options, where and how best to spend time with your daughter. It can be a trip to the park or a trip to the bookstore. It is important to plan everything in advance, so that it looks like a real “adult” date.

Explain that beauty is not the main thing.

Trivial truth – every girl dreams of being beautiful. But who, if not the father, should explain to the daughter what is more important than inner beauty? It is thanks to the nature, kindness and self-esteem that the right way of life will be formed. The modern world imposes the sensual ideals of glamor, the abandonment of which is not easy. It is the father who will have to tell his daughter that she must win respect and love not by exposing her body, but by moral qualities.

Fathers and daughters

Do not miss your childhood.

At some point you realize that life does not go, but rushes with great speed! And at the moment there is a person on the planet who needs you more than anything, a girl who calls you father. It is necessary to enjoy this role and not to miss the childhood of your child. It will end so quickly that you can not even blink an eye.

Do not be afraid to ask your daughter for forgiveness.

Many parents do everything they can for their daughters. But adults are also imperfect. A father can unfairly offend a daughter or not keep his promise. Do not be afraid to ask your daughter for forgiveness if you are wrong. On authority this will not affect. If you do not know how to do this, then you need to study urgently. And words must go from the heart. Only this way you can get closer to your daughter, and she will certainly forgive the guilty, but such a sincere father.

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