Families of Great Britain

Everyone knows the stiffness of the English is manifested not only in their relationship to others, but also in family relationships. If you walk around the cities of Great Britain, it is noticeable, there will be such an interesting trend: young mothers never walk with young children, but only women or middle-aged men.

Is it possible for the English with their character to afford to give their children to their grandparents? All the matter is that women very late give birth to their first-born, therefore to see a young girl with a baby is very rare.

First of all, the British take care of becoming as independent and financially secure as possible, only after that they start thinking about creating a family.

Despite late marriages in English families, there are often up to three children. This situation explains the appearance of middle-aged women with wheelchairs and small children.

One should not even think about the fact that young families are helped by their parents in the upbringing of children. Of course, they love their grandchildren and will never refuse to take them for a day or two, but only on weekends.

However, it is always possible to take small grandchildren to yourselves for upbringing or for a long period of time. In addition, the young family always lives separately from their parents, because parents are not accepted to take any serious help.

Education in the family in the UK is the mother’s business, but if the woman is the main breadwinner in the family or occupies a rather high official position, then in this case for the children they hire a nanny. And the nurse can be constant or young girls who come from other countries to find a job can be hired.

Babysitting in the UK is quite expensive, because the nanny is obligated, not only is next to the child during the absence of parents, but also herself to prepare a special program for the upbringing of the child, which will help him develop faster. To do this, you need to have an appropriate education and it is natural that the services of a nanny with education are more expensive.

Not every woman can afford to use the services of a nanny, but in English families, very often a nanny can be hired even when a woman does not work and herself can raise children.

For children in the UK there is a large number of different circles, sections, playgrounds and much more. It is very convenient for mothers who spend all day at work and can not spend much time with children. In addition, there are also special game groups that are organized in private homes and are created by several mothers.

In this case, each of the women takes turns to stay with the children. A special program can be developed to teach and educate children in these game groups.

Similar groups are created not only in order to have the opportunity to leave young children. Pregnant women can also create a similar group, which then after the birth often gather together, and the children at this time play with each other.

It is the character of the English, patient and peculiar, that fosters the same feelings in children. For example, a mother can endure the pranks of her baby for a very long time, and only a kind smile will answer all his vagaries. From an early age, children are taught to society and the life that surrounds them.

Parents often take their children with them to shops, bars or cafes. And it should be noted that in every public institution there are rooms for children, where you can leave the child under supervision, disguise and feed. Even on the streets in the UK there are convenient congresses for wheelchairs that allow parents to move freely.

Probably, in no country do not treat children as closely as in the UK. All the surrounding are very friendly, always ready to help the mother to look after the baby.

That is why young children are absolutely calm about perceiving everything that surrounds them since childhood and do not experience any anxiety. We can say that children in the UK have a happy, cloudless childhood.

Among other things, Britain is one of the safest countries where accidents happen least with children. For them everything is foreseen.

In addition to the congresses for wheelchairs, which were thought only by the British, on each playground you can see the decking of sawdust. If children are transported by car, a special chair is necessarily used.

Talking about the education of children in the UK can also be very much. Parents try to do everything possible to ensure that children have access to higher education institutions and allow them to receive the most prestigious specialty. Almost every Englishman has one or even two higher educations.

Relations between husband and wife to each other in the UK can probably be called the ideal of family life. When they conclude late marriages, the English already have not only a stable financial position, but they also make their choice carefully to create a family.

The average age is already the time when interests and preferences are formed and each person selects a pair for themselves, in order to have common themes. The boundless patience and tranquility that is inherent in all Englishmen make family life equally peaceful.

Perhaps from the outside it may seem boring, when all life passes on one clearly established note, without accidents and small shakes in the family. However, in English families there are scandals, failures and their problems, as well as many other families.

Simply, the English have their own peculiarity not to convey all their emotions and feelings to everyone, but try to find the strength to hold back. In society, you can see a happy family, in which there are wonderful and kind relations.

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