It’s hard to find a hobby that somebody would not consider useless pursuits. A similar situation occurs with embroidery. Despite the prejudiced attitude of skeptics, especially men, the needlewomen themselves adore this occupation. In addition, it is worth considering that embroidery requires patience, a strong hand, and painstakingness. That’s why it’s worth reckoning with such venerable enthusiasm and debunking the basic myths about him.

Embroidery is an exclusively feminine occupation.

It is not necessary to dissemble and deny that women are engaged in embroidery in the mainstream. However, men often engage in this hobby. In some Asian countries generally considered that embroidery is an exclusively male and traditional occupation. Yes, and children embroidery will only benefit, because it develops motor skills, fantasy, makes kids more plodding. It is believed that this hobby is popular with doctors, especially dentists. After all, thanks to embroidery, they acquire the necessary practice, getting used to making more accurate stitches. It is quite easy to embroider a cross with embroidery.

They say so often about embroidery with a cross that this activity seems quite ordinary, and therefore simple. Indeed, it is not so difficult to learn this method, but at the same time, it is necessary to monitor the smoothness of the stitches and the quality of the underside, and overall accuracy is still required. But in addition to the traditional cross is also a two-sided, asymmetric, double Italian and so on. So it’s really easy to learn how to embroider, but the correct and beautiful embroidery involves hard and laborious work.

People usually embroider primitive motifs, for example, flowers.

Do not limit your arsenal of knowledge about embroidery to those that were received a long time ago in the classroom at the school. Today there appeared a much more diverse scheme, which implies a rich plot and a complex technique of execution.

Embroidery is absolutely useless in terms of personal development.

Even if it is, embroidery has a different advantage – it perfectly calms the nerves. At the same time, it allows to realize itself to those who have a propensity for innovation. After all, often you have to solve the problem of a traveling salesman – bypassing several disparate sites using a minimum of threads. There is a large field for fantasy, which implies the use of threads of different colors, making changes to the already prepared scheme. Experienced embroiderer will in time begin to experiment with shades of mulina, texture of the fabric and flowers. As a result, the ready design will change significantly. Is this not creativity, which is part of the growth of personality?

Dating on the embroidery forums often turn into already strong off-line friendships.

People find to themselves people initially from a common interest, but speak on completely different topics. So embroidery is only an occasion for acquaintance.


You can embroider any picture, you just have to skip it through a special computer program.

So one can say who did not try to do this. Any embroidering program at the output will give a mash from the disjointed crosses, a greenish shade appears in the faces, and hair in general can turn blue. It is necessary to check how many colors will appear in the generated circuit. After all, even the most experienced needlewoman usually uses no more than 40 colors, though some extreme models bring this number to 75. We need to check whether the size of the finished embroidery is not off scale for half a meter? After otshiv such a product can drag on for several years, the result will be extremely questionable. So such “ready-made” schemes still require a long cleaning, processing and correction, most shades will have to be replaced. Yes, and do not scale off the size of the finished embroidery for 50 cm? Reclaiming such a “work” can take several years, and the result is more than doubtful. Yes, and contours, scrubs will have to think about.

There are many anecdotes about embroidery.

In fact, only two of them are popular:

A guy gets acquainted with a girl at a disco:
– Girl, do you dance?
– And I dance, and dance, and sing …
– What are you spinning?!?
– Pleta, I embroider a cross, I knit …

The second one sounds like this:

I embroider a cross, sew and knit. Now I’m looking for a fool who will wear it all.

Embroidery is a boring occupation.

In fact, the workers do not think so. Our life has become so turbulent that sometimes you want to stay for a while in silence and tranquility, to think about important things. You can also embroider under your favorite music, and under the voice of an audio book. The TV can work as a background, although it is better to choose some kind of non-spectacular transmission, otherwise you will have to be constantly distracted by special effects.

UNESCO has added Lithuanian cross-stitch embroidery to the list of international heritage objects.

A message about this appeared in the Russian part of the Internet in May 2001, since then it regularly appears on various forums devoted to embroidery. In fact, this fact does not correspond to reality. At one time, a mysterious interpreter translated into Russian misinterpreted the term “cross crafting”. The phrase was translated as “cross-stitch”. In fact, it was a question of unique wooden crosses that Lithuanian masters cut from the oak four centuries ago. It is these creations that have been included in the list of objects of the world heritage of a respected organization. Embroidery is a pretty expensive hobby.

To say that embroidery costs a penny means sucking. However, a beginner skilled worker can find a set for herself by her wallet. In Russia, there are many offers from domestic and foreign manufacturers. Expensive adaptations allow themselves already the most real fans of this hobby. But even if we are talking about frames or machine tools, these acquisitions are still one-time, because they will serve for many years without replacement. Serious embroidery kits are quite expensive, some of them can cost up to $ 50. However, it is worth considering that a working woman over a good picture will work for a couple of months. So, dividing the amount for this period, it will come out that spending is not so terrible. You can also save money by participating in a sale or by purchasing an already used scheme. But really expensive are considered baguette services, but they already do not quite refer directly to the process of embroidery.

No one needs embroidery at all.

In fact, with its help you can give even the most ordinary dwelling your face, to emphasize its individuality. As a result, the apartment will turn into a real home. Also, embroidery will help to hide stains or holes in children’s clothes, with the help of this hobby, the original cards and Christmas decorations appear on the light. So places of application of such skill nevertheless it is a lot of.

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