Families of Yemen

Faced with the statistics of marriages and divorces of different countries, we see not very pleasant pictures and figures. Divorces become commonplace even in countries where they hold strict views in the family and where they are very careful about family and family ties.

It would seem that the time has already passed when women were only the subject for the birth of children. However, it turns out that there are still countries in which for women there is very little place in life and where the woman is still suffering the most real torture.

What is family? This mutual understanding between the spouses, mutual respect and even if there are no feelings between the spouses, yet marriage implies equality of partners. After all, the family is created, because a person can not be alone, he needs the support of a loved one.

However, all this is not acceptable for most Arab countries, which can be called only for men. All privileges, all rights and opportunities can only have men. They have complete freedom of action, they can choose their own wife, they can get a divorce from a woman who does not interest them or does not satisfy them. Men in these countries are all permitted and their power is unlimited.

All the rules of the Muslim world in Yemen understand literally and strictly follow the laws of the Koran, which puts a man above all else. The woman in this case is important only to bear heirs and it is desirable that they are only sons. By the birth of girls are treated with disdain, and mothers themselves have to take care of girls, to whom the relationship is not better than for women themselves.

A woman in Yemen is a sinner who at any time can commit a deadly sin, she is full of temptations and therefore has no right to appear in public. A woman can not go out without the permission of the man, the owner of the house.

Her whole world ends in the courtyard of the house and even there she should not show her face. All her life a woman in Yemen hides herself not only from other people’s eyes, but also from her own husband.

Even in moments of intimacy, a woman can not afford to show her body, because seducing her husband is also a big sin. But men are not at all embarrassed to spend time with other women and especially enjoy the moment when they leave for work in other countries or cities.

Married life for Yemeni women does not represent anything attractive. However, marriage is for the Yemeni woman not so bad. As a child, girls in Yemen have to face another cruel law, namely female circumcision, which is still practiced in more than twenty Arab countries.

It is believed that the female sexual organs – this is the most dirty place and a man can get infected. Circumcision in this case is an opportunity to eradicate filth in family relationships.

The circumcision procedure in Yemen is carried out in the most barbaric way, when conventional scissors, knives and other items are used. Girls experience wild pain during this procedure and even when the wounds heal, they bring incredible torment. And, mothers knowing about what is to be transferred to their daughters, still go to such a step.

How to name this state of affairs, except as an elementary cruelty. Every woman in Yemen, from birth, is taught the idea that she is a sinner and that only evil can go on from her, that’s why every woman brings up her children in the same thoughts.

It is worth noting also that after circumcision, a woman not only can not experience pleasure from sex, but experiences incredible pain during intercourse, when healing wounds and scars can again disperse. Proximity to a woman becomes a real test and she can only dream of becoming pregnant and leaving a man alone.

Circumcision can lead to problems during childbirth, and for health such procedures are very dangerous, especially since they occur in a completely non-sterile environment.

There is another problem, which is selling women. A man in Yemen, who expresses the desire to get married and has all the possibilities for this, can choose his wife. In this case, secured men can choose a young girl even from a poor family, if she is attractive.

There is a simple sale of the girl and even if she has not reached the age when the girls are getting married, parents can give her away for a certain amount. The appropriate ceremonies are carried out, which are necessary for marriage, and the girl will leave her parents’ house forever and maybe that she will not be able to see her parents, because she can not leave her husband’s house.

In Yemen, getting into the family of her spouse, the girl completely falls into his power. If in the house of her parents she had at least minimal rights, then in her husband’s house, she became just an extra mouth that needs to be fed and only after the birth of her son, she can get very little privileges.

A girl in Yemen, who can not become pregnant in the first year of a married life, may become unnecessary, and she can simply be kicked out of the house, because infertility for a woman is another manifestation of sin.

The government of Yemen today is beginning to think about abolishing the excessively cruel traditions and some cruel customs that apply to Yemeni women. However, while it comes to solution, women will have to endure this state of affairs and continue to experience humiliation in the family.

It is strange to see such a state of affairs when global changes take place all over the world and when in almost every country customs and rules for women are revised. They get more freedom, are respected in public and political circles, and such barbaric things happen when a woman turns into a thing.

The modern world should not allow such a disregard and it is worthwhile to draw the attention of the government to reviewing most of the laws adopted earlier and taking a different view of religious customs and traditions. Everyone has the right to have his own opinion, his rights and the opportunity to live as he wishes.

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