Families of India

To date, almost all countries can observe a phenomenon such as civil marriages. People do not seek to marry, they check their feelings for a long time in order to avoid an unpleasant divorce procedure, and therefore most often marry already in adulthood from twenty-five to thirty-five years. In this difficult situation all over the world, we need to pay attention to the exception in the issue of marriage.

Such exceptions are Indian families, which are based not just on love and compulsory marital status and the upbringing of children. Indian families are created in a unique spirituality, which brings into their lives that which is not enough for everyone else, the unique unification of the spouses and their souls, which can rarely be found in an ordinary modern family.

Indian families, despite the fact that India also does not lag behind the world and is now becoming modern, retained their ancient traditions and customs. Girls are modest and educated in love and respect for parents and national traditions, which, above all, is estimated by her future spouse.

In some families, it is still customary for a girl to determine her bride’s son or groom at an infant age. One can certainly think that Indian traditions are similar to Muslim traditions.

The truth is a gross mistake, because in an Indian family it is believed that both spouses are the same, and both are important for creating a full and strong family. Of course, a man is considered strong and he is the main earner for the family, and hence the responsibility lies on him more, because he needs to keep his wife and his children in plenty.

In many families, spouses often leave home or go to other cities or even countries to work so that the family never needs. At this time, the woman must maintain the warmth of the hearth, love in the family and complete improvement of living together.

Thus, both spouses fulfill their function in family life and family relationships, so that their rights are equalized. One must get food, and the other must improve the house and store it.

It is believed that everything that happens in the family is a kind of test for the spouses, and if they overcome all the difficulties that life presents to them, then true loving hearts find each other and will go together in life. Difficulties are hardened and they need to be experienced together, because first of all a family is being created, based on the relationship of two people, and everything else is only external factors.

The main criteria for happiness in an Indian family is the life of each other. Often it happens that in the family one of the partners tries to live, at the expense of the other, and there is no place for unity and friendship, but only a cold calculation. In the Indian family, both partners are aimed at giving as much as possible to their spouse and the more this return, the closer the relationship.

Thus, it can be said that all family life in India is built on a deep understanding of each other’s friend, equality between both spouses, family life should be built exclusively on spirituality and pure and sincere love.

We should not forget that the Hindus created the famous Kama Sutra, the book where the whole world learns the art of love. Once upon a time it was believed that the intimate relations of the spouses should only take place for the birth of children. Hindus have never considered and remain so, are true to their opinion. For them, intimate relationships are another higher manifestation of love and spiritual unity between a man and a woman who should give pleasure and additional emotions.

As for the general family relations, the Indians are very sensitive to all related ties. Usually Indian families are quite large, if you count all brothers, sisters, grandmothers, grandfathers and other relatives.

Wedding for them is a very important celebration, which takes place in the presence of all the relatives on the part of the bride and groom. This is a bright, beautiful holiday, which is held on all the ancient traditions of India.

After the wedding, young people often move to the husband’s house where they live, for some time until they get their home. However, it happens so, together in one house young people live, their parents, as well as grandfathers and grandmothers.

Who has the opportunity to provide young people with a separate housing immediately, then it is arranged together with young people, where they begin their own independent family life.

The Hindus are treated with great love for the children, the news that the family is expected to replenish, flies around the whole district in a matter of days, and the family and friends of the family come to congratulate the young mother almost every day. The older generation of women begin to give advice to the young mother, to support her throughout the entire pregnancy and the first years of life of the little man.

Needless to say that a child from a young age is taught to love the world around him, to a national tradition; they are taught a great love for their homeland, religion and relatives, especially they teach to honor their parents, brothers, sisters.

Children grow up in a very calm and kind environment, they always feel the love of their parents, their peaceful living with each other and know that they will always be supported and helped at a difficult moment. Growing up, the children try to develop in themselves and further that spiritual union with the world around them, which they absorbed with their mother’s milk.

Indian films to some extent convey that family spiritual bond that exists between the spouses, we see a strong love and respect in the family, a love for children. We see how zealously the spouses are defending their relationship and how the two loving hearts are drawn to each other.

After all, movies are removed in a difficult way, all stories are taken from real life, based on real events, and real hot love that connects two people for life.

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