Families of France

Romantic France, the night lights of the Eiffel Tower have become for us Russians the ideal of love and a happy family life for the French. The center of fashion and beauty, Paris, attracts and beckons with its beauty, thousands of women sigh, watching fashion magazines with photographs of French cities and hugging lovers couples.

Families of France

The gallant courtship of men, the happy faces of women – all suggests that the family life of the French is full of love, harmony and pacification. The French are very gallant and believe that all relations are tied up in a properly arranged conversation, which depends on the first impression produced on a person.

However, the present can somewhat cool the ardor. In reality, the French are relatively cold about marriage and civil marriage is more acceptable for them. The civil marriage even, probably, costs on the first place because every year the quantity of divorces in France all more increases.

Once the French families were quite large, all the national traditions were observed, relatives gathered on holidays all together, shared their news. However, if for us the family is a lot of different relatives, then for the French, the family is only two spouses and a child, everything else for them is just a formality.

With regard to children, young couples in France are not in a hurry to acquire a family replenishment and at first spend some time alone, enjoying only one another’s company. The upbringing of children is very different in different social strata: in middle-class families, they are held in more rigor than children from more affluent families.

In addition, if the parents are busy, and the child addresses them with a question, the baby will have to wait until his mother or father is released, and only then the child will receive an answer. Thus, it is believed that children in France should choose the right time for communication. Children can not take any serious steps without the permission of their parents – this accustoms to great respect and authoritarian parents.

However, despite the fact that families are now being created very hard, yet the French respect the family values ​​and traditions with great respect, and always all holidays and weekends are held in unison and in the full complement of their family.

A decent girl in France should not join any sexual relations until she was twenty, although we in Russia were assured that sexy French women are very dismissed and debauched.

In connection with this peculiarity of abstinence, young people in France are forced to seek intimate relationships with girls of a different nationality. Men in this sense of the word find it easier to find a pair.

In the French family the head is a man, he has authority for children and the wife. After the man for the woman in second place is the mother-in-law who closely watches that the daughter-in-law correctly brought up children that in the house of her son always there was an order.

Both spouses in France maintain a stable financial situation in the family, it is very rare that one of the spouses is a housewife. For this reason, the government has expanded the program to ensure that children of working parents can be left in kindergartens or nurseries.

In France, not so long ago, women did not have the right to vote. They received this right only after 1945. Equal relations in marriage were established only in 1985, and then the woman had already received complete freedom and all rights.

It was then that in family relations there was more kindness and respect for each other, and families became much stronger. In addition, women actively began to enjoy their rights and now occupy high posts, take an active role in the political and economic life of the country.

Most of the families in France who live in the city also have small houses somewhere in the village, where they enjoy spending summer vacations and weekends with the whole family.However, people from rural areas who moved to the city and merged with urban residents do not express a special desire to return again.

Education for the French is a very important life stage. Already after the birth of the child, parents begin to decide his future, choose educational institutions, for him on the basis of his financial situation and his wishes regarding the specialty of his children. From the age of 6, children begin to attend primary school, then there is a secondary school, and they finish it at the age of 16.

After full education in such a school, the next stage of education takes place, which takes place in high-level schools, after graduation, which is issued a certificate for admission to the university.

Higher education in France is training at a university, in a higher school, after which not only certificates for admission to the university, but also a bachelor’s degree, which can be earned very hard and require high knowledge, can be issued.

In addition, higher education schools also include schools of advanced training. The end of one of these institutions with distinction gives a guarantee for getting a prestigious job in large companies of the country. Consequently, parents early start preparing for their child’s education, wishing the best for his future.

The French are very appreciative of friendship and are always happy to receive guests at their home, gather with friends in restaurants and cafes and always have such meetings in an easy, relaxed and friendly atmosphere. These meetings for the French are of great importance and friendly relations are never lost, even if they are separated by considerable distances.

The same applies to a family that the French always try to devote as much time and attention as possible, and family feasts are very important for preserving kinship ties. These relationships never stop, telephone calls are always maintained if relatives live in different cities.

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