Families of America

No state and no country in the world can boast of as many different cultures and traditions as the United States of America. It seems that there are no common customs, unified rules. However, for each city, for each state of the country there are its traditions, which have remained unbreakable for many years.

Families of America

The difference between cultures, religions and interests is so confused and intertwined that its peculiarities, distinctive features and interesting customs are formed only in this country. People of different nationalities, religions unite in communities, separate groups, in order to be close to people who have the same interests and customs.

However, despite this, people of different nationalities get on well with each other, communicate and do not create any conflicts. Here everyone has his own rights, everyone has the right to his opinion, voice and personal freedom.

There have always been a lot of people from other countries in the United States, and mixed families have long been not unusual. However, like in every other country, it is still preferable to create a family with a person who has the same roots, and does not come from another country with his customs and other mentality.

Blending of cultures does not mean that Americans completely forgot about their national traditions and rules. Each state has its own long traditions, which are strictly observed, especially in rural areas and farms, which are large in the United States.

A family in the United States is not created simply because a man and a woman have feelings for each other and wish to live together in a legitimate marriage. In a sense, cooperation is created in which each member of the family will perform certain duties and be responsible for one side or the other of living together.

It is worth noting that the Americans pay great attention to the psychological side of the issue of married life. Any situation is understood from all sides, and almost every American has his own psychologist or family psychologist, who accompanies his life with advice.

The need for the participation of a psychologist in the life of an American creates an image of people who are not self-confident. In a sense, this is the case, because the US government is trying to make life of its citizens as easy as possible and to protect them from the complexities of life. Therefore, when faced with any difficulties and difficulties of life that require a serious solution, psychological support is simply necessary.

Every American family throughout life decides most of its problems only with the help of psychologists and other professionals who can solve certain issues.

There is no clear distinction in family relations between spouses, there is only an agreement, who is responsible for what and for what in the family. Each family has a joint bank account and is separate for each of the spouses and for the children.

Everyone can use his own means, as he wants, only large purchases for the family, children and for the house are committed jointly and for the common money. None of the spouses are interested in what means and in what quantity each of the spouses has.

The young spouses can not always collect enough money to buy their own housing, but this does not mean that they stay in their parents’ house. Virtually all families in the United States purchase housing, cars and other things in installments.

Parents also take part in helping children build a separate home. If there is an opportunity, then parents can buy the house themselves as a wedding gift, but at present it is a rarity and young people have to solve all the housing problems themselves.

Americans live in their own way, a plan that everyone prepares for himself. Study, work, family creation and raising children. Only after the housing is arranged, the spouses can already plan the birth of children.It can not be said that families with large families are rare, but in most cases, of course, they still stop for two children.

The family life of Americans is calm and measured, because everyone tries to avoid conflicts in the family, between parents and children and between the spouses themselves. Without family problems can not do, but every family with this tries to cope in its own way and do not give out their problems for everyone to see.

There are a lot of housewives in the United States, who practically all their lives give their children upbringing. However, this does not mean that men have power over women who can realize themselves only at home and only in the household. On the contrary, the man is more relaxed, knowing that his wife is always next to him and next to children who need a lot of attention.

No less attention is paid to grandchildren and grandmothers with grandfathers who can not only take them with pleasure to themselves for a while, but they themselves are not rare guests in their children’s home.

Fathers also take an active part in the upbringing of their children, try to give all their free to their family, joint walks or trips outside the city. As a consequence, young mothers do not lack helpers who can, for some time, free them from their duties.

Much attention is paid to the programs of teaching children who are going through a rather long way of becoming. And there are so many Americans who can spend half their lives on the student bench, combining both work and study.

детей From the very childhood, children try to take as much as possible: except for the school, children can visit various groups and sections, where they receive additional knowledge, develop their talents.

However, despite this, children do not lack free time at all and from an early age understand that studying is necessary in order to obtain prestigious work in the future.

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