Families of Malta

A small state – Malta, has suffered a lot of events in its history. Malta has always been very attractive for many neighboring states, and each tried to annex this small state to itself.

The inhabitants of Malta constantly became representatives of one country or another. The history of this country can be spoken for a very long time, because many historical facts are connected with Malta.

However, the inhabitants of Malta are very interesting people who have a unique color that is unique to the Maltese. These people are incredibly proud of their small country and how much interesting it has experienced in all its time. Malta got a lot of different cultures, which brought something new to the life and life of every Maltese.

As a result, a strange mixture turned into a new culture. However, the Sicilian culture manifests itself to a greater extent, and even in every Maltese, the notes of the Sicilian character appear.

If it were not for what happened in the country during its entire existence, the Maltese could not become what they are now and would not be so unique personalities as they are. There is even a language in the country where the Maltese themselves speak and only they themselves are able to understand each other.

The inhabitants of Malta speak of such an incredible mix of English and Maltese that no one can understand them except themselves. If you hear this language at least once, then it is impossible to confuse it with anything else.

By the way, the Sicilian character of the Maltese is manifested in the family, which is very important for every Maltese. They have a special relationship to family values, which are strictly kept and not subject to any changes.

The country is prohibited from doing abortions, so families can have three or more children. However, it is because family planning is almost impossible to implement, the Maltese marry rather late.

Currently, the age of marriage can reach thirty, and even more years, for both women and men. The same serious attitude in the country and to divorce, which also causes the Maltese to think seriously, before deciding to start a family.

Young people who listen first of all not to the voices of reason but give themselves up to their passions, later understand that they made a mistake, but nothing can be corrected. Young people can only be kept by their parents, who often refuse to consent to a marriage, so that children can think a little and make the right decision.

The family is not only feelings, passion and love, it is also mutual understanding between the spouses, as well as wealth in the family, which should ensure the life of the whole family. It takes time to gain financial stability.

The ban on divorce and abortion allows the Maltese to create really strong numerous families in which all traditions are sacredly respected, and family values ​​stand in the first place. The Maltese for all the holidays gather with their whole large family, which consists of several generations.

Even the youngest children are present at the festivities, which from an early age have been taught to appreciate the family celebrations and unity of all relatives and friends.

Breaking family ties for the Maltese is the worst thing, so all family members maintain relationships with each other wherever they are and how far apart each other does not live. Parents for the Maltese are the most respected people, who are honored and help them in everything.

However, despite this, in Malta, a network of nursing homes is quite developed, which is a bit incomprehensible to such adherents of family relationships as the Maltese.The fact that many parents and themselves are happy to go to such homes, so as not to be an extra burden for their children and not to interfere, to live with them.

Although if you pay attention to the nursing homes themselves, they can only be compared to a comfortable apartment with amenities. Apartments in which elderly people live are characterized by a high level of comfort, which even not all children can provide to their elderly parents.

It should be noted that the Maltese are quite lazy, and it is very difficult to force them to do something in the house, especially for men who will find a large number of reasons for escaping from work around the house and from helping their spouses. However, laziness can be forgiven, if you pay attention to what kind of Maltese are friendly and how much they are positive about life.

They can find their positive aspects in everything, so that it does not happen. Even family problems are solved with a positive attitude, and the best way out of each situation will be found.

Maltese love to go to visit and they never refuse to accept guests, because this is an extra opportunity to talk, to say the same, the Maltese love very much. They can argue for several hours in a row about something, prove their case.

This affects the willingness to compete always and in everything. Residents of Malta are willing to argue about everything, can participate in any competition, because they have the spirit of the winners.

All the life of the Maltese is so amazing and unique that sometimes it seems that these people lead the most correct way of life and everything that we do is wrong and incomprehensible. It feels like the Maltese live by some rules that were not set by the people of Malta themselves.

This application hands over, because, as they live in Malta, how families are created and how children are raised, no one lives. Maltese people are interesting people, with their unique features that are not like anything. They have their own culture, which was formed on the basis of many world cultures and collected all the traditions and customs of various cultures and peoples.

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