Eighth month of pregnancy

Future child.

Height – 41-42 cm, weight – 1800-1900 grams.

Welcome to the third trimester of pregnancy. Now your child has all the necessary organs and parts of the body, it now only goes about developing and increasing the body weight, at the same time the baby’s growth slows down (only about 1 cm per week).

The hypodermic fat is stored in sufficient quantity and in case of premature birth the baby will be able to regulate the temperature of his body quite successfully.

The amount of surfactant in the lungs increases, the baby is trained to breathe and swallows the amniotic fluid, which is why it often hiccups.

Nerve cells of the baby actively work, they receive a special protective and conductive impulses shell – myelin. Therefore, now the signals are transmitted through the nervous system of the child much more quickly, and the baby gets the opportunity to learn even in the mother’s womb.

The child perfectly feels the taste of his environment, reacts well to the light, if it manages to penetrate through the clothes and body of the mother, and sound. Red blood cells now produce bone marrow, it also becomes the main blood-forming organ of your child’s body.

By the end of the month, the presentation of the fetus is determined (its position in the uterus at the time of birth). In most cases, this head presentation (head down), in 4% of cases, pelvic presentation (legs or popka down), very rarely a transverse or oblique presentation.

In the case of pelvic presentation, labor is complicated, and the doctor can decide on caesarean section. Births in the transverse or oblique position of the fetus always occur by caesarean section. The eighth month is the last when the baby actively moves and kicks. Then it will become too big and it will be difficult for him to toss in his mother’s tummy.

Future Mom.

The average weight gain by the end of the 8 months is about 11 kg. The height of the bottom of the uterus is 32 cm. You came to the finish line. From 30 weeks working mothers put maternity leave.

Do not forget that now you visit the doctor at least once a week! During the visit to the doctor, you take the usual blood and urine tests, smears for infection, an HIV test, do CTG and ultrasound with a doppler.

List of documents you need to have on hand by the end of the 8th month of pregnancy:
– exchange card (issued on hand from 28 weeks);
– a sick leave sheet for obtaining maternity leave at work for 140 calendar days;
is a generic certificate, it is issued by your LC in the place of residence.

If you are observed on a paid basis, then you must still receive the birth certificate in the place of your registration. You will need a passport of a Russian citizen, a MHI policy and a pension insurance certificate. To receive the certificate it is necessary even in the event that you will give birth platno.

Most women suffer the final weeks of pregnancy, except that the large belly suffers quite tangible inconveniences. The baby is growing rapidly, rests on his heels under the ribs of his mother, because of this it is difficult for her to breathe, bend, sit and lie.

The urge to urinate increases. But it was necessary to suffer very little – until the end of the pregnancy there were several weeks.

Some women may experience even attacks of late toxicosis: motion sickness in transport, dizziness, weakness. But if the symptoms become too strong, there is a sharp headache, pre-stupor states, severe pressure changes, kidney problems, then you must tell the doctor about it. These signs may indicate pre-eclampsia or gestosis, in which case a woman needs medical attention.

Other problems include pain in the back and pelvic region due to loosening of the ligaments. They should be completely tolerant, otherwise you should consult a doctor – suddenly you have problems with the spine, because the load on it is now very large.

Feet, feet may swell. Monitor their condition to prevent the onset of edema. Try to sit less, walk more, wear comfortable shoes.If you sit, keep your feet on the dais.

Your breasts begin to actively develop colostrum, so that by the time of delivery for the baby there will already be enough food. Sometimes colostrum is even secreted from the chest, especially if it is not the first birth and you have been breastfeeding.

Prepare your breast for feeding – you can massage it with your hands or a towel (move in a circle from top to bottom to the middle of your chest), wash your nipples, but without soap, so as not to dry your skin.

The eighth month can become very nervous for the future mom, because her psychological state is changing. Usually, at this time, women feel all acute, almost as early as pregnancy, but now there is still a very real fear of childbirth. We recommend that you visit a psychologist who will help overcome prenatal depression.

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